What are prednisone withdrawal symptoms

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Avatar f tn You are having a hard time I hope you will feel better soon, When you get to see the Doc ask him if any of them are reacting with the other Meds and the Prednisone, best to cut them back slowly as you can have nasty withdrawal symptoms,you do need to ask the Doc who prescribed them and tell him all your concerns,as you have done here in your Post, before you do anything,speak to him on Monday.
2048234 tn?1330817700 If you are on it for an extended period of time it can cause some withdrawal symptoms just like any other steroid. My wife was on it for over a month and she had no side effects when she stopped taking it. Take it for a week to treat the pneumonia. You'll be fine.
Avatar m tn The anxiety is a side effect. Adrenal crisis is pretty much what gauss described - nausea, vomiting, dizzy, headache, chills, feeling weak, etc. I would add being confused in my case. I am not sure about the tingling and the bladder infection. Sometimes you may have had your immune system suppressed but that depends on how much you took (after all, they are immunosuppressants).
Avatar m tn Can I stop taking the prednisone after one dose of 2 20mg pills or will I suffer sever withdrawal and potentially hazardous reactions? Is it safe to just stop taking prednisone after a single 40mg dose?
Avatar n tn Has my mono reactivated due to the immune ruducing properties of prednisone and if so, should I take an anti viral to lessen the severity? Are my symptoms truly of withdrawal? Are my other illnesses that preceded my current maliase nothing more than unfortunate concurrent conicidence?
Avatar m tn If, you have taken it for a long time, your adrenal gland function may be completely suppressed and the symptoms you experience, those of adrenal insufficiency, rather than due to the disease for which you are taking the prednisone. If, however, the illness for which you are taking the prednisone is causing your symptoms, when the dose is reduced, that would be an indication that you may need to take the drug even longer to treat the disease.
446896 tn?1237806342 Hello, I had an allergic reaction to an unknown substance two weeks ago, and was given a taper regime of Prednisone, after my visit to the ER. The first 5 days I took 60mg, the next 5 I took 40mg, and the last 5 days 20 mg. Tomorrow is my last day/pill. This is my first time taking Prednisone and I have had a TERRIBLE experience on this drug!
1477978 tn?1289505731 Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Prednisone & Methylprednisolone?
Avatar f tn MY questions, could I have been HSV positive for years and years and have had NO symptoms until taking prednisone? When I stop prednisone is it probable that I will go back to never having symptoms? Will I be contagious? How important is it to know if it is HSV 1 or HSV 2? Or the viral load figures that I see people quoting here, what is the benefit? Why is it that some people are positive and have no symptoms? Can you still pass it on?? It's all a shock, sorry so long! Thanks!
Avatar n tn my 9 year old dog has been on prednisone for 6 weeks for ITP and we are weaning her off now.
Avatar m tn Hi, Steroids are usually tapered prior to discontinuing them, otherwise, withdrawal symptoms may be present. It is best that you check with your doctor for proper management. Talk also about the medicine side effects and discuss the management plan. Write down all questions to make sure that you will not be forgetting them on your appointment. Take care and do keep us posted.
1842804 tn?1319759911 Please if you aren't feeling better, let that doctor know because you may need that steroid boost to help you get the symptoms your are having back under control. One more thing...Don't be shy about telling the doctor that you need a steroid taper nect time you have to do the IVSM as it sounds like your body is trying to tell you something about coming off these high doses cold turkey. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn You are definitely NOT having withdrawal symptoms. You may be having your original anxiety. I take Celexa and klonopin. The reason I went back on the klonopin this time was because of that shaky feeling. Almost like inner trembles. Of course the shaky feeling would trigger the anxiety and so on. The Celexa kept the panic attacks under control for the most part. It was the transient shakes that got me. I do have to admit the shakiness always passed after awhile.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your response and your kind encouragement. And what I meant to say is that it mimics heroin withdrawal SYMPTOMS. I appreciate your suggestion of fish oil. Seems like fish oil does all kinds of good for the old body. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn at what dosage dose and length of time does prednisone cause brain damage and memory problems, thinking problems? thanks!
Avatar m tn Why are you waiting until Saturday to quit? If you quit today, you will feel a lot better on Saturday than you would if quit that day? You won't be able to tun a marathon, by all means, but you can at least you have the peace of mind that you made it past the 48 hour "hell" window. Give it some thought.
Avatar f tn Yep, those are all common withdrawal symptoms. They do get better. Day 1 though 4 was hard, today is day 5 and I'm feeling more human.
Avatar n tn , oh so real! Any doctor that says paxil has no withdrawal symptoms just has no clue what they are talking about! Paxil is not a good drug! My doctor gave me a prescription for Effexor, because I told her I didn't want to be on paxil anymore, because it was a horrible drug. I went home and searched Effexor and apparently that is another drug from hell, so I didn't even start the drug at all! I am not on any drugs at all now!
Avatar n tn With my own research, I am reading that my symptoms may well be withdrawal from my scopolomine patch. My question is whether this sounds like what may be causing my problem and if so, now what? What is the best course of action to get through the incapacitating symptoms and get off this patch?
446896 tn?1237806342 In September I stopped using my high does of nasacort nasal steroid cold turkey because supposedly it does not get into the system and doesn't need to be tapered (what my Dr. said). About 2 weeks later, my life fell apart. Horrendous withdrawal symptoms that clearly mean the cortisol has been in my entire system. Horrible muscle pains, tingling, numbness, nausea, fever, headaches, lost 10 pounds that I couldn't afford to lose, and perhaps most horrendous anxiety through the ROOF.
Avatar n tn And you are right the side effects of steroids are too numerous to count, and many are serious. There is a great book that will help you know what to expect called "Coping with Prednisone". It is a really good book, and would be helpful with all the steroid problems. The eye thing I guess could be steroids, because they literally can cause just about anything, but autoimmune diseases can affect any organ, so if it keeps up tell your dr and you may need to see an opthamologist.
Avatar f tn Everyone has said that the withdrawal symptoms should be almost completely gone-but I still can't get my energy (that's what I got from the opiates). I find it very hard 2 eeven get out of bed-still!! Not 2 mention-when I tried 2 quit b4-I go 2 day 3-had n extreme migraine & relapsed. So, Im very scared-migraines are my trigger-I don't have any insurance-so don't really know what 2 do...Any suggestions?? Thanks!
Avatar n tn If you do look at it just make sure none of the vitamins or supplements interact with any medications you may be on now!! Are you taking any other medications for your back/pain?? From what you are writing it seems like you do have actual legitimate pain that can keep you from functioning properly daily. Because you do not have anymore actual pain medication left for your pain do you have anything else you can take?? Like an anti-inflammatory of some sort??
Avatar n tn I started taking percocet nine years ago, given to me by an eye doctor for glaucoma, secondary to cataract surgery. I was 36 years old. Stopped the percocet. Withdrawal symptoms were diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Have been on klonopin & ultram since then. Drs vistis too numerous to mention. No dr.came up that my fatigue and pain were due to the meds. Pain due to the 4 hrs. after klonopin wore off. Had decided to try an antidepressant for my "symptoms.
2212714 tn?1342262344 She is age 38, She has mid eye abnormalities that require prednisone injections at flare-up time, She has been what I call non-motivated to help herself for years. As a mother of her when she was teen I increased visits to appropriate counselors and encouragad her to attend several different schools with programs she expressed an interest in but poor results. Yes she has seen psychiatrists and been on a number of antidepressants.
Avatar m tn same here, they made me energetic, but after a year or so, i started wasting the energy, I used to be productive, then I was spinning my wheels, but in any case, we are here, we are getting our lives back. the physical symptoms will be over in 4 days, then the mental will continue for a little while. stick with it, they are NOT permenant, and You WILL feel better soon. In about a month you will be free of them.
1442059 tn?1340244552 As for the HCV treatment. It is very individual how and to what degree it affects people. Some people are able to continue with their lives as before. Maybe feel a little tired or have flu like symptoms. I think it is mostly fear of the unknown. You can handle it. You can handle a lot more then you realize now. Putting up with an abusive relationship is way more harmful then any hep c treatment. Plus you have other illness that you are managing also.
429155 tn?1205676864 Bless your heart!!! I know all too well what you are experiencing. My fiance and I were addicted to pain pills for quiet some time, doing an unbelievable amount - using methods we never imagined. To shorten it...we ended up at the methadone clinic...now we must face that demon. We have detoxed from 110mg in Aug.'07, today we dosed at 27mg. Our last dose eill be March 6...and counting. Just think...by then you will feel amazing (compared to now). You are so strong...