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Avatar n tn Yes, many people are infected for years, without diagnosis, and never transmit to their partners. False positive results essentially never occur for strongly positive results, i.e. those with ELISA ratios of 3.5 or greater. For low-positive results with HSV-2, i.e. ELISA ratios 1.0 to 3.5, the most common cause of a false positve result is being postive to HSV-1. If there are other causes, they are unknown.
Avatar m tn I took an HIV blood test at my doctors office on Thursday and I am still waiting for my results. I am now worried that I might get a false positive. Wondering what are the causes of false positive HIV test? My wife is 9 months pregnant now. Would this cause a false positive in my test?
Avatar f tn - What can be the reason for the sliglty positive results? The origins of false positive results are not well known. They are uncommon and when they occur probably have many causes. 5.- Should I be worried to have again a false positive result? Does false postive happen very often? Some people, again, for unknown reasons, have repeated false positive results. Given that your tests since the indeterminate were negative, chances are that you will not have further false positive results.
Avatar m tn In view of the low risk sexual lifestyle you describe, this is probably a false positive test result -- which you seem to realize, according to the title of your question. The rapid HIV tests are prone to give false positive results. It's not all that frequent, but it happens much more often than with the lab based tests. (This is one reason why rapid tests are not recommended except when a result is needed urgently. We recommend the lab-based tests in most circumstances.
Avatar n tn Some older chlamydia tests (less used than in the past but still used by some labs, lower cost) are prone to false positive results. And it would be a slightly surprising event to have 2 separate infections simultaneously, presumably both chlamydia and a bacterial UTI. The other factor is the reliability that she was a virgin before all this, because catching chlamydia from your partner, if indeed he used a condom for vaginal sex, is highly improbable.
Avatar f tn Im scared what will happen when my results come back. Am i grasping at straws with the false pos??? my doctor told me that this dna test was way more sensitive than any of the other tests. I have never heard of the dna test for it. Im scared and really need some comfort...
Avatar f tn What Causes False Positive HIV? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_5148689_causes-false-positive-hiv.
Avatar m tn Although I read that 90% of HSV2 cases are asymptomatic. I also keep reading online that anything below 3.5 has a chance of a false positive. 2.7 seems high...more than twice the cutoff, but then I read a study that said out of 1300 samples, samples with IGG levels between 2.5 and 3.0 were positive (when tested again with the WB method) only 60% of the time. My doctor said it wasn't worth retesting...that it was positive and I had to deal with it.
Avatar m tn they wouldnt show me my hiv results so i dont know what they said other than they were neg.the only reason i need a positive is so i can persaude my sons doctor to test him because it appears to me that hrough household transmission he has what i have and he could be running out of time .i dont want to start treatment i will need the money to get him diagnosed and for him to recieve help.
Avatar n tn Researching found out that there are many factors that may lead to a false-positive hiv test result. I just tested positive, I always have had protected sex, but was under risk few months ago when a condom broke and a guy finished in me, Im gay. I havent developed any of hiv symptoms, I know I dont have to necesary have symptoms. But I have many of the conditions that are listed to be possible causes of a false result.
Avatar n tn We do not recommend PCR for HIV testing, both because of cost but, even more importantly because the PCR test has more false positive results than the antibody tests. I hope these comments are helpful to you.
Avatar n tn they told Igm is negative and igg is positive so what does those mean that i have hiv or what !! i am so scared please answer me dr.
709619 tn?1230165075 My white blood cell count is normal, EMG and NCS are normal, brain and C-spine MRI normal, and neurological exams are normal, but I'm still dealing with strange, diffuse pain and muscle twitching with the recent development of eye and throat pressure. Besides lyme disease, what else does a low CD57 point to? I know it can be low for HIV but that's out of the quesiton for me as I've been married for 10, and I had an HIV test before I was married and I haven't have blood transfusion. SO...
Avatar n tn and did i do the culture to late?What are the chances that its going to be positive in the future, from the timeline you see?
Avatar f tn and i just dont think that im lucky enough to be caught in the 10% who just happened to have false results. And also what you are saying is not to trust your self-checks to judge if you have herpes or not because the symptoms are unclear? Because what I have been reading is that within almost 2 weeks I should have had a lesion, correct? Or atleast soon I should be going through some definate changes in my genital area.
Avatar n tn IgM tests for herpes gave many false positive test results and are not clinically useful. That your IgM test is positive does not mean that you have HSV-2 but could be a falsely positive result related to your positive test for HSV-1. It also appears that a week before your testing on 3/11 you had another HSV blood test which was positive at a level of 1.23.
Avatar n tn I thought the HIV Positive people always test Positive on the HIV-1 DNA, Qualitative PCR regardless of Viral Load Count. This is the test that detects if proviral hiv dna is present. Otherwise, people taking Anit-HIV therapy would consider themselves HIV Negative if they were below the detectable limit. Even though "Inosine" is sold over the counter as a nutrutional supplemnt, are you positive that "Inosine" has NO Anit-HIV properties that would effect the test?
Avatar n tn I still have symptoms that concern me to this day, and given that I did not know the status of all of the men I slept with, I am worried I could have gotten 2 false negatives.(1) What are the chances of this? (2)Could the rapid have missed infection and the second test been lab error? (3)Do you recommend retesting? The reason I am also concerned is because in getting tested for all STDs at PP, I tested positive for HSV2 2.79.
Avatar m tn Hi a few weeks ago I took a rapid results HIV test. The results was positive. Then I took the western blot to confirm this came back negative. After this I took the Viral load which said i have no virus. The doctors and worker at the hospitals hiv/aids program are perplexed. They had me do another viral load test which results will be known this monday. They also had me do another rapid two days ago which came back positive.
Avatar m tn Wouldn't they be giving the 4th generation test automatically, especially at a place like Planned Parenthood? As for the epilepsy, I've tried every med in the book. I do what I can with it. There's no cure, so you just do the best you can.
Avatar f tn enough time has passed after exposure, questionable symptoms are present, no issue w/ low positive due to having HSV-1), why would anyone consider blood test results legitimate given the likelihood of false test results due to the above statistics? It seems to me all blood testing is good for is typing or to determine a new or old infection when new symptoms present. I'm asking because I've had...
Avatar m tn An indeterminate means just what it says, "It's neither positive nor is it negative.
Avatar n tn 58 was quite low and even without repeat testing would be suspicious for a false positive result. And most people with new HSV-2 infections would have positive HerpeSelect results within 2 months. So combining the atypical symptoms for herpes plus your test results, you can be quite certain you didn't acqure HSV during that exposure. But if you want to nail it down with 100% certainty, you could have yet another blood test. If you do that, wait until 4 months, ie mid-November.
Avatar n tn I have had to have more blood tests but I dont get the results back until tomorrow! I have no reason what so ever to have the disease, its a massive shock to my Husband and Myself, we are both loosing sleep over this news, and I havent been able to think of anything else! Please help I need to know is it possible to have a false positive result??
Avatar f tn June 2 the only std listed was results 3.24 positive for hsv2 (not on med as of yet). My spouse is aware of my situation and went to be tested last week they told him it eould take 3 weeks to get results on the hsv test( they did both) it only took 3 days for my results. It this normal? Could my results be incorrect? June 4 dermatologist diagnoised me with Urticaria (using clobex spray and xzal to combat itching & breakout).