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570213 tn?1220886977 The only tracker that currently allows members to input data while not on the MedHelp site is the weight tracker. There is an igoogle gadget for the MedHelp weight tracker. We'll be exploring other methods of data input and this is a good suggestion. We'll add it to our list of requested features and let you know when it's available. If other members are also looking for this functionality, please add a comment.
5747555 tn?1408727657 Just done - I sent the data from the app (the wifi God willing). The 180 ONLY shows up on the new weight tracker (which, ok, I don't like for variety of other reasons).
5747555 tn?1408727657 When I started using the tracker and I logged in each morning, the weight shown was the one from the day before. In the last month or so, it always resets to the initial weight. Also, the calorie budget for day keeps dropping - as though the tracker were assuming I'd lost no weight and was recalculating to make the goal date. Do I need to reset something?
11513017 tn?1425723993 Just ignore it. I hate the weight tracker on this app just for that reason, it's never a good idea to tell a pregnant lady she's had "excessive weight gain"... Ugh. But just ignore it and so long as your doctor isn't concerned I wouldn't worry.
216278 tn?1308861082 t update my pregnancy tracker anymore, except for weight once-in-a-while. Today, when I tried to enter my weight, it says "This tracker is closed." Any thoughts??
1446218 tn?1333104746 I have just downloaded the mobile "My Diary" app. How do I add my exercise tracker? I have a menstral and a water tracker on there that I would like to remove and just have access to the foo d, weight and exercise trackers I have on the full site. Is this possible? Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn Anyone else's app lose all of the weight tracking? My whole weight tracking and symptoms tracker lost the data when I refreshed the app.
9498641 tn?1411576331 I have gained 60lb in 34 weeks but I also had an eating disorder when I became pregnant so I was encouraged to eat and gain as much as I could. I just use the app weight tracker simply to keep an eye on my weight so I can tell my doctor what I weighed at my last appt. I don't bother looking at the "excessive" part anymore. Don't worry, your doctor will tell you if you have anything to be worried about.
5034082 tn?1396568118 Yes!! I've also been "above normal range" since the beginning, which freaked me out, but every single other pregnancy weight tracker I consulted (including my doctor) said I'm totally normal and at a perfect weight the whole time. It's definitely annoying, though, the guidelines this app uses for healthy weights. Makes me wonder if it's a mistake in the coding or something.
Avatar f tn now im wanting to start loosing all my baby fat. I never lost all the weight with my 1st but now i know Im done having kids so the weights gotta go(: I don't know how to use this app yet lol as I've only had it for 5mins. How do i go back in to reset how much weight i wanna loose? Anyways hi?
463897 tn?1468013750 FREE My Diet Diary - Calorie Counter iPhone app My Diet Diary calorie counter is the ideal weight loss app to help you shed those unwanted pounds for good! Track your food, exercise, weight, water consumption and more to see at any given time whether you are on track to lose weight, gain weight or stay the same, so that you can make the right choices to reach your goal. What makes My Diet Diary different from other weight loss apps?
Avatar f tn ALSO looking for "tracker" success stories. If you've been using a weight loss tracker or a cycle tracker in order to get pregnant and you have had SUCCESS please write in as well.
Avatar n tn I need a feed/medicine/weight tracker app for android. Which are good?
1755250 tn?1312430204 From the trackers you have on your page, I'm guessing you're using the My Diet Diary app on the iPad. After adding your food and/or exercise and/or weight data to the app, click "Settings" and then choose "sync/backup". Then click the Sync button to update your food, exercise and weight trackers on your profile page. If you add the data to your page here, just click the sync button on your iPad app to show the same data there. Hope this helps!
1672826 tn?1356795807 s at Medhelp help those of us, and the greater audience, get access to a homepage gadget for the weight tracker? The iGoogle page currently offers the MedHelp Weight Tracker gadget and it helps many of maintain a daily record of our weight. But iGoogle is being discontinued this month and we all have to more our home pages. The most common homepage replacements do not yet offer the MedHelp Weight Tracker or MedHelp Food Diary Gadget.
Avatar f tn Kim, you can't set anything on here, except a "goal weight". You have to track your caloric intake, which you can then post to the weight tracker, and keep track of it in that manner.
Avatar f tn For those of you looking to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain your weight, My Diet Diary can help you reach your weight goals by tracking food, weight, exercise, and water, all in one neat little app. To check out the app, or to download it, go to: https://market.android.com/details?id=org.medhelp.mydiet&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsIm9yZy5tZWRoZWxwLm15ZGlldCJd Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
1900462 tn?1352775302 Alright so I'm almost 5weeks pregnant and I've already gained 10 POUNDS! I can't believe it. My pregnancy tracker says that my weight is high for where I'm at in my pregnancy. Although when my mom had her first child (me) she gained 70+lbs! So maybe its normal for me to be gaining so much weight? But the weird thing is that before I found out that I'm pregnant I wasn't eating unhealthy and didn't notice weight gain.
Avatar f tn yeah the weight tracker on this app is way off. im at 33 wks 5 days and have gained 25lbs which they say is excessive but even if i gain a pound a week from here on out which i should im still under the recommended 35 lbs they say you should gain. i think the app max weight gain is set to the minimum you should be gaining per week which should be remedied. you seem right on track to me. i started at 160 5'6 and think i was at about 175 by 22 wks.
776572 tn?1360290739 I don't have the weight tracker (thank goodness lol) but I've kind of reached the point where I'm burying my head in the sand about this issue. I usually walk 2-3 miles several times a week, and I'm eating light and healthy things most of the day, and I'm gaining more than women who are happily pigging out on fast food and not exercising at all.
Avatar f tn I do sometimes have a little pain in my stomach there is no cramps eather and some pain in my lower back and I'm not sick eather.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of a good calorie/fitness tracker app specialized for pregnancy?
1752720 tn?1322231098 With regard to tracking nutrients try the MyFitness Planner, I recently found this and really like it. There is an app called happy pregnancy that I like as well. I would focus on weight gain versus nutrients. IF you are gaining appropriate weight and eating a balanced diet you are likely getting the nutrients you need. There is a worksheet for the food groups that helps you keep track so you can identify those groups you are lacking.