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786452 tn?1237475006 ), I started on a journey about 2 1/2 years ago that lead to a 70+ pound weight-loss. Also, we are about the same age - so it CAN be done. Okay - are you ready for what you can do to speed up your metabolism??? You're already doing it: exercise! Walking is great! Plus, walking, like no other exercise, really whittles your hips and waist! If you can, try to add 2 days of strength-training. I fought this, but once I did it, WOW! Talk about a metabolism-boost! It's true.
332156 tn?1266846739 Anyone try the ALLI weight loss pill thats FDA approved? Can anyone tell me how they liked it?
Avatar n tn I see it advertised for weight-loss and cholesteral (sp?) reduction. Thinking of my husband. Happy new year to all.