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Avatar n tn I am on 450 mg Wellbutrin which I believe is the maximum allowable dose. When I came off the SSRIs and went on Wellbutrin it was like I came out of the fog after seven years of SSRIs, I have to take a 150mg pill three times a day. This has been completely effective insofar as I have never had a seizure. A couple of people have mentioned changing their dosage or even going off their meds alltogether.
Avatar f tn Anyway, that's just one opinion -- first, try going up on the Zoloft, you're not at the maximum dose yet. For a lot of people the dose you're on isn't enough for it work in the first place. So you have some room. Second, if you do switch, do the taper first and be safe. And third, no matter what anyone says, you get to decide.
Avatar n tn I am at the maximum daily dose of Welbutrin (450mg XL). It's helping somewhat, but I feel I need something more. Is there a medication that compliments Welbutrin?
Avatar n tn okay i have been taking wellbutrin XL for a almost 3 months now, im on a 300mg dosage everyday which is okay i guess,but i dont think it is doing me any good? like its a antidepressant, i was wondering if anyone knows if me taking 600 mg a day would be a dumb thing to do? they say 450 mg should be tha most, but i just wanted to know if anyone has every taking 600 mg aday?
Avatar n tn I was first started on Effexor, and not seeing any improvement in my symptoms, quickly increased to an almost maximum dose (250-300mg daily). I developed high blood pressure, and subsequently switched to Zoloft, and again needed to increase the dose to 250mg/day. I still didn't really feel much different (I don't think), except that as a student, I began to find that I had problems with concentration, and a general "conectedness".
Avatar n tn Hello, I've been on Wellbutrin XL 300mg (2mos) and prior to that, I was taking wellbutrin sr 100mg 1x/day (1.5 yrs). I take wellbutrin for depression and anxiety which I've suffered with since I was a teen-ager (I'm 33 yrs old) but only started treatment after the birth of my daughter who is now 2 1/2 yrs old. Wellbutrin works well with depression and anxiety but lately I'm very short tempered. I could be feeling great then something slightly annoying happens and I start to boil.
Avatar m tn I have only used wellbutrin xl & Ihave not had hardly any sx. plus my G.I. said it could help with fatigue which it has for me. Take care!
Avatar f tn I am on Wellbutrin XL, Ablify and Zoloft. I am still not doing better. Do you think they would put me on another Antidepressant also?
Avatar n tn If Anafranil and Zoloft failed you, you select another class of antidepressant such as Effexor XL or Wellbutrin the dose of which should be stepped up gradually until you obtain the effect or the maximum therapeutic dose is reached. Never give up.
Avatar m tn The only medications I have to help with anything to do with the acute symptoms would be some Wellbutrin XL and some Diazepam. Please, anyone that can guide me through this, I would be so grateful for. Anyone’s advice from anyone, I would be very grateful for.
351846 tn?1273619144 The only medications I have to help with anything to do with the acute symptoms would besome Wellbutrin XL and some Diazapam. Please, anyone that can guide me through this, I would be so gratful for. Anyones advice from anyone, I would be very gratful for.
Avatar n tn I reached my maximum dose of 200mg Jan.6 and just recently (it'll be 2 months since I started my initial dose of 25mg on Jan.18) I've noticed a decrease in my migraines which is great! As well, since 175mg and up, I've noticed a decrease in the "stupid" side effects, ie. my brain is functioning a little better which is nice as well!
Avatar n tn I literally thought I was going to die when I tried to wean off of Effexor XR, then it was onto Zoloft, which destroyed my sex drive. Then I was switched to Wellbutrin XL. I used Clonazepam for sleep. I am currently weaning off of both. I am on a every other day on the Wellbutrin XL and cold turkey on the Clonazepam. I have constant headaches and starting yesterday dizziness. I have not taken clonazepam for over a week now. I am determined to get through this.
Avatar n tn Just reading this cuz I just started 2 days ago (tonight w/b my 3rd dose). I have been under mega stress....and have gained 25# on Lexapro (thnx, doc....ex-doc, actually!). Went to new doc, told him about headaches which are occurring weekly now, and last anywhere from 1 - 3 days - to hosp twice in 6mos. Anyhow, you asked about anxiety, and I can tell you that I was telling my new doc my 'story' ....all the 'stuff' goin' on in my life....and I was shaking and crying.
Avatar f tn Does anyone take Wellbutrin XL with this? How is that working out? I am concerned as take that also.
Avatar n tn When I first had the IUD inserted I experienced night sweats and hot flash's for the first month and a half then they subsided I figured this was due to ridding my body of the high dose hormone from the BC. About 6 months into it I started getting those symptoms again I am 42 and to young to start menopause I have not had a period the whole time I have had the IUD. I am now beginning to feel bloated all of the time. I had a friend tell me that Mirena releases's progesterone.