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Avatar n tn Sounds like you are certain you are done with the babies, and this would be great with all the camping you do. I don't remember if it is a pill form or shot. Maybe ask. Heavy periods are the worst! I remember when I was a kid, my mom would wear two pads, one on bottom and one on back of panties so that she would not leak everywhere and then have to sleep on a towel! She had a hysterectomy when I was 16 and has never been happier!
Avatar f tn I'm 18, and just found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex all the time, and this past summer I realized I hadn't gotten my period so he asks me to take some tests. They come out negative so we think "alright close call". I then get my period, or what I thought was my period. It started off as spotting and would get heavier, then subside. I eventually thought i was off my period, and then my boyfriend realized I was still bleeding during sex.
Avatar n tn they used to be average 3-4 days and light) now they are 12-15 days and heavy!! I mean I can't leave the house because I soak through a super plus tampon and heavy duty pad every half hour... I can't stand it anymore.. A month after I had my daughter I had to go to the er because it was literally a waterfall and they said it was normal because I just had a baby. I guess my question is has anyone else had extreamly heavy and irregular periods after a tubal and is it normal?
Avatar f tn One thing that is worrying me is my periods. I have always had irregular periods, except when on the pill for 2 short intervals in my 20s. However I have often fallen into some kind of cycle, e.g. every 6 weeks (about), every 5 weeks etc. 7 weeks would be max but very rarely that long unless very severe stress (I have an anxiety disorder).
Avatar f tn This situation is not uncommon in women who are still menstruating, especially women who have heavy periods. Post again, if you would like more detail.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am scheduled to have the procedure done on 9/22. I have had heavy and painful periods since age 12. I have two kids and I do not want anymore kids. I also have irregular bleeding and spotting between cycles. I am wondering if anyone had the tubal ligation with this procedure. What was the recovery period like? Wondering if I should have the ablation only?
Avatar f tn Also have many fibroids ultrasound did not see any mass i do have heavy periods sometimes lasting 7 to 10 days blood and urine test was taken 10 days after my period stopped. My gastro appt is a month away. I dont know what to do be achey and tired is not good.
Avatar f tn Hi i use to get my periods for 4 days and they would be heavy. im on the pill over 2 years now and dis month i only got my periods for a day, i havent got my 4 day period in a while now!! When i take my pill every day it makes me sick i feel i need 2 get sick d only way 2 get rid of dis sick feeling is by eating, and i feel like that all day every day so im eating alot..
Avatar n tn I'm not sure I know what "pole-axed" feels like. LOL That's not an expression we use! Do you split our dose? Don't forget that if the dose you've been taking hasn't been being absorbed in your gut, you might have to reduce your dose when you take it sublingually. It's hard to recommend another brand because some people seem to like one, and others another. I think the way people react to the brands is very individual.
Avatar n tn does no periods at all mean menopause at a early age without me knowing due to my body never going through what every other female has gone through. I do get alot of stomach pains where my stomach feels heavy sometimes and sometimes it feels tight. Does it mean my body is trying to tell me something due to the lack of periods that i never have. And can i still have children even though i never get my periods.
6614061 tn?1382998001 I'm 18 years old, and I've been having an abnormally heavy periods for two years now. By "abnormally heavy" I mean I need a Super+ tampon (it's absorbancy range is 12-15 grams) on the first day of my period, and by the third day I can fill one in less than an hour. I've talked to a lot of my female friends about this and they are horrified by the amounts. No female in my family have it this bad either. My period is on a 28 day cycle and it lasts for 5 to 7 days.
Avatar n tn It's a really big heartache! What do you do in these circumstances, is it the end of the road or do I just keep going in the hope my feelings change?
Avatar f tn For a long time, I've been dealing with constant pain, fatigue, constipation, bloated stomach, irregular and heavy periods, excessive sweating, sensitivity to both hot and cold, concentration problems, off and on depression, sleep issues and difficulty losing weight (until I started taking Adipex a couple of months ago). I recently went to a new doctor and she had new labs done. I just got my lab results in the mail and I won't see my doctor until next week.
Avatar n tn 10.5 (12.0-16.0) Anemic, possibly do to heavy periods Hct (%): 32.3 (36.0-48.0) Segs (%): 66.4 (42.0-63.0) Lymphs (%): 19.6 (25.0-40.0) Monos (%): 11.2 (0.0-8.0) I have several questions. 1) Are we understanding it correctly that this is likely a temporary thing that will balance out once the infection is under control? 2) Is there a likelihood of damage to the thyroid due to the infection? 3) Is there more we can do for the infection than just “aspirin 3X/day”?
Avatar f tn You say you take painkillers every month. Do you mind if I ask you what kind? If the painkiller you're referring to is over the counter medication like Midol, for me it was next to useless. Didn't even touch the pain. At the time, my doctor prescribed Anaprox which is an antiinflamatory and a muscle relaxant.. Whatever you do, don't self diagnose. A few minutes ago, I watched the video called Excessive Menstral Bleeding Causes narrated by Dr. Isabel Blumberg who is a ob gyn.
Avatar f tn I also have a lot of stress in my life due to OCD. When I do have a period they tend to be heavy with menstrual cramps. Sometimes I get clotting, but small pieces, and shreds, not balls, although sometimes they can be about an inch+ square but flattish. As my Mum was irregular I never worried about it and put it down to genetics and sometimes stress, but now I worry about PCOS and/or endometriosis. This year I have also become more regular (i.e. around 30-32 days although one was 24 days.
Avatar f tn I hardly take contraceptives because of the effect as it is safer to withdraw when having sex with my boyfriend. Please what does it mean? Do I need to to see a doctor? Please someone reply.
708903 tn?1231330572 Surely it's not right that my periods have stopped when i'm not menopausal. I have no other symptoms. What can i do now and is there anything else it can be that i can sort out???? Can anyone help?????
Avatar m tn I gave birth over 11 months ago. Since I have gotten my period back, they have been heavy for the first 2-3 days. Then they are "normal" the last 4 days. My cycle is typically 28 days, but my last cycle was 35. They have always been heavy my whole life with bad cramping. just heavier now post pregnancy with less cramping. Along with my period coming back I am spotting every mid-cycle... assuming it is related to ovulation? Recently for the past 3 months (starting in August)..
4908932 tn?1360867099 No I havnt read up on that stuff but Im going to now. I dont have painful periods nor do I have mood swings. I do though go threw a box of 18 give or take, every month.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure what you're calling "TH". Do you mean TSH? or do you mean Thyroid Hormone level? TSH is a pituitary hormone that stimulates the thyroid to produce Thyroid Hormone. Yes,the early stages Hashimoto's can be characterized by periods of hyper, alternating with hypo and even normal. The episodes can last for days, weeks or months. I believe I had those swings for at least 25 yrs before I finally became permanently hypo.
Avatar f tn Re-doing question -spelling in first one. Heavy(hemmoraging periods last one 42 days) Cannot do the traditional birth control route - severe reaction to first pill. 4 Fibroids in muscle? Enlarged uterus 12 weeks size. Waiting for MRI test in Feb. Told not a good candidate for ablasion. So... option is hysterctomy. Anemic cannot get iron up. Tests -biopsy, colonoscopy and Vag.Ultrasound. Blood work thyroid normal B12 high, below 5 ferritin, low hem 105. Taking 2 iron pills.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm Abby... I'm 18 & over weight. I don't exactly know if I'm pregnant, but I just feel different... i just want to know how I can tell if I'm pregnant without going to the doctor or taking a test yet... i bled a little after I had sex & I thought it was my period, but I only bled the moment & it stopped. What does that mean? ? Anyway... if you're a bigger girl & are pregnant or were pregnant how did you tell?
397657 tn?1202283206 l have been trying to get pregnant bt to no avail . my problem is this month l had my periods on the 22nd and the next day l was fininshed . lm having a lot of clear/ watery discharge which is not smelly l juss c myself so wet , l am not having any pregnancy signs except that lm feeling very hungry oflate . have to eat all the time .
Avatar n tn I believe I may have taken that one time and it caused bad periods in myself. I was winding down with short periods and sometimes skipping periods as I went through perimenopause and for some reason I thought I should take it because I saw an add on TV. The next period I had was terrible! I passed clots, almost nine days, cramped, headache, dizzy, the worst symptoms in the world. I stopped taking the stuff and the bad periods stopped. I say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".