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Avatar m tn you may need to up your dosage. I'm at 300mg. But the anti-ADD effects are kind of side effects of that medication while your body adjusts... mine only lasted a week. It may be because your body is so used to ADD meds and you've been on anti-depressants for awhile that you need a stronger kick. Oh, and I hear you on the education thing. I'm in my junior year as well, and I can't have this **** getting in the way again.
Avatar n tn I went to get a higher dosage of Wellbutrin XL today and they gave me Budeprion xl 300 mg. They told me they now have the generic form which is cheaper. I was wondering if this will make a difference compared to taking the brand name? Wellbutrin 150 has worked wonders for me and now they give me this budeprion. I just want to know if it's the same thing, more importantly, work the same?
Avatar m tn and it is not listed as a side effect in any drug book. But there are always side effects they never tell you about. And different ppl react differently. How long have you been on the Wellbutrin before that started happening? I have been experiencing short term memory loss and having a hard time concentrating, can't stay focused? Anyone else having that?
1190024 tn?1264692022 We have some websites linked up on the welcome page for more information about mood stabilizers and mood disorders in general. Medications do have side effects both short term and long term but they are neccessary. It depends on what medication is right for you. Depakoate is a full mood stabilizer but it can sometimes work better on mania than depression. Seroquel is an antipsychotic that has mood stabilization properties and is FDA approved for that use.
587279 tn?1223704355 Has anyone had long term side effects from Wellbutrin or Zyban? I have had long term neurological problems that seemed to be triggered by a reaction to wellbutrin. I was wondering if others have experienced any problems from either of these drugs. Please contact me and let me know. I am suffering from muscle wasting, muscle twitching, severe memory problems and I am 32 years old. No doctor nor specialist can figure out what is causing my decline in health.
579473 tn?1226024185 i believe that much of my depression and even suicide attempts are partly due to side effects from all the drugs that were supposed to make me less depressed. i just really don't want to be on them and the only way that i know to get rid of the symptoms is to go back on them and then it's a never ending cycle....help?....?....?
370801 tn?1264408618 Mainly, I find without the sports supplement I can't weight train properly and get good results - which in turn when I have a good workout and see results, I feel better in general, and happier - however, I am concerned about any long term effects or damage I might cause, with neuro transmitters etc. when combining these substances .. Here are the no xplode specs -- anybody know the deal? or know of a safer, better supplement for weight training / energy, muscularity etc?
Avatar n tn Again, we are not looking for an antidepressant as much as an anti-anxiety medication with few side effects when used over the long term. Also, the goal is to help her with her anxiety, not to turn her into a zombie. We would want her to maintain her "true self," so to speak, not become overly sedated.
Avatar m tn I was on effexor xr 75mg for about 4 years until it quit on me, I added wellbutrin XL 150mg and stayed on the effex. for another year and weaned off just the effex. I've been on the wellbutrin fro another 4 years and I was great until I had to take methylprednisone (steriod) and I went off the deep end. But if I hadn't taken the steriod, I would be fine.
Avatar m tn Im just worried now shes going to come off the methadome and she will have side effects from that and the venlalic xl side effects will come back and we will be back to square one again? Does this sound like a good idead to you?
Avatar f tn After a year on it your body will be used to it and likely miss it so I'd expect some side effects. But don't expect horror shows as it's not certain what we experience. The worst I felt was a visual issue, hard to describe really but it stopped me looking left or right quickly else I'd get that falling feeling. I had to stop driving because of it. Other short term effects weren't memorable as I have no recollection of anything but this thing now.
Avatar m tn I read that Wellbutrin is actually a medicine to help you quit smoking as well, so in order to continue the feel good state, I started taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg, I've been on it for a week now, I can't feel any major differences maybe just placebo effect that I feel better and would like to know if I can up my dose to 300MG. How can I know if I am suffering from depression?
Avatar n tn So far so good. Wellbutrin seems not to cause the unwanted side effects I was experiencing with all of the others ( I tried everything over the years) The big one is that I can acheive and experience orgasm again. I was absolutely dead from the waist down with all the others. This is only supposed to happen to Men - this is what my Dr. told me but I think it happens to lots of women too.
Avatar n tn I am fine on that dose, have much fewer side effects than I did on 150mg and am happy to continue long term. Everyone is different but I definitely found the gradual reduction approach MUCH better than just stopping all at once. Hope that helps.
Avatar n tn I have no desire to do anything, constantly obsessing and worrying about anything and everything. My doc did tell me about the side effects, but how long are the side effects going to last? I read the thread here, only a couple of ladies here mentioned that the side effects went away after few weeks or a couple of months, most of the ladies here quit Yaz after a month. I dont think i can stand another week.
Avatar n tn I was on celexa and then had wellbutrin added to the mix. I found drinking on wellbutrin had a number of negative side effects from black outs to aggressive behavior. It is true - you are NOT suppose to drink on anti-depressants, the alcohol inhibits their ability to work. Also, (and I don't mean to be harsh) but it sounds like you may need some counseling or other help. If you are 124 lbs and 5'6.5" you don't need to lose weight.
Avatar n tn Hang in there to anyone getting off of this drug. It will pass. I am on wellbutrin xl right now. Has anyone had bad side effects when getting off this one?
Avatar n tn JSGeare, you make an interesting point about weighing how I felt on the Lexapro vs. the side effects. When I said the sexual side effects could hurt my marriage, I didn't mean that my husband was unhappy. As long as I feel good mentally (and continue to have sex) it was up to me if I wanted to live with the side effect of not having satisfying sex myself.
Avatar f tn I just started taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg because I'm told it should help with the sexual disfunction. How long until I notice a difference? Do you think I'm on too many medications? I've always just been on one pill when I am on antidepressants. I have MDD and borderline personality disorder.
Avatar n tn Anyhow, I really need a good med for Social Anxiety disorder without weight gain or sexual side effects (not counting Benzos like Xanax, which I don't want to take long-term). Any help would be wonderful! Thanks.
Avatar n tn At the time I wasn't aware about creeping up on the dose for either going on or off. Side effects were severe: on day 10 my right head side went numb. On day 11 the other side went numb. I was spaced and had trouble sleeping... felt ill all the time. The doctor told me to stick it out. It was the worst 2 weeks of my life. The worst is that on day 3 I got a full upper body shock followed by nausea, a feeling of doom, chills, clammy, etc and thought I had a pinched nerve or something worse.
Avatar m tn What to expect? How long they take to kick in? Any side effects? Were they energizing or the opposite? Did they help motivate and give you focus? Did you take them during treatment or when not treating,as I imagine there may be a diffence. Currently, I'm 19 weeks post treatment.
Avatar f tn They took me off of Wellbutrin and now i take Celexa and Remeron. However, i dont like their side effects. So today i switched back to Wellbutrin. Can i do this? i took it around 9:20am this morning, then 20 min later i began to feel lightheaded and my heart was racing. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn But the only reason I know of docs combine the two is if you're on an ssri and you're suffering the side effects of weight gain and/or sexual dysfunction. Adding some wellbutrin to that can help diminish the ssri side effects. So here's what I think happened, though there's no way I can know for sure obviously: the sudden decrease in your wellbutrin caused a withdrawal reaction, which manifested in increased anxiety, a common withdrawal symptom.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if there is any long term side affects from using Paxil 12.5 mg once a day and Wellbutrin XL 150 mg three times a day. I've tried several times in the past few years to come off of the medications. I have learned that anxiety is a disorder. I don't mind taking the medications if they help me,but I don't want to suffer from long term affects. Thank you for your help on this question.
Avatar m tn I've read that Wellbutrin is often prescribed where weight gain and sexual side effects are a problem. I've also read Wellbutrin can contribute to anxiety.
4951398 tn?1365460343 (with the exam) Then I did read somewhere that rare side effects of wellbutrin can be menstrual spotting- I just haven't talked to anyone who actually had this side effect. I wonder if it is the med?
Avatar n tn On the other hand, it has given me a lot of unpleasant side effects, such as no sex drive, insomnia, constant tiredness, twitchiness, etc. I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have any ideas? I'm really desperate. He'll probably break up with me soon and I don't really have anywhere to go because we live together. I love him and want to be with him but when he tells me that I'm a huge dissapointment because I hate my classes it really hurts inside.
Avatar n tn In the hospital they prescribed me Effexor which gave me really no relief and major sexual side effects. My sisters are on Wellbrutrin and say it works great for them so my doctor weaned me off the Effexor and is in the process of uping my dosage to 300 mg. so I can take the 300 XL. I had been taking 75 mgs and lowering my dosage of Effexor until I was completly off. She said to up that dose to 150mg by taking on in the morning and on around noon.