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656309 tn?1224493459 I just started having my medication delivered and when I got my Wellbutrin XL, the package and teh bottle were VERY hot. I got it around 2pm today and am not sure how long it has been sitting in the heat on that truck. Maybe since this morning? It's 92 degrees here now.. Do you think the medication has been compromised? I am just switching from Generic Wellbutrin SR 150 mgs, and this bottle is WB XL brand name 300 mgs.
870215 tn?1242958324 I have started welbutrin xl 150 mg for the 3 days today oh yeah name brand not generic and i got sleepy after i took it but other than that no side effects on this 1st day of a hopeful journey. i am a recovering meth addict of 668 days and had hoped maybe somebody else out there had tried this who is also a addict.thanks so much and i feel hopeful for the 1st time in a LONG TIME. Dr is upping dose to 3oo mg xl in 3-5 days if tolerated at 150 mg.
Avatar n tn Many patients also reported a loss of antidepressive effect. Patients who thereafter switched back to Wellbutrin XL or an alternative generic (such as Bupropion XL manufactured by Watson Pharmaceuticals) saw a return of the antidepressive effect and lessening of side effects.
Avatar n tn I tried taking the generic form of Wellbutrin XL last year and noticed some major differences, such as I was more irritable mostly. I thought it was my pms, and then I thought it was my work, etc. After a few months of really noticing a difference in the way that I felt, I contacted my doctor and asked her about it. She said that some people do have a different reaction to the generic brand.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone----So I began taking generic Wellbutrin 150 xl trend by the manufacture Par Pharm nine days ago. Until yesterday I had zero symptoms or side effects from the new med. I am a 30-year-old overall healthy female who was prescribed this medication for migraines, occipital neuralgia, and moderate depression due to the prior mentioned. Wow, do headaches and migraines hurt, ugh...no wonder I was mild/moderately depressed.
1699033 tn?1514116733 Okay, I have been on Wellbutrin 300 xl (generic) for more than a month now. I am still a little jittery in the morning but not as bad. I get headaches every afternoon/evening and so I have to beat them to the punch with an Aleve at about 2:00 and even then I may still get the headache but just not as bad. Constipation has set in, still dealing with the dry mouth, and I have breakthrough panic attacks. I have been trying to self-coach my way through them..
Avatar f tn Almost all my patients are on generic medications including generic toprol xl. There are some medications that have a recognized difference between brand name and generic, and there are some brand name drugs that do not have generics because they were too difficult to produce. The medication will be out of your system in less than 5 days. As far as lasting effects, it is difficult to say. Like I mentioned, I have not heard of this happening before and have no personal experience with it.
Avatar f tn it seems high. Were you given a generic Or name brand? That makes a big difference. Generic is NOT the same. I have found it Weaker and may be prescribed with a higher Dosage. I did experience dizziness after switching Back to name brand and had to reduce the dosage. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I take it in the morning since it is a stimulant. Others have posted on here that they think the generic form of wellbutrin releases more in the hours after taking it than the name brand so since I was taking it at night, I attributed my insomnia to this. Once I switched to the morning, I did not have that problem anymore. I honestly believe that some people are capable of beating anxiety by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, i.e., self-communication.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I was recently prescribed Wellbutrin. The first prescription was generic budeprion 150mg SR, twice a day. I took those for about a week then switched over to name brand Wellbutrin XL 150 mg just ONCE a day. I am told that I am still getting the same dose of medication in a 24 hour period, but just can't get my head around the dosage numbers. I see it as 150 mg every 12 hours on the generics, thus adding up to 300 mg in a 24 hour period.
370801 tn?1264408618 I recall reading a study, which found that the generic bupropion XL released its ingredient at a different rate than the brand name Wellbutrin XL. Apparently, the generic pill released 34 percent of its ingredients in the first two hours (which caused irritability in some people), compared to 8 percent in the brand name. You could ask for the brand name to see if it helps. Btw, I take the SR 150mg twice daily. I believe the XL is for once daily.
656309 tn?1224493459 post_id=post_3551114 I have been having horrible symptoms ever since. I thought it was because the med was generic, but even after getting the brand name, I still feel like ****. My posts even look rambling, disjointed, fearful and crazy. I was on celexa before and slept all the time, and was numb to the world. I have never felt this angry, aggressive and irritable before.
Avatar f tn I have never taken the Generic but did take Welbutrin for about 6 months. I had to change to another because the Welbutrin was not at all effective for me. I never got any side effects from it, but it never worked either. Wouldn't be shocked at all if it's generic counterpart was less effective. This issue with generics has become a real problem because our FDA is not watching and testing these generic drug companys product.
Avatar n tn What was the explanation? Read up on the med and what the company advises. Are you on name brand or generic? There IS A DIFFERENCE!!!! Taken at night it could affect your sleep. Read up on other forums and what individuals have found out about using WB.
656309 tn?1224493459 just started having my medication delivered and when I got my Wellbutrin XL, the package and the bottle were VERY hot. I got it around 2pm today and am not sure how long it has been sitting in the heat on that truck. Maybe since this morning? It's 92 degrees here now.. Do you think the medication has been compromised? I am just switching from Generic Wellbutrin SR 150 mgs, and this bottle is WB XL brand name 300 mgs.
Avatar n tn The reason I bring this up is that generic version of Wellbutrin XL, Budeprion has a faster dissolving rate. It's coating dissolves four times faster than the brand name, causing severe symptoms of: brain zaps, anger, disconnected feeling, short-term memory loss, headache, muscle aches across chest and neck, etc. I only found this out once I switched from the brand name to the generic form and had a horrific experience.
Avatar m tn Yesterday morning I popped my first Wellbutrin XL. Wellbutrin for those neuro pharmacologically healthy is an AD (antidepressant). First time with ADs, and as mentioned in a previous thread, it's not so much I feel *depressed* as feeling a lack of motivation to get back to what is left of my former life.
Avatar n tn My sister committed suicide 11 days after starting on Wellbutrin to help her quit smoking. She overdosed by ingesting the bottle of Wellbutrin. I looked into litigation...the lawyer reviewing her records said basically that the dr couldn't be considered negligent because she wasn't acutely depressed!?!? He didn't have any follow up appointments scheduled and prescribed her an enormous amount of medication. Nevermind the nightmare of trying to pursue the drug manufacturer.
Avatar f tn This is more common, but usually less important. It's worth discussing with your doctor. I was on wellbutrin xl and was switched to generic. Over a period of 2 years my depression gradually worsened - almost unnoticeably until I was unable to work more than 2/3 of the week and was very irritable, sensitive, and anxious, as well as the typical despondency.
Avatar f tn My doctor just started me on generic Wellbutrin (Bupropion XL 150mg) for depression and anxiety and I've read alot of the comments on the message board and was wondering if you get better results with the Brand name instead of the generic. All the comments I read state the people are taking Wellburtin but doesn't indicate if it's the brand or whether they are just calling it Wellbutrin but actually taking the generic. Can someone please help?
Avatar m tn so they removed the thyroid and trie to keep the parathyroid but damage was done to them and they are not working based on lab results.....they gave me 150 mg of synthroid or should I say the generic name Levothyroioxine I think something like that anyway I felt like I was in a fog l could not concentrate on my work so the Dr. decided to add cytomel 15 mcg...I was experiencing mood swings uncontrollable crying and nightmares...
Avatar n tn i started wellbutrin for deprision not knowing the side effects it works great and the side effects are a bounes ;-)
5050843 tn?1362873926 Generic Wellbutrin is so controversial many doctors refuse to prescribe it. Name brand is (now) so expensive (avg 1000 bucks a month) few people can afford it, other than from one Canadian pharmacy @ $50 month. Just another endless example of big pharma playing with peoples lives and the government allowing $ it to happen.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was put on generic form of Effexor, but when I saw a second doctor, he asked why I had been changed from Effexor to the generic form (forget its name). I said the doctor I usually see had put me on it, and I presumed it was cheaper. This 2nd doctor looked it up, and said there was little difference in the cost, and would I like to go back on Effexor XL? I said yes. That was a year ago, and I am still on 150mg Effexor XL. I feel really well.
656309 tn?1224493459 I went from brands name Wellbutrin SR 150 mg once a day, which made me energized and active, to brand name Wellbutrin XL 300 mg once a day. Now I am sleepy, lethargic and there is no buzz or energy at all. What's up??
Avatar f tn com/wellbutrin.jsp#effectivenessindepression You may not feel the full antidepressant effect of WELLBUTRIN XL® for several weeks.
656309 tn?1224493459 com/blog/archives/2007/10/13/generic-wellbutrin-may-not-perform-as-well-as-original/ Check out those comments! My pdoc I think finally either felt bad, or just wanted me to stop bugging him, so he perscribed the Wellbutrin XL brand name. amazingly, the insurance said they'd cover it. he must have told them what a mess I was when I went in to see him. (That or me mentioning I'd get my lawyer involved if he didn't listen to my needs and get me what I felt I needed, which was the brand name).
Avatar m tn LOL. Sounds like you're taking Wellbutrin and not Wellbutrin XL which I believe is a newer formulation. Wellbutrin XL is once a day dosing while reg Wellbutrin I think is 2X a day. I guess you don't know how these things will hit you until you take them. How long was it before you felt the effects after you started. Thanks.
Avatar n tn and finding a thread where people said the Teva generic was definately different than normal Wellbutrin, I had my doctor switch me over to the name brand Wellbutrin. Today is day two. Both days my head has felt like it has been in a vice for the middle 2-3 hours of the dose. I take it at 10am, and from 2-5pm I feel like it's not worth taking it any longer... I always see so many people saying it helped them - I'm wondering, did some of you get off to a rough start with it as well?