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Avatar m tn I hadn't thought about doing that because I can go back as far as I need to on my tracker. Did you know that if you look at the very top of your weight tracker, there is a thin row that says "2009" then the months; then 2010 and the months. You've only been a member since Feb 2010, so your data only goes back that far. If you click on Feb 2010, your data for that month will show up, then click on Mar 2010 and it will bring up the data for that, and so on.........
Avatar f tn You can keep track of your blood count levels on the Complete Blood Count tracker and you can keep track of your viral loads as well as your AST, ALT, Bilirubin, and Albumin on your Hepatitis C tracker. There is a place on those thrackers towards the bottom where you can also put in side effects of treatment. To get to the trackers hover over "My Med Help." Then click on "Trackers." This should take you to the tracker page.
1285110 tn?1420147378 Did anyone else loose their tracker info for Sunday when Med Help did the lst update last night?
Avatar f tn It would be great to be able to download tracker info to Excel. Would help to see meal averages in Diabetes tracker (like how often do I go below XX before dinner?
Avatar f tn My glucometer allows me to download the past 500 glucose tests I've taken to an excel document. Can I, now or in future, import that information directly to my diabetes tracker so I can have a broader data stream to better understand my stats?
Avatar m tn Go to Microsoft Templates. In the search box there, just type in "blood sugar" and a bunch of spreadsheets, trackers, and charts will pop up. I found several good one's there and have been using ever since. But the one here at this site works ok too. I don't access my internet all the time so its handy to have it on a spreadsheet for me.
2161923 tn?1340008283 I noticed a question posted over 2 years ago about downloading personal tracker info into Excel and you said it was coming. Any progress? This a great site but I want to run some correlations with sleep, mood, pain, etc.
118225 tn?1278654940 I pop; on this community from time to time and there are SO MANY requests for trackers...some have merit, some not so much, but maybe the way to please everyone is if you make a tracker where a person can inpuit whatever it is they want to track and set it up themselves with the basic tracker template? I don't even know if it possible but thought if it were possible, it might be worth doing!!!
Avatar m tn Hi, dmedh, Right now, we're unable to generate reports for you, unfortunately. :( In the meantime, you can email your tracker info to yourself by choosing the "Action" link at the top of your tracker, and then choosing "Email this". You can also print copies of the tracker using the same action link. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I made my own using an Excel spreadsheet. Takes some time to set up, but it’s more thorough and accurate than anything I could find online.
Avatar f tn I was so out of it while on tx I really needed it. I made an excel sheet with formulas so all I had to do was add a date and I made a 12 month calendar using a template and added a column to each month and typed in the weeks (ex. wk 1, wk 2, etc.until I reach 48). I gave a copy to my doctor which he kept in my file. Here is a link for the template if you choose to use it. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/CT010358990.
691935 tn?1421027090 One is a 12 month 8/12 x 11 calendar with an extra column for the week # - I can see this calendar in a glance. The other is a small, simple excel spread sheet that I entered the start date and based on the current date, it calculates what wk I'm in, how many wks and days left to go, and the current week I in.
168348 tn?1379357075 I use the tracker. It is very benefial in many ways. I tend to forget things so that helps me to keep track..... Could someone tell me how we can show this to the dr? I guess print it out? And if so, some hints, as I wouldn't want to take a pink copy into the dr. Thanks. It is a big help.
1475202 tn?1536270977 Thank you viaduk and Welcome to the "Cirrhosis of the Liver" community! The program I used was Microsoft Excel. It can be a pretty extensive program and to become familiar with it training may be required. MedHelp offers several different trackers that I have heard others remark that they work very effectively. Take a look at the "complete blood count" tracker and see if it fits your needs. You will have the option to make this tracker public or private whatever you perfer.
Avatar f tn When you are entering your info for your elliptical, are you changing the numbers? When I entered your exact info (time, speed, etc), it showed I burned 230 calories, and yours says 126. It's not a huge difference, but I also showed that I did 3.93 mph, and yours shows 4. Is this data the tracker is calculating for you, or are you entering your own? If you are entering your own, then it seems that you've already figured out how to change the calories, correct?
1325691 tn?1274843087 Many aspects on each tracker now sync. For example, if you have a headache, and enter that on one tracker, the system enters the headache on all other applicable trackers that you use. I can generate a CSV file with data from your trackers if you'd like. It gets emailed to the email address you used when you signed up. Just let me know if you'd like that at any time.
Avatar f tn Fingerprinted is correct. BMI is automatically calculated in the tracker if you've entered your height into the tracker setup. If you're experiencing errors with the tracker, please submit the errors to Customer Support through the Contact Us form. You can find a link to the form at the bottom of every page.
Avatar m tn I have looked at the tracker and do not see an obvious link to add notes. I will pass this question along so we can get an answer for you.
Avatar f tn That made me feel so much better b.c I started worrying I gained too much. I think the weight tracker on here is a bunch of b.s. and makes us worry too much!!
Avatar f tn ve got a lot of these but it would be fantastic if you could put all your weight tracker data in one page for printing, sending or saving.
172023 tn?1334672284 I see that we can track points on the weight tracker. Can it also be added to the food tracker so that where we enter fat, calories, etc. there could be a blank for points? That would be awesome!!
Panda Weight Tracker, Excerise Tracker, etc.
455058 tn?1310567651 That feature has been available since we launched trackers. If you go to Tracker Settings for that specific tracker, you should see a drop-down for "Allow Tracker to be seen by". If you choose "Only My Friends", then only your friends should be able to view your tracker. Is that what you tried to do and it didn't work?