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Avatar f tn Sounds like the doctor is only concerned about one in particular on the far left side of my breast near the underarm area. What does he mean by (+)? There are like 2-3 lumps in that area that my husband can feel, plus 1 in the upper center of that left breast. There are some on the right, too, but he must not be concerned about those based on his statement on the orders???! What questions do I even ask about all this?
Avatar f tn My last period was December 14 to 17 . My breast are tender and sore been throwing up on and off and my breast have grown a size . Now this is where it gets tricky I had a positive hpt four days ago . But today I got a blood test done and the results said negative . Now I have had issues in the past with my last two pregnancys didn't find out till I was a little over three months along . And when I found out with them the pee test were really faint . I don't know what to think .
Avatar f tn i have been having lower back pains , movement in the lower stomach , headach , sore breast , feeling nausea?
Avatar f tn Could it be a side effect of the shot or is this maybe a early implantation pregnancy ? Sometimes my breast get sore after ovulation but I know for a fact I ovulated on monday morning because my doc took a sonogram. So this isn't from ovulation. If it is from pregnancy it is normal that sometimes it's more tender than others ?
1431138 tn?1294566894 Last night I started having intense left breast pain but do not have a fever or chills. I have had sinus/chest congestion for about a week though. I stopped pumping/nursing about a week ago and have past the engorgment stage. I've never had mastitis...is it possible to have it without having fever or red streaking?
Avatar f tn This just means that your breast tissue is dense. Unless there is an associated lump or nodule, dense breast tissue of nothing to be concerned about. Regards.....
Avatar n tn when they are grouped or clustered they are an indication that the breast tissue is reacting to some abnormality within the breast ..... the cause can be either benign or malignant but needs to be determined. I'm sure your appointment will answer whatever concerns you may have regarding your mammogram results. Regards ....
2110663 tn?1334185561 m still having the same symptoms as I did before and a new one.Fatigue,moody,cranky,breast tender and sore,dark around the nipple area,still have cravings for apple juice and ice cream and so forth.
1694402 tn?1306344363 Best advice see your doctor ( or a female doctor ) let her have a look and a feel and go from there.
Avatar f tn But I just do not see any sort of lesions, on the outer skin of my breast. Can focal opacities be referred with regard to the skin of the breast? I am confused on this.
Avatar f tn Hey guys so I had sex with my bf on saturday and I forgot to take my pill that day and my period isn't for another 2weeks and my breast were already sore because my bf likes to bit my breast and now there finally not soare anymore but since that day I started spotting and now its turned into brown discharge that's off and on and sometimes spotting in between! Could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn ve been a bit nauseous at times and my breast have been very sore today the worse they hurt mostly on the sides sometimes in the middle, I've been having a bit of cramps and spotting I took a pregnancy test last night and it was negative and thought why not try one again this morning but still negative , my periods are irregular so never sure when I'm going to get it but never have spotted this much and not get a period.
Avatar f tn The lump is inside the breast. So, it could be a cyst? What does that mean? Do they go away on their own or do they need to be removed?
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing the sore breast, lower back pain, headache and tiredness. I fail to pay attention to those since that is usual for me before my period. The only unusual thing that I notice is that my nipples are itchy (dont thing this is a sign of pregnancy though). My period is only a day late. Should I take a pregnancy test now, or should I wait.
Avatar f tn m trying to decide if it was implantation bleeding or a super light period. what do you guys think? oH yeah my temps have been up even after this "maybe period"? my nipples are kind of sore , but prob just where i keep rubbing them to see if they are sore yet!?!? LOL last preg test I took was last thursday it was neg. However i took a ovulation predictor and its more blue then average. but not darker the the control line?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in Aug. That is exactly what mine was a sore lump under my armpit on the side of my breast. My sis and I went for mams and mine was cancer.
526674 tn?1215549660 t drink,smoke,do drugs and Im not overweight and there is no known history of this or breast cancer in my immediate family.
1524071 tn?1292042916 m pregnant because of my breast went from an 36 C to an 36 d. They are very sore and my nipples tingles and stink and all other kind of weird feelings. I get headaches and mood swings. My boyfriend calls me irritable. He also sad if I am he will never get me pregnant again I really show the meaning of mood swings. I have been going to the bathroom so much it crazy. I can't sleep at night, my lower back hurts. I went from a size 5/6 in pants to an 10/11 in pants.
Avatar f tn PMS can also account for HA, mood swings, breast pain. Symptoms do not mean you are pregnant, positive pregnancy test mean you are pregnant.