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Avatar n tn i ahve been treated with prednisone and they go away for awhile but they always come back, they are very painful and i can hardly eat or drink when i have them, sometime i get blisters on my legs and vagina and they are painful also. have been tested for aids and lupus but they say i don't have that. what is wrong with me. They have biopsied the sores and they just come back and say i have an infection, i smoke and i drink quite a bit, does anyone have oral cancer, what is it like??
Avatar n tn i have a similar problem . im about to be 21 yrs old and iv'e had these sores that look like cig burns ever since i was like 12 and i went to see a doctor and he could nt tell me what it was although a few other kids had it too. they uses to start out as a red bump with little white bumps around it and ooze. yuck! and now when ever i get a scratch or something it heals like a cig burn and its dark.
Avatar n tn people have HIV, it actually depends where you look (ie. which country) and what you compare it to. For example, if you look at another virus, CMV, which can be transmitted sexually or through saliva and via breast milk, we're talking about 30-100% of the population have it, again depending on which country and which age group you look at. This means worldwide, it probably has infected 2-3 billion people. Luckily, CMV doesn't do anything to you except when you get immune compromised.
Avatar m tn I've been getting these sores on my right arm. They start out like bug bites but they stay forever. As soon as i get rid of one another comes on the lower right forearm. I clean them with peroxide,alchol to dry them out, anti-bacterial cremes,cover with band-aids,But nothing =I do seems to work, What could be causing them? I've already checked the different body products i've been using in case of an allergy to them. Could it be caused by milk? Please give me any info.
Avatar n tn He is a stray and kind wild. It's not the first sore on his back but it dosen't look like a cat fight sore. It is round. he stays in the garage at night and is usually in the garage all day. i don't know what it could be caused by. Can't take him to vet can't catch for that.
Avatar f tn Hi guys iam a guy and before six weeks i gave oral sex to another guy, he didnt ejaculate in my mouth but ther might be some pre-cum present, it was for about 30-40 secs maximum, what concerns me the most is i had a canker sore which was healing at the time of giving oral sex, i was not aware of the sore ..iam very afraid that i might get hiv from this incident i searched through thebody.com and i found this http://www.****.com/Forums/AIDS/SafeSex/Current/Q205768.html very scary P.
Avatar n tn Also since that encounter i have had genital sores that come and go and sores in my lips that look like herpes to this day. I have also suffered from a dry cough that lasts from 1 to 2 months on about 4 ocassions since then. In may 2007 i noticed my tongue turned white, i clean it with a tongue cleaner but it remains white. In may 2007 i also developed itchy skin all over my body. Recently my eye lids started to look purple.
Avatar m tn Dr Hook, My story started about 5 weeks prior when I gave someone with unknown serostatus a dry ** that last for 1 or 2 minutes. I did taste of what could be presumably precum. There was no ejaculation though. The guy reported that he is disease free. There did not seem to be any ulcer on the penis. Since that exposure, I have been excessively worried, and anxious. I have not been eating or sleeping properly. The anxiety over the last 10 days has been progressivly improving.
Avatar n tn what about canker sores (Ive never had them), with a rash on my neck, back and chest (Never had them) with swollen lympth nodes and diagosed seborrheic dermatitis (Havn't had it before either)! all this 18 days post potential exposure. any comments once again greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn The doctor can help you with that, they have nicotine patches like band-aids to help with the withdrawl. Maybe a positive can come out of this stressful time. http://www.nidcr.nih.gov/DataStatistics/FindDataByTopic/OralCancer/OralCancerIncidence.htm I also don't think you have HIV. It's possible to be exposed to HIV and not get it. I would look up HIV statistics in the country you live in, it may help you feel better. I have heard of testing at 3 months.
Avatar n tn It feels like tiny insects/bugs crawling over me but when i look there is nothing there. Its not all the time either, it comes and goes. Its driving me mad though. Sometimes I cant sleep at night.
Avatar f tn Some of the symptoms sound like MS. You could check on Lymes. But some of the symptoms sound like it could be lupus. You indicated that some of the test revealed an inflamatory response. Which test were those. And what was the ANA and the pattern? I've had several ANA test and some have been low, some even negative...the last one was 2,560. But my sed and CRP was still within normal ranges. I've been dx with mild lupus and am on Plaquinel.
Avatar f tn it could have been worse.. like AIDS or HIV etc, I believe that I can lessen the reoccurring infections for me if we lived a healthier life style (my partner has no symptoms). we can still live our lives normally.. because you don't want anyone else, and I don't want anyone else. also, no matter where it came from, we have to take responsibility for our decision of sleeping together... what ever happens, you don't have to go through it alone. SO, whatever youre going through, you're not alone.
Avatar n tn Hi Poog76, I posted an answer before, but it doesn't look like it made it. Maybe I wasn't logged in. Anyway, look for "probiotics" by UDE. These worked for me. The specific type was for "advanced adults". You should be able to find it in health food stores, or else call around and see who might have it. These are pricey ($35), and others willl likely work, but why mess with a good thing until you are feeling better. Good luck.
Avatar n tn The Dermatologist prescribed erythromicine, but I have not really noticed a change. She seems to believe it is acne, but it does not look like acne to me. Just because of the tiny scabs that form on top of the bumps they almost seem like little sores. The scars that these bumps are leaving are very irritating and even the old bumps itch on occasion I don't think it would be an allergic because it is not all over.
Avatar f tn And I know you have a very strong opinion on not getting to worked up to quickly but I am really nervous and scared.. This virus doesnt harm your body as much as say AIDS/HIV but it has a bad rep and I feel like it could dominate my life.. How come people arent as educated on herpes as AIDS/HIV?! lol =/ And dont worry about your speed of checking the thread over the weekend, the fact that you are taking the time to answer me at all is encouraging.
Avatar n tn I went to my doctor and she did a culture which came back positive for HSV1 and no HSV2 present. At what point can I have a follow-up blood test to confirm that I do have HSV1? Can the blood test also tell if I have HSV1 both genitally and orally? I have a friend with genital HSV2 and she always informs partners if she is going to have intercourse (condom protected) but does not feel obligated to tell them if she participates in oral sex.
Avatar m tn I am freaking out and trying to find a way to stay away from home until I get tested. It doesn't look like I will be able to do that so I figured I would ask on the forum for advise. So am I doomed?
Avatar m tn Dear Friends, I really appreciate the support you folks give to the needy people like me. This is my story I had a protected sex, Started to penetrate but stop after 6 to 8 secs due to some call on my mobile .with CSW whose HIV status is unknow and I assumed her she is HIV +Ve. She is fingering her and she put the condom on me with same hand which she had some vaginal fluids. After that no further play.
Avatar f tn I explained why I wasn't at work last winter. I talked about what HCV is, the treatment for it and what it was like. I also told them I was SVR. After we got off one of them thanked me because he has HCV and he is afraid to talk about it. I'm on a mission to when ever appropriate talk about HCV and inform people.
Avatar m tn So if you were negative with the antibody at a month and a half you are negative. Also, did you retest the HIV antibody or any test after that at 3 months? It doesn't look like you are positive for HIV. It may be something else that is causing your problem. It is good to talk to a specialist since you are having this problem but also your son is having some problems as well. BUt his CBC is pretty normal with some slight drop in his Neutrophils.
Avatar n tn I hope your vet can find out what it is, I hope he takes a biopsy of these sores to make a firm diagnosis. One thing I would like you to suggest to him for an opinion is EOSINOPHLIC COMPLEX. you can look at this on the websites veterinarypartner.com or dermvets.com/feline_eosinopilic_granuloma.html and see if the diagram looks similar to you.
Avatar f tn It could be herpes if you have had sex. You would want to go get tested and also have a Dr look at the sores you have.
Avatar m tn therefore, condom was never inserted in vagina, only 10 sec. of penis head only. I have no open sores on the head of my penis. About three days later, I felt pain in groin. Went to hospital and Dr. said I had ureathitis. I am a married man and fell in my marriage. About two weeks later we notice wife had a rash on both thighs and both shoulders. Took her to doctor and they gave her a cream and the cream cleared it up.
Avatar m tn And my FIRST encounter? What are the chances of catching herpes during 1-2 minutes of unprotected sex? 2. What should I do about my new relationship? I want to wait one month before having sex with her. But what can I say, "we can't have sex right now because i MIGHT have herpes"? I'm scared that if I tell her this she will just leave, when i may not have herpes at all. 3. If I do have sex, what are the chances of passing herpes to her(if I have it)?
Avatar f tn It was at like 4. Something, I think I'll have to look at my copy of the results again. And ok I just wanted to make sure that this isn't something that will cause health issues for me and that I don't need to seek a doctor. Also I have another question. I live with a roommate, and I'm worried that I'm going to spread to them somehow since I live in such close quarters with them, would that be a risk?
Avatar n tn gives frequency statistics on the symptoms and how often they occur and gives details on what they are like. It's an informative article. The NYU site I mentioned earlier is from NYU Medical Center's HIVInfoSource. 4. Acknoweldged, and appreciated. 5. I've made a habit of going to see the same HIV Testing counselor each time I needed to get tested. As a result a friendship of sorts has developed. An ELISA test was done, Oraquick. It was negative.
Avatar m tn I have read on herpes.org that this is what a outbreak for some could look like. If not HSV What other syndromes or diseases or issues do the symptoms fit?
Avatar f tn What diseases could I have possibly contracted? What other symptoms should I look out for and how long should I wait to get tested?
Avatar n tn Would they let one of thier family members suffer like this? I think not. Yes I am depressed. I hurt everyday, have these god aweful sores on my arms, can't spend time in the sun without these red things that look like blood blisters just under my skin and they break with only slight contact, leavin these sores. My lungs have gotten so bad that combined with all else I am close to losing my job, with which will go my health ins.