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Avatar n tn Can you please tell me if Wellbutrin XL will help with anxiety issues. Or can the medication Cymbalta be of better use?
Avatar n tn Damn, I feel very racey on Wellbutrin xl...I was on 300 mg and I felt racey and anxious, so I cut back to 150, but still feel like I am on speed. I have been on it about 5 weeks now...I hope it levels off. How are you doing on it? Or did you get off?
Avatar n tn I went to get a higher dosage of Wellbutrin XL today and they gave me Budeprion xl 300 mg. They told me they now have the generic form which is cheaper. I was wondering if this will make a difference compared to taking the brand name? Wellbutrin 150 has worked wonders for me and now they give me this budeprion. I just want to know if it's the same thing, more importantly, work the same?
Avatar n tn and on the other comment, i am a nasty ***** right now...thats a reason for going on the wellbutrin. For months I was just up and down and up and down with emotions..lately i havent wanted to look at anyone, i havent wanted anyone to look at me (in fear that i might bite someones head off)i havent wanted to go out in public, afraid that everyone that sees me will think...what a horrible, ugly, fat person....although i know none of this is true, i cant help but to think it..
Avatar f tn hi. i recently started wellbutrin xl for anxiety. i'm having upset stomach and nausea. i've been on it for 5 days now. is this just a side effect? or allergic reaction?
Avatar n tn Wellbutrin XL 150mg works really well for me for two weeks of the month, and then I drop into a really bad pre-menstrual cycle of hopelessness, moodiness, rage even. I'm planning to ask a doctor about upping my meds for those two weeks. The thing is, for the two weeks it's working, Wellbutrin is really great. No side effects for me at all. No weight loss, unfortunately, but I didn't gain either (been on it for over a year now). And my libido is much stronger.
Avatar n tn I was on Wellbutrin XL 300MG for 3 weeks and about 1 week into being on it, I got blurry vision, terrible headaches, and a clogged right ear. My doctor said those are possible side effects of the wellbutrin and they should go away. It only go worse and now I have double vision. That started in about the second week being on it and after enduring it for a week, called my doctor and told him I was not going to take it anymore.
1699033 tn?1514116733 Yeah, I am thinking the same thing about the Wellbutrin not being for me...I have slight OCD but major panic and anxiety and I just OVERTHINK everything...I just started the zoloft a few weeks ago and it really doesn't seem to be kicked in yet. I have to take the Xanax... I am not addicted I only take .25 or.5 at a time and have gone for days not taking it but I am going through a rough time right now...
Avatar n tn Was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. Anxiety was more of an issue than depression, but was put on Wellbutrin 150 XL because dr. had had success with it and said "depression and anxiety are different sides of the same coin" when I questioned being put on an antidepressant when I was anxious. About 8 months later, my anxiety is worse and while my dr.
Avatar n tn • Claiming that the time to peak plasma concentration (Tmax) of bupropion hydrochloride after ingesting Budeprion XL is identical to that in Wellbutrin XL, when studies have confirmed that the Tmax for Budeprion XL is less than one-half of that for Wellbutrin XL; • Claiming that Budeprion XL did not carry with it a risk of dose dumping when taken with food, though reports have indicated that food may increase chance for toxicity; • Claiming that human studies were done comparing Budeprion XL t
Avatar n tn first it was zoloft, which I now hate, then prozac, then paxil then prozac and paxil, then no prozac but paxil cr 25mg and Wellbutrin @150mg daily, and now only Wellbutrin with 5-htp. I guess I want to know, am I poisoning myself by taking both? Is the weird flu like symptoms, lack of balance, fuzziness (to name a few) being caused by the paxil withdraw, or mixing wellbutrin and 5-htp? ( I already know what 5-htp does, or I would not have been so eager to try it..
370801 tn?1264408618 I take creatine, caffeine, and smaller amounts of other supplements on top of 400 mg/day of wellbutrin and no problems. Sports supplements and wellbutrin (a psychoactive drug) work on completely different tissues in the body and thus do not work in unison with each other. Wellbutrin gives you mental energy, supplements actually stimulate a more physiological response.
370801 tn?1264408618 My main concern is that I hear that Tyrosine can effect dopamine etc. And I am wondering if there are any known complications between a substance like this and wellbutrin etc. I wouldn't want to get serotonin overload syndrome or anything Iike that - tho I do feel super happy and buzzed after working out, and no I don't crash from it either.. mood wise. Also, not sure if Taurine effects neurotransmitters etc. I guess I may have to do some in-depth research.
Avatar f tn It has substantially worsened my anxiety to a point where I'd have a panic attack daily, gave me terrible headaches, light headedness and dry mouth, I've taken only 15 pills and want to get off. I didn't take the pill today and feel great! A day without a headache feels great! I was a bit agitated at first and ate more then usual, but that's OK. I wonder if it'd be OK to quit cold turkey? Anyone tried it? Thank you!
Avatar f tn I am a 30-year-old overall healthy female who was prescribed this medication for migraines, occipital neuralgia, and moderate depression due to the prior mentioned. Wow, do headaches and migraines hurt, ugh...no wonder I was mild/moderately depressed. The good news is since since starting Wellbutrin (generic), I have not had one single headache or migraine what a relief! Bad news: I woke up from my sleep last night with a burning sensation down my right thigh.
Avatar n tn My doctor dropped the zoloft to 175 and then 150 however, after about 10 days there was still no change in my condition. Then, my doctor added Wellbutrin XL 300mg and after 7 days I started to perk up and felt like doing things again. After about the 25th day of receiving Wellbutrin XL 300mg, I started to become incapable to control my emotions, regardless of the amount of effort I exherted at keeping my emotions under control.
Avatar f tn Now I'm on 0.125 mg of Klonopin and I'm feeling so sleepy and have these huge headaches (and I only get headaches when I'm sleep deprived). I'm female, 5'1", 107 lbs, and 21 years old. Me being a young small female, I know it puts me at larger risk to feel sensitive to the sedating effects of medication. Before I tried Wellbutrin, I went on the lowest dosage of Zoloft and felt so sleepy I couldn't get out of bed for 12 hours!
Avatar n tn I've been on Wellbutrin for about 5 years and it's worked wonders for my depression. I also believe it's been a key factor in losing weight and maintaining my weight loss. During the first year and a half of taking it, I lost 30 pounds. Although I didn't necessarily feel less hungry, I felt like I had more energy and I was more in control of my impulsive behavior.
Avatar f tn Elavil is to help me sleep at night. I also have chronic pain medication use daily. I have recently stopped Wellbutrin and Elavil and smoking and had either something else come along....Restless leg syndrome or I was withdrawing from the above medications. I am a wreck. Are these supposed to be stopped by weaning or instantly stopped. And did I add to the problem by stopping smoking at the same time (I went back to cigarrettes today, and feel horrible for it). I need to sleep.
Avatar n tn I just switched from sertraline to Wellbutrin XL about 4 days ago, so I do not believe the headaches are related to that. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn My psych put me on Lexapro and I was tired and having he horrible teeth clenching so he lowered it and added Wellbutrin XL 150 which helps a ton with my energy and switched the Lorazepam to Clonazepam. Now because if the clenching and headaches we have stopped the Lexapro and he gave me Lamictal to take at night. I can't sleep and have been very emotional....depressed and crying a lot. It's only been a week and I'm supposed to up the Lamictal.
Avatar f tn Can Wellbutrin XL have a different affect the second time you take it? I was on it for about a year 3 years ago. I loved it! The only side effects were dry mouth and weight loss(not a negative). About 5 months ago my doctor put me on citalopram which made me feel like a zombie and I started gaining weight so we decided to switch to the wellbutrin. I have been on the wellbutrin for about 7 weeks now and off the citalopram for a little over 1 week.
Avatar m tn It is possible that bupropion (Wellbutrin) may cause your symptoms of tremors and joint pain. Please contact your provider and pharmacist to report the adverse effects and have them confirm by conducting a complete medication review, including prescription, over-the-counter, and any dietary and herbal supplements. Some of the common side effects of bupropion are headaches (26%, compare to 23% of placebo), dry mouth (17%, compare to 7% of placebo), insomnia (11%, compare to 6% of placebo).
Avatar n tn Hello. New to this site so be patient with me. I am 35 years old and I am on wellbutrin 300mg xl for bipolar. I was on Celexa when my wife passed about 9 years ago. Felt better and stopped taking it . About a year ago became really depressed. My doctor put me on Celexa because it worked in the past. Gave me extreme headaches after being on it for a few months. Had a severe deprssive episode and was admitted to the hospital were I was diagnosed bipolar. Was put on the wellbutrin.
803381 tn?1237921077 after a few months at 450, i abruptly went down to 150. i started having brain zaps and headaches. the sweating stopped, and i started gaining weight again.
Avatar f tn When all my anxiety and panic attacks started when I was in college.. I have now been out for two years and a month ago got married... I was very close to my mother and sufferedd from some seperation anxiety throught the past 2 years but I feel god now.. I get my moments but I would like to get off of the wellbrutrin I am on 150mg. once a day and then the nerve pills as needed... What would you recommend I shoudl do...
Avatar f tn Can Wellbutrin XL have a different affect the second time you take it? I was on it for about a year 3 years ago. I loved it! The only side effects were dry mouth and weight loss(not a negative). About 5 months ago my doctor put me on citalopram which made me feel like a zombie and I started gaining weight so we decided to switch to the wellbutrin. I have been on the wellbutrin for about 7 weeks now and off the citalopram for a little over 1 week.
Avatar n tn well I have to say, after 3 tough weeks of severe nausea, lightheadedness, dizziness, headaches, and dry mouth, I had to stop Wellbutrin and will be going back to prozac. If Zoloft helped with your depression, than there is a chance Wellbutrin won't work, because the brain chemistry problem that needs to be addressed is the serotonin problem. I hope you have better luck than I did.
Avatar m tn i was taking 300 of effexor and 1 tablet of wellbutrin xl(can't check the exact dose of wellbutrin now because I'm in a cafe and my meds are at home)
1319653 tn?1274330292 Often my headaches can be so bad I want to scream, and I just want the pain to stop. I've been given medication for Major Depression Disorder. Wellbutrin XL(150mg), Pristiq(50mg), and Ralavia. I've been taking these for a month. I took Cipralex(10mg) for 2 weeks with vomiting side effects, before being switched to this new stuff. About two months ago I went to McMaster Hospital in Hamilton,ON and had a basic CT scan done.