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Avatar f tn Erica - chillin and potty training 7preg3b - chillin and starting a new job natalie910 - one AF down, one more to go (you'll be an expert tracker soon) sakers/Sheena - in all of our prayers ((((BIG HUGS)))) Dmarie/Dana - waiting for first AF - Lori is sending her your way Buns in the Oven Mapes/Melissa - 25W - boy oh boy kc1021 - 22W - our FIRST girl!!
465737 tn?1315758522 Has anyone gained any weight, yet? I gained 3 lbs and haven't lost them, yet. The od thing is that I lost 3 lbs after the DET/IVF then, I gained them bck. I can't get rid of them. Hmmm? Also, my (pardon TMI) stools have been green-ish! They're either light/drk. Ugh! It could be the pre-natals since I began them the day b4 DET/IVF. Boy, those progesterone booty-shots hurt!
Avatar n tn My breast are sore, I have gained a ton of weight, I crave sweets, I go to the restroom every 5 to 10 minutes...What do you think?