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870215 tn?1242958324 I have started welbutrin xl 150 mg for the 3 days today oh yeah name brand not generic and i got sleepy after i took it but other than that no side effects on this 1st day of a hopeful journey. i am a recovering meth addict of 668 days and had hoped maybe somebody else out there had tried this who is also a addict.thanks so much and i feel hopeful for the 1st time in a LONG TIME. Dr is upping dose to 3oo mg xl in 3-5 days if tolerated at 150 mg.
Avatar n tn Since Budeprion XL’s introduction in 2006, numerous consumers who had previously been treated with Wellbutrin XL reported adverse side effects upon switching to Budeprion XL, including headaches, insomnia, nausea, and mood swings. Many patients also reported a loss of antidepressive effect.
Avatar n tn I tried taking the generic form of Wellbutrin XL last year and noticed some major differences, such as I was more irritable mostly. I thought it was my pms, and then I thought it was my work, etc. After a few months of really noticing a difference in the way that I felt, I contacted my doctor and asked her about it. She said that some people do have a different reaction to the generic brand.
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed with major depression and started taking generic Wellbutrin XL. Within a week of taking Wellbutrin 150 mg, I noticed changes in my libido, which continued to decrease. After two weeks I moved up to 300 mg, and my libido became almost nonexistent and I've been unable to have a complete erection. I've been on Wellbutrin for 4 weeks now and my sexual side effects have not subsided.
Avatar f tn Hi all, Today is day 2 on Wellbutrin XL 150mg generic. First, I will list all the side effects I am noticing. None of which my dr mentioned, other than to take it in the morning: On my first day on Wellbutrin, I noticed an increase in energy and excessive yawning. Woke up today (day 2) with a piercing headache and the muscles in my legs are sore like I ran a marathon, my abdominal muscles ache like I did a ton of sit ups, and a couple hours ago I noticed lower back soreness.
Avatar n tn Hmm...I am having similar episodes on Wellbutrin XL 300mg. I've been on this for maybe 2 months. I've had two anger outburst-type things, but they have lasted for days and usually present as extreme irritability and then anything can throw me over the edge. I start taking 150mg tomorrow... Sorry, I don't have an answer...
Avatar n tn What is the actual difference between Wellbutrin XL and Wellbutrin SR. Will both cause the same weight loss.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone----So I began taking generic Wellbutrin 150 xl trend by the manufacture Par Pharm nine days ago. Until yesterday I had zero symptoms or side effects from the new med. I am a 30-year-old overall healthy female who was prescribed this medication for migraines, occipital neuralgia, and moderate depression due to the prior mentioned. Wow, do headaches and migraines hurt, ugh...no wonder I was mild/moderately depressed.
Avatar n tn I've tried Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac and as I've already said, Lexapro. Wellbutrin has the least side effects. I switched back about a week ago and the withdrawl symptoms from Lexapro are the pits. Wellbutrin may not work as well for you, Everyone is different. As you can see, it may take several attempts at medication before you are on the right one. Just be patient. Once you find the right one, you'll feel so much better. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn It didn't take long for my doc to confirm my ADD-PI and he prescribed Aderral 10 mg to take once a day along with Wellbutrin XL 150. He said I might need a higher dose or switch to the XR later. Has anyone tried both at the same time? I got the generic version of Aderral and surprised how cheap it was. Should this be taken every day or only when I have lots to do and need to concentrate? Thanks!!
1699033 tn?1514116733 Okay, I have been on Wellbutrin 300 xl (generic) for more than a month now. I am still a little jittery in the morning but not as bad. I get headaches every afternoon/evening and so I have to beat them to the punch with an Aleve at about 2:00 and even then I may still get the headache but just not as bad. Constipation has set in, still dealing with the dry mouth, and I have breakthrough panic attacks. I have been trying to self-coach my way through them..
Avatar n tn Can Wellbutrin XL cause nightmares? I have noticed since I have been taking it since November 16th that I have nightmares every night.
370801 tn?1264408618 I recall reading a study, which found that the generic bupropion XL released its ingredient at a different rate than the brand name Wellbutrin XL. Apparently, the generic pill released 34 percent of its ingredients in the first two hours (which caused irritability in some people), compared to 8 percent in the brand name. You could ask for the brand name to see if it helps. Btw, I take the SR 150mg twice daily. I believe the XL is for once daily.
Avatar f tn To anyone who has suffered serious side effects of Metoprolol Succinate ER (Generic form of Toprol XL), please take 5 minutes and fill out an FDA medwatch form. The web site is: https://www.accessdata.fda.
Avatar f tn my hormones were low so dr put me on hormone pills and thyroid pills,i haad been on wellbutrin sr about 1 year 300 mg to counteract sexual side effects from prozac,it didnt help though,so my dr changed me from 300 wellbutrin sr to 450 mg xl,tonight for the first time in ages i feel kind of dizzy..ondering if it might be to high of a change over on the wllbutrin,,hoping after prozac is out of system i will have a sex drive any info would help or has anyone switched from the sr to the xl?
Avatar n tn I tried Cipralex (5 mg for first two days and then 10 MG on the third day) for 3 days and did not react well to it at all - bad side effects, increased anxiety.. GP prescribed me low dose of Clonazapam to take the edge off during what I was told could be a week to two week "adjustment" phase. Didn't really like the idea of taking one drug to counteract the effects of another. So after 3 days I asked her if it was OK if I stopped and she said yes..
Avatar f tn I've had horrible nausea and have been crying all the time for nothing. I initially switched to Wellbutrin XL to see if it would help with my weight but the side effects are so awful for me that I want to go back on my zoloft. That seemed to work perfectly for me. Can I stop taking the Wellbutrin since I've only been on it for 2 weeks and start taking my zoloft right away? Thanks for any advice!
Avatar f tn so ive been taking wellbutrin (the generic) for a couple months now. just went from 150 mg to 300 a couple days ago, i am definitely experiencing more side effects with the 300. mostly upset stomach. it was giving me a lot of energy for a couple days then last night i started a new birth control pack and took a pill and i got a terrible headache and today it felt like all the energy got zapped from me...im wondering if its the b.c? maybe it's interacting with the wellbutrin. i dont know.
Avatar f tn All of these drugs come with many side effects -- some suffer more, some less, but all drugs have side effects. They are very powerful and alter the way the body functions naturally, so naturally they throw some things out of balance. How much depends on the person. General docs just don't know this stuff that well as they don't receive specialized training in it.
Avatar n tn I am certain that I am over the emotional pain the put me on this nasty drug and certainly would not ever take it again, or any other ssri that has such horrible side effects and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will check out any drug side effects or withdraw symptons before I EVER take anything else again.............. Thanks for any information...........
587279 tn?1223704355 Has anyone had long term side effects from Wellbutrin or Zyban? I have had long term neurological problems that seemed to be triggered by a reaction to wellbutrin. I was wondering if others have experienced any problems from either of these drugs. Please contact me and let me know. I am suffering from muscle wasting, muscle twitching, severe memory problems and I am 32 years old. No doctor nor specialist can figure out what is causing my decline in health.
Avatar n tn I have never experienced any side effects from Wellbutrin, so I wasn't sure if it was related. The 2nd day it happened again at the same time, so now I am wondering if I am experiencing some kind of withdrawal as the new Rx is not the extended release and I just need to take the 2nd one before I feel like that. I have also had terrible night sweats the past 2 nts and had to get up to change my shirt, as it was soaked.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Wellbutrin (generic) now for about 6 weeks. The initial 2 weeks my doc (shrink) put me on 150 mg and after that it has been 300 mg. I felt anxiety symptoms earlier, but now they have reduced. But what I feel now is that the medicine does not uplift the mood entirely. I do have negative thought process running and I try to pull myself up but sometimes I do feel really low. My doctor is suggesting that I switch from Wellbutrin to Zoloft.
Avatar f tn I know how low these are but I have never been able to tolerate any meds at higher doses without massive side effects. I did do pretty well on Wellbutrin xl and could do 300mg but I can't afford it anymore and the generic doesn't work.
Avatar f tn I have never taken the Generic but did take Welbutrin for about 6 months. I had to change to another because the Welbutrin was not at all effective for me. I never got any side effects from it, but it never worked either. Wouldn't be shocked at all if it's generic counterpart was less effective. This issue with generics has become a real problem because our FDA is not watching and testing these generic drug companys product.
Avatar n tn Agree with above answer, but would suggest either Paxil CR or Zoloft,both of which contain components to help with anxiety. Wellbutrin XL can be taken along with either of those two SSRI's, as they target different neurotransmitters in the brain. Good luck..hang in there!! It's just a matter of finding the right combo for YOU!! BTW, Paxil(not Paxil CR) has now gone generic, but studies have shown that the CR provides a smoother, slower release.
Avatar n tn I have read a number of blogs including this one that indicate that hair loss is a side effect yet the Wellbutrin trials only listed hair loss as a side effect for less than 1% of patients. Given the U.S.
7001009 tn?1386967533 You're posting in the anxiety community, and wellbutrin is mostly used as an antidepressant because of its stimulating properties (although it is often used as an adjunct to an ssri for those who suffer sexual side effects and weight gain). So it could be the stimulating properties that are wearing you out, though it's hard to say from what you report. I do think you've been on it long enough to know if it was going to work, most likely, but we're all different.