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1756969 tn?1332440763 As far as I know, neither of these drugs causes weight gain. In fact, many people report weight loss with welbutrin. I hope this helps. good luck.
Avatar n tn I had been taking Wellbutrin SR with Paxil for three and a half months (300mg of Wellbutrin SR + 5mg of Paxil in the morning, and 150mg of Wellbutrin SR in the evening). I was prescribed 37.5 mg of Effexor to replace the Paxil. 9 months ago when the depression started, I was only taking Paxil. I was upto 40mg a day and I didn't feel that it was working as much as it should, plus many many side effects (mainly sexual and weight gain).
Avatar n tn I recently started taking Wellbutrin SR 150 mg for the treatment of moderate depression. I have tried other ADs in past; Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, Serzone and Norpramine, they either didn't work or caused sexual dysfunction. Wellbutrin was tried because of low incidence of side effects, especially reduction of sexual function. The medication was working very well. I was starting to feel definite relief of depression symptoms and still felt like having sex.
Avatar n tn I just read your comments about weight gain while taking Wellbutrin. I've been on it for a few years now for anxiety/panic problems. I take 200 mg once a day, which I'm told is a relatively low dose. My psych told me that people lose weight while on Wellbutrin. NOT ME! I've gained 50 pounds and I don't seem to be able to take it off even with diet and exercise. I started thinking it was just me. I'm sorry you've had the same experience but I'm glad to know I'm not alone.
Avatar n tn My Mom just went back on Wellbutrin SR, and she was on Paxil for years before. Since being on the Wellbutrin for 2 weeks, she already lost 7 pounds. I heard this is the skinny, happy pill.
Avatar n tn It did not seem to do the trick so about 3 weeks ago, my psychiatrist started me on 150 mgs of Wellbutrin and gradullaly reduced the amount of Lexapro by 10 mgs every 3 days and taking 10 mgs until the prescription ran out. Last week we decided to increase the Wellbutrin SR to 2, 150 mgs doses per day. In the last couple of days I have been feeling really strange and sort of sickly.
Avatar f tn I am having the same problem - I starting taking Wellbutrin SR on July 6th - I am on no other medication - and my stomach is huge! It feels very tight and uncomfortable. Before starting the Wellbutrin I had no stomach let alone the full feeling that I am having. This symptom is adding to my anxiety - I am wondering if will go away. I am taking Extra Strength Tums to see if that will help. Let me know if you have found any relief...
Avatar f tn I have generalized anxiety disorder. I tried Zoloft in 2002. Like you it muted all emotions, caused me to gain weight and I did not like it. Tried Trofinil, that didn't work either. Last July I began taking Wellbutrin SR 150 mg 2x day. For me it is the wonder drug. I feel so much better and until I began to feel better I didn't know how bad I felt. If I am not mistaken Wellbutrin was used to treat anxiety long before it became a drug used for smoking cessation.
950277 tn?1247278151 Also, Wellbutrin tend to NOT make you gain weight and does NOT affect your libido. I take 150mg in the morning and 150mg in the afternoon. It works for now.
Avatar n tn Some 28 percent of people who take this medication lose 5 pounds or more. If depression has already caused you to lose weight, and if further weight loss would be detrimental to your health, Wellbutrin may not be the best antidepressant for you.
Avatar n tn If you don't exprience the weight gain (I do know those who have lost weight on it) and all the risk factors don't seem to apply to you, it is not a bad one to try. Blood pressure it a biggie. I have very low blood pressure but my MIL (mother in law) didn't and ended up having a stroke because of it. That is now posted as one of their warnings.
Avatar n tn I have been on almost every depression pill known to man over the past 10 years and I can say the only prescriptions that did not cause me weight gain are the ones i'm currently on, which are citalopram and wellbutrin sr.
2035835 tn?1336304386 Will I gain weight or loss weight by takeing 300mg of Wellbutrin XL a day? I started loseing weight on the wellbutrin SR but he switched me to the XL because he said the SR doesn't go any higher then 200mg... What should I do???
Avatar f tn does wellbutrin sr cause tingling of the body stopped prozac on the 10th of june and on the 15th i staerted tingling all over,alwso was switched from adderall to ritalin thought it might be the ritalin so i stopped it for awile,but the tingling is bad driving me nuts.
Avatar n tn hello. my comment is in regards to celexa. i was given a 90day 20mg use for celexa, and after the third day, i had suffered all of the serious side effects. i as just released from the ER a few hours ago. please be carefull on using celexal. very powerfull stuff.
Avatar f tn I've been on wellbutrin sr. for about 4 years now, but it wasn't helping with my bipolar & depression. So I've been on many combinations with wellbutrine & nothing so far is helping me.So, my Dr. added prozac. There are a number of reasons we tryed so may diffrent meds. 1 is weight gain. 2. is not being able to sleep at night. & 3 the ups & DOWNS- mood swings & so on. I don't know what to expect?? can anyone help answer any of my questions??
Avatar n tn The sad part was that that was also the first morning I didn't feel sick to my stomach. Before taking the Wellbutrin, I had been on Celexa, but had gained weight. I had also gained weight on Zoloft before that. I have gained about 35 pounds in the past few months. Really depressing!! Have other people gained weight from Effexor XR? Starting Monday I am going to exercise and/or walk everyday so that hopefully I can lose some weight! Thanks for any information...
Avatar n tn I went through the process of going off paxil and started wellbutrin about 4 days ago. I noticed in the last two days I feel like when I walk I'm out of balance, when I talk I have a hard time remembering things. I just feel fuzzy and not normal. I had to take a loritab left from some surgery I had last year for the headache I was getting. I remember when I started paxil I didn't notice any different feelings except that I wasn't depressed.
Avatar n tn I think it's impossible to gain weight on Wellbutrin alone(don't know about the generic SR though). Otherwise I guess you could even say Amphetamine could cause weight gain(no pun intended).
Avatar n tn I have never used wellbutrin for weight loss, but I was given a script for it once to help stop smoking. I took it for about 3 months; it didn't help me stop smoking, nor did it help me lose weight. You would need to talk to your doctor about getting off it safely.
Avatar n tn I would like to take the Celexa in the evenings since it makes me drowsy and keep taking the Wellbutrin during the day since it gives me energy. The weight gain issue isn't an issue with me because I gain weight no matter what (probably has something to do with lack of exercise and lots o'food)!
Avatar f tn I understand that everyones symptoms are different and I've never really had much experience with any of the other meds you are on, however if yo are worried about weight gain, I have to suggest staying on the wellbutrin. Also having a counselor to talk to has been a great help to me in keeping me off other meds...I hope you have someone to talk to as well...I know feeling cruddy sucks, all I can say is hang in there...and I wish you the best of luck.
Avatar n tn After being prescribed other antidepressants which caused a lot of weight gain-I will not take anything else but wellbutrin. The distress that the weight gain caused is more distressing than anything else to me. It is very difficult to lose weight gained from antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs.
Avatar f tn I talked to my Dr about how I could not take the weight gain and now I am trying Wellbutrin. I am on Wellbutrin SR 150mg for a week then up to 300mg. I have only been on it for to days now. I feel pretty good on it except it is 3 am and I am typing away. I also had a heart flutter today that was a bit strange. I would love to know your experience on welbutrin. Especial if it was from a stitch from Zoloft. I hope I can loose this weight.
Avatar n tn Thank you for responding, I have been on Paxil for 7yrs and have had sexual side effects and also weight gain. I asked if I could be put on something else that doesn't have these effects. So the doctor told me to stop the paxil and replace it with the Wellbutrin. I have been on the drug for 5 days at 150 mg and have had side effects. It feel like my body is having jolts or zaps. I feel dizzy and can't move to fast because of it, I am nervous about driving as well.
Avatar n tn Now, I've decided to take birth control pills which also helps with PMDD but again I do not like the side effects with those...cancer, liver damage and weight gain. So, my question is does Wellbutrin help with PMDD?
Avatar f tn i hesitate to switch to another med for fear of weight gain and loss of sex drive, both of which would also lead to depression. i have been feeling really down. not that i was "super happy" but the "wellbutrin " did take the edge off. i had been on a few others imprine and some others i don't remember, but the wellbutrin while not making me feel super up at least made me feel normal and not like **** like most of the others i have tried. any help would be appreciated.