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Avatar n tn Damn, I feel very racey on Wellbutrin xl...I was on 300 mg and I felt racey and anxious, so I cut back to 150, but still feel like I am on speed. I have been on it about 5 weeks now...I hope it levels off. How are you doing on it? Or did you get off?
1190024 tn?1264692022 I've done my research online and feel as though the wellbutrin may help, but can be bad coming off xanax. I have 3 refills left and that in itself gives me great anxiety. I have scripts for both the Wellbutrin XL 150 mgs & 10mg Lexapro & am wondering if I can take them both together? It seems as though many docs don't combine meds, but from what I've read online, I think it could be helpful to me. I'm at a loss but still have hope.
Avatar n tn I am taking xanax xl, 1 mg/day for anxiety and just started taking wellbutrin, 150 mg almost three weeks ago. Since taking the wellbutrin I have felt more depression. Do these medications mix. Also take a sleeping pill at night and that helps but I wake up with severe anxiety. I lost my daughter more than a year ago and am a caretaker for my husband. Any suggestions for different medications?
Avatar f tn I have been on Xanax 2mg twice a day that controls panic attacks. Recently I was put on Wellbutrin XL discovered that Xanax and Wellbtrin both help with Dopamine. Does Xanax make me sleepy--I don't think so, Melatonin 1mg at night helps me sleep well. Melatonin seems to have hangover affect. I have to take Xanax around five in the afternoon to prevent major panic attacks. Do not get sleepy in the afternoon Xanax of 2mg in morning and 2 mg in the early evening.
Avatar f tn I was able to find interaction info for the Wellbutrin and Xanax and Remeron and Xanax independently, and both have moderate interaction profiles (increased risk of seizures with excessive use of Xanax for the WBN and CNS and respiratory depression for the Remeron), but haven't been able to find anything on the three together. Any thoughts? Thanks SO much!
1699033 tn?1514116733 Wellbutrin made me jittery too, I had to take my xanax with it..I take 300mg too and 25 mg of Zoloft since I have been having major anxiety issues pop up again..this past month. I feel that way too about trade offs..The Wellbutrin makes me stay at a normal weight while the one that did the best for me, Luvox, packed on the pounds. I think I make go back on that..I would rather be happy and chubby than miserable and have a beach body!!! Maybe your doc can add something to yours..
Avatar n tn Hey Doc, I posted a few days ago, if you could refer to that and this as a follow up. I saw my doc today, and he prescribed me 1mg tablets of Klonopin, and 150mg of Wellbutrin XL. His only concern about the Wellbutrin was that it isn't effective with anxiety disorder (which I originally was being treated for) as it is depression, but I have had more symptoms of depression than anxiousness. The Klonopin works much better than the Xanax. I feel more myself, and less disconnected and impaired.
Avatar n tn and loss of libido (Lexapro worked wonders for both Anxiety and Depression). I started Wellbutrin XL 150mg. with the Lexapro a few months ago to help counteract these side effects, but didn't have success. Now my Dr. wants me to taper off the Lexapro completely (2 more days of 5mg.) and try keeping the Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. My main concern is my anxiety returning since Wellbutrin has not technically been approved for Social Anxiety, but I'm willing to try it due to the weight gain.
Avatar n tn and loss of libido (Lexapro worked wonders for both Anxiety and Depression). I started Wellbutrin XL 150mg. with the Lexapro a few months ago to help counteract these side effects, but didn't have success. Now my Dr. wants me to taper off the Lexapro completely (2 more days of 5mg.) and try keeping the Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. My main concern is my anxiety returning since Wellbutrin has not technically been approved for Social Anxiety, but I'm willing to try it due to the weight gain.
Avatar f tn I was on Zoloft, Seroquil, and xanax on and off for anxiety and depression for about 6 months and stopped them in December. Ive tried many SSRIS including Wellbutrin, Effexor, and Lexapro but none seemed to work. I've always had a slight binge eating problem and after I started taking these drugs it worsened. My depression got a lot better and i stopped the medication.. in part to lose weight, but am still struggling.
895308 tn?1304344582 I take dessicated thyroid 30mg twice a day and was wondering if Wellbutrin xl will affect my thyroid. It's difficult to find a doctor who is familiar with anything other than synthroid. Do I increase my thyroid or start taking wellbutrin xl?
Avatar f tn Zoloft makes me too tired. Always fatigued. Dr put me on wellbut XL 300. It's been about a week and I can't sleep a full night! I wake up at 3 or 3:30 and can't go back to sleep. And that's with 1 zanex ! Is it too strong for me? Has anyone else had this issue and will it go away?
Avatar f tn I, 56-year-old female was on wellbutrin and seroquel for the last 2.5 years for GAD and depression, following a psychotic 5 days in an acute care hospital. i also take provigil as needed for daytime sleepiness. The wellbutrin was 100sr generic, and seroquel 75, of which I take 1/3 of seroquel as needed for anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have been on wellbutrin xl for 7 days now. The side effects I have are anxiety, dizzyand , dry mouth My doctor told me to take xanax with it until the side effects go away. Any idea when that will be??? I keep trying to take wellbutrin alone to see if the side effects are going away, but I usually end up taking the xanax a few hours in because I just can't handle al the jittering and other side effects I am getting. Should I hang in there a little longer of stop taking it?
Avatar n tn I had no sex drive before the wellbutrin, now i do...I cant say enough for wellbutrin and how its worked for me, but just because its right for me..does not mean its right for you...
Avatar f tn Elavil is to help me sleep at night. I also have chronic pain medication use daily. I have recently stopped Wellbutrin and Elavil and smoking and had either something else come along....Restless leg syndrome or I was withdrawing from the above medications. I am a wreck. Are these supposed to be stopped by weaning or instantly stopped. And did I add to the problem by stopping smoking at the same time (I went back to cigarrettes today, and feel horrible for it). I need to sleep.
Avatar m tn I am under 150mg of wellbutrin XR in the morning (thats the only version available here), half a 0.5 xanax every morning and 1x0.5 xanax at night. I have taken these for around 6-7 months now and i decided -after using a variety of supplements and feeling generally a lot better than before- to taper of wellbutrin with the approval of my doctor.
Avatar f tn Can Wellbutrin XL have a different affect the second time you take it? I was on it for about a year 3 years ago. I loved it! The only side effects were dry mouth and weight loss(not a negative). About 5 months ago my doctor put me on citalopram which made me feel like a zombie and I started gaining weight so we decided to switch to the wellbutrin. I have been on the wellbutrin for about 7 weeks now and off the citalopram for a little over 1 week.
Avatar n tn I didn't get it and was totally infuriated. I went to a therapist and he gave me 1.5mg a day plus Wellbutrin XL Plus Lamical. I told him I think I have been taking 4 mg or more a day for at least a month of Xanax. He was like you can't do that. So we researched it and found out about the siezures. I want off now. I am willing to go through any pain I need to but, I want off in one month. Has anyone every done this with such a high dose? I hate all this medicine.
Avatar f tn I was put on Wellbutrin XL 150 once a day and given xanax for immediate relief (i have only taken 1 xanax in 2 months) I have been on the Wellbutrin for 2 months now and I felt much better after the relationship issue went away, which was within 1 week of starting the meds... Everything in my life is well but I have been feeling anxiety and having panic attacks that last a few mins then go away. Also feel disassociation like I am just going thru the motions of my day not full there.
Avatar n tn I was on that for two months with only modest improvement. I since have seen a new psychiatrist who put me on Wellbutrin Xl 150 for one week and felt ok, then increased to 300mg. He also increased the Buspar to 60mg a day at the same time of adding the Wellbutrin. The first couple of days I felt better but then I went down hill fast at the 300mg level and he reduced it to 150mg. I have this gut feeling that the Buspar and Wellbutrin are fighting each other, multiple reasons to believe this.
Avatar n tn I still want to loose about 10 more lbs. Also I am a drinker on weekends and sometimes do drugs (coke,pot,and pharms) I think wellbutrin has been making me black out when I drink will zoloft only make this worse?
Avatar n tn I just quit Zoloft but the doc said to go cold turkey and start wellbutrin xl. the first few days were great but now I am crabby, mean and basically don't feel well. i am waiting for some magical fix for what i am assuming is withdrawl! I am assuming that it is too late to taper off, its been 10 days, there may be no point. Icky!
Avatar n tn About 3 days ago my doctor added wellbutrin 150 mg XL for four days then 300 mg XL after that to help with my depression following the loss of my dad. My question is I only have about 6 days more of the xanax will i be addicted after taking them for that short of a time? I never take them during the day. I am afraid to stop until I see how the 300 mg of wellbutrin in gonna effect my sleep.
Avatar n tn I am a nurse and everyone was asking me what to do about her and I was having a hard time dealing with it myself, not to mention dealing with everyone else. Well, my doc started me on Cymbalta and Xanax 0.5 prn and Lunesta 3mg to help me sleep (but that is mainly b/c I work 3rd shift and have problems sleeping before all this started. Well, a few months later I went back and said I didn't feel like it was doing anything.
Avatar f tn Have taken paxil, celexa, effexor, xanax, and lexapro through the years but experienced weight gain of at least 40 lbs. My OB/GYN helped wean me off the meds this past spring but within the last month I have again started experiencing severe anxiety with bouts of depression. Family doc started me on Trazadone which just made me feel like a zombie and shortly after switched me to Wellbutrin 150mg daily.
Avatar m tn LOL. Sounds like you're taking Wellbutrin and not Wellbutrin XL which I believe is a newer formulation. Wellbutrin XL is once a day dosing while reg Wellbutrin I think is 2X a day. I guess you don't know how these things will hit you until you take them. How long was it before you felt the effects after you started. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I take 40mg prozac,300 wellbutrin xl,xanax and adderol and it never effected my nicotine intake. I find that smoking causes me to shake my leg alot which is really unattractive in my eyes because in a social setting i seem almost anxious when im not my nerves just feel shot. I have an electric cig i think im going to throw my cigs away and try to use the e cig when i have a craving. Any support,advice, or ideas would be greatlyappreciated.