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Avatar f tn I think the ticker will show the actual weight for today if you post it today and the posts in-place reflect the weight when you posted it. Maybe try to repost under my post with today's weight and see if your ticker reflects today's weight. I'm going to change mine now and test mine out within this post. The new weight should read 192. My older tickers show 190. Did you know you can add your Weight Tracker Stats to your Profile Page? It's a really cool widget ...
Avatar f tn Thanks for the suggestion. Are you referring to the tickers? Only some of our trackers have tickers - currently weight, baby, pregnancy, and addiction. The tickers are embeddable in your signature when you post as well as embeddable on other sites like Blogger or MySpace. The ticker can only hold a limited amount of information and there is a lot of information in the exercise tracker. What would you like the ticker to show?
1380032 tn?1416252428 This morning I entered a new weight on my home page, but it is not reflecting on my Weight Loss Tracker page. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I've been on Med Help for some time, and have not encountered this before. And also....omg....it takes FOREVER for the Weight Loss Tracker page to load....and I do mean forever!! (This does not happen for me on any other page of this site.) Any ideas??
768754 tn?1373918737 My weight tracker summary stats supposedly appear on my home page even though my weight tracker settings are set for to be viewed by friends only. Can the settings on the stats be changed to reflect the settings on the actual tracker itself? Thanks.
Avatar f tn ve got a lot of these but it would be fantastic if you could put all your weight tracker data in one page for printing, sending or saving.
1502015 tn?1289362434 t say which tracker you wanted to add, but if you go to your profile, then click on Personalize and Customize, you can either go into Tracker Statistics and add your Weight Tracker stats, or you can choose Sleep Tracker, and add that one by clicking the + sign next to them. If it's another tracker you'd like to add, and those instructions don't help, please let me know.
1244257 tn?1270537562 nurisu, lo siento mucho que todavía no puede poner comentarios en ninguno de los trackers -- estoy de acuerdo que es muy inconveniente y frustrante. Veo que ha introducido datos en su "ovulation tracker" recientemente - está funcionando para usted ahora? Parece que no ha tenido capaz de poner comentarios en su "weight tracker" desde Diciembre - es eso correcto? Si es así, se puede ver todo lo que escribió en su "journal widget" aquí: http://www.medhelp.
1163968 tn?1263772789 I've searched everywhere in the forums. The asthma tracker was automatically on my 'manage health' widget on my home page. How do I get rid of it?
Avatar n tn This looks similar to what I just posted about titled "Google Weight Tracker Gadget not big enough." I didn't see where the search was before posting. Sorry about that. I was playing with the gadget, and for whatever reason, when the chart is rendered, it's pushing everything else down so I can't see it. Is there a way to dynamically size the gadget?
570213 tn?1220886977 The only tracker that currently allows members to input data while not on the MedHelp site is the weight tracker. There is an igoogle gadget for the MedHelp weight tracker. We'll be exploring other methods of data input and this is a good suggestion. We'll add it to our list of requested features and let you know when it's available. If other members are also looking for this functionality, please add a comment.
250155 tn?1485295939 When you're on Nolan's page, click the Page Settings button (it looks like gears) in the upper right corner. Then click Settings and Privacy and you can change the name of the page there. While you're in Settings, be sure to check out the new Recommended Applications for your Baby Page, including Sleep Tracker widget, Height & Weight Percentile Charts, and Baby Immunizations. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Avatar f tn When you refer to being able to track water, you can already do this with the MedHelp Water Tracker. You can add the Water Tracker or you can just do a Quick Add from your Manage My Health widget on your home page. Just hover over the water tab and tell us how many glasses of water you drank today. You don't have to track your water intake your food tracker! FurballsMom - What browser do you use? We know that some browsers have more issues than others.
377493 tn?1356502149 HI there. I want to close off my pregnancy tracker (it now says I have been pregnant 61 weeks..lol), but would like to still be able to reference it if I want to, so I do not want to delete it. Can you help me out please? I am sure there is a way to do this, but can't seem to figure it out. Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn Fingerprinted is correct. BMI is automatically calculated in the tracker if you've entered your height into the tracker setup. If you're experiencing errors with the tracker, please submit the errors to Customer Support through the Contact Us form. You can find a link to the form at the bottom of every page.
442658 tn?1563386491 I deleted my profile widget by mistake. Can I get it back? thanks...
Avatar m tn I have looked at the tracker and do not see an obvious link to add notes. I will pass this question along so we can get an answer for you.
Avatar f tn That made me feel so much better b.c I started worrying I gained too much. I think the weight tracker on here is a bunch of b.s. and makes us worry too much!!
172023 tn?1334672284 I see that we can track points on the weight tracker. Can it also be added to the food tracker so that where we enter fat, calories, etc. there could be a blank for points? That would be awesome!!
Panda Weight Tracker, Excerise Tracker, etc.
455058 tn?1310567651 That feature has been available since we launched trackers. If you go to Tracker Settings for that specific tracker, you should see a drop-down for "Allow Tracker to be seen by". If you choose "Only My Friends", then only your friends should be able to view your tracker. Is that what you tried to do and it didn't work?
1020037 tn?1315661676 How do I reset my weight loss tracker to update my new goal weight???