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Avatar m tn The brain and body produce gases that need to escape via the 'gas hole'. What happens if this hole is swollen to the extent that the gases become trapped. Reason I ask is because I experience a dizzy painful headache until I build up huge amounts of pressure to eventually pass wind after which headache resides. Im inforned that the swelling is due to type 2 hemmoroids.
Avatar f tn I have been having gas build up for many years. It is embarrassing that I have to expel it and ofcourse I am not around others at that time as I make sure to move when that time occurs. I'll have some coffee in the morning as work. I use a lactose free creamer and just a dash of caffeine but predominantly caffeine free coffee. Then the coffee for the rest of the morning is entirely caffeine free. I seldom have milk. I seldom have soda. These are things I used to consume all the time.
Avatar n tn Sounds like it gas pains. Medications can for sure cause constipation, which in turn causes gas build, and is probably whats happening. I would mention these side effects to your doctor and see if they can either switch your medications, or give you something to help.
Avatar n tn As the day goes on, I build up more and more gas. It's really bad because I work sitting down. I'm scheduled to see my PCP this week to discuss treating my stomach and to do a stress test. All the over the counter meds haven't worked for me, including Tums, Prilosec OTC, Pepsid AC, Gas-X, stool softeners. One more reason why I know it's my stomach and not my lungs/heart...
Avatar m tn It is unusual for a gas bubble to last that long. Your surgeon probably used a long lasting gas, C3F8. This is not used in eyes with lenses place since a cataract will develop or progress unless you had a very complicated detachment or there was some other reason. The progression from -2.5 to -7.5 diopters is due to the cataract. The result of your cataract surgery will depend on the ability of the retina to see well. Many patient do not recover normal vision after a retinal detachment.
Avatar n tn The problem is enzymes in your stomach are not breaking down your food correctly. You need to build up good probiotic enzymes in your stomach and help break down your consumed food better and drink more water. Water should be 1 glass more that the daily recommended eight 8oz cups. Yogurt is a good source of probiotic enzymes. You may need more that just yogurt, but practice protions and watch your food combinations, keep a journal.
170935 tn?1225374676 you know now that i read all these comments here i think that is exactly what happens to me, after i eat i feel the gas push up on my chest and that makes me get PVCs, and now that i am 2 months prego it's even worse..I am going to go see a gas doc instead of my cardiologist becuase he did EKG and blood work and a h.monitor and he said he found nothing wrong, that it could be dew to my pregnancy, and now he does not want to do more test untill after the baby....
1322157 tn?1279660281 Sometimes, when my back is hurting a little more than usual (let's say I've been cooking for a few hours as I did yesterday), I will sit and rest my legs on an ottoman. Then I begin to feel what I can only describe as gas bubbles popping in my back (always lumbar where my issues are). They do not increase the pain - but I can feel it popping. If I were to describe the bubble popping feeling, it would be like when you are pregnant (and I am NOT..
Avatar n tn There is no pain associated with the bouts, just the need to pass the gas, to relieve to build-up, as it were. When I am plagued by these bouts of gas, I do notice, however, that my bowel movements tend to be more "sticky" and not well formed (flaky...some formed, the sticky part when cleaning myself up, and some flakes). The color is usually a medium to dark brown (twice, many months apart during bouts I noticed the stool had a greenish color.
Avatar n tn I have real bad gas and I don't know what to do about it. I pass gas and don't know it untill someone passes by saying what's that smell. I don't want to sit by anyone I hate going out in public. I have got so that I'm losing my hair worrying about this.
Avatar n tn If I am sitting up in bed and have gas it is clearly coming from both ends. You know if you have regular gas you would at least have time to walk out of the room, but with this you don't. I want to hide from the world. Please help me and guide me as what to do next. I am totally at a loss.
148354 tn?1211237506 These are the proteins my body chose to build antibodies to. So far. Causes bloating, gas, pain, diarrhea, etc. For about 3 days after I eat it. And can from 30 min to a day to start to hurt. I have to be super careful and read labels. Natural flavoring can be anything. Even then, I still can suffer if a part of the food was ran on same machines. Grain elevators, the grill, serving spoon used on multiple items. The adhesions pull things unnaturally and cause radiant pain in back, hips, legs.
407149 tn?1211736107 I, too, would like to know what causes this. It is very annoying, considering that the smell of gas/exhaust makes me nauseous.
6711072 tn?1384014853 I wish I could at least smell what others smell but I can't and its incredibly frustrating. I'm so stressed out and I know that causes the gas to be released too, but its hard for me to control my stress level. I thought once or if I could get the excessive gas under control then the smell would go away, but now I see that I have leaky gas also makes it worse and I won't know if its controlled. Its like a lose/lose situation.
Avatar f tn My husband has liver transplant last 2007, his present ultrasound say that he has gas and ascites in pancreas, does any one has the same result, what does it mean and what is the cure? he also have spleenomygally even before the transplant, but the surgeon does not advice to remove during the transplant, because that time his body is still weak. this time the dr said it is possible now to remove the spleen ir better he will just wait for the new meds Sovaldi to arrive in our country.
Avatar m tn I also found out that chewing maalox would really immediately help with burping and gas (well, you will burp even more for a few minutes till the gas build up is gone). Try and get out and exercise. It really helps with the stress.
Avatar m tn Taking in too much air thru our mouths can do it, very specific foods can cause major gas issues, not releasing gasses naturally from your body when you are supposed to will do it...and worry and anxiety will also do it causing gasses to build up in your stomach and yes traveling to the chest area. Call the doc Fahad and ask them for a prescription and tell them this is becoming too uncomfortable...
1180636 tn?1264005352 The main problem I have now is gas, I have changed my diet to help reduce gas but still get a lot of build up, this is a big problem as now I cannot pass gas without going to the toilet. This problem affects me mostly in the evening and during the night; I can’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep without dosing myself with painkillers and alcohol just to get a decent rest.
Avatar f tn But now I think about it antibiotics kills off the bacteria that eat the carbs and cause gas build up. Do you notice improvement on a low carb diet?
Avatar n tn Then, this irregular beating in my chest scares me and causes anxiety, then the viscous cycle repeats. The anxiety causes more chest pain, more gas, and more discomfort. I have been trying everything to treat myself. Changed my diet (was drinking lots of soda and taking NSAID pain relievers every day) for the most part, but due to my work schedule I do eat too much fast food to this day. I drink nothing but water now, I have been watching everything I do.
Avatar n tn My heart problems were misdiagnosed for 12 months as a stomach disorder because I only received chest pains after eating. After a build up of gas and releasing it, the pains seemed to subside considerably. One of the symptoms I gave the cardiologists on the day of my Heart attacks was "lots of wind". The digestive system required a large amount of oxygen to digest food and this is what triggered my heart attacks in the end. It stands to reason that there is a link between the two.
Avatar n tn This happens to me right before and during my peroid ... I w inder y ?!
Avatar f tn Have you considered seeing a Naturopathic doctor. There could be increased intestinal fermentations caused by an imbalance in the intestinal flora e.g. too much underlying fungal, bacterial or parasitic infections. When you eat food that ferments a gas production occurs which can cause a build up of gas in the abdomen but also can cause "splenic flexure syndrome" in which gas in the bowel leads to pain in the lower chest or left shoulder.
Avatar f tn He is dead asleep and it wakes him up and angers him. I dont remember what I say or what I do, all I can remember is somthing attacked me and there is nothing there. I am in tears ya'll! I have been crying for the past hour because Im not sure whats happening to me. I dont have sleep problems, never did. I dont drink or take drugs. I am not stressed, matter of fact I am happy and today we went to the park.
Avatar n tn I came cross this because I was looking for answers for my 22 yr old daughter,she has painfull gas build,diahrea,she throws up sometimes and when she dose it has a god awfull smell(im talking when she throws up too). This also comes on a week or two before that time of month. I dont know what to do for her. Oh she also gets pale white and a fever. If anyone kniws what this is and knows what to do please let me know.
Avatar f tn absolutely, hbv cannot be eradicated but only controlled, do make 48weeks of interferon and if your hbsag decreases (it means you are eradicating hbv) you might go on for 2 years until hbsag negative, but only 11% have hbsag decreasing i do suggest to add alinia off label, see all posts in the forum about alinia (nitazoxanide), it might increase chances to get rid of hbsag for ever when you finish interferon start entecavir or tenofovir if hbsag is still positive because if you take no drug
Avatar m tn I noticed I had some mild burning in my chest and middle of my back the past few days now and I been taking Zegerid Otc for the acid but that didn't stop me from eating poorly and this last bout really hit me hard so I cut off everything that can produce Gas but I'm still feeling the pains off and on when ever I feel a gas flair up then it goes away for a breif amount of time.
Avatar m tn In addition I stated getting spots, not too bad, but more than I had ever had before once I stopped sweating which I have heard is related to toxin build up which apparantly sweating helps to remove.