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Avatar f tn You should talk to your parents/guardian about this and make sure they are on board with any weight loss program you decide to start. The first thing you have to determine is if you "really" need to lose weight. You'll also have to make sure you parent's/guardian are willing to provide healthful foods for you to eat at mealtimes and for snacks.
Avatar f tn What's the risk of having a high risk pregnancy for teen moms? I'm seriously scared of preterm labor.
Avatar f tn Ask ur Dr about his weight. My Dr told me it's not until 38 weeks that they can usually have a really good idea unless you have an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn The leaner a 14-year-old becomes, the more calories he or she burns daily, making weight loss easier, especially around the stomach. More fresh vegetables and reduce eating processed snack foods such as chips, snack mixes, cereal bars and sweets. Try not to eat fried foods! Sandwiches on whole grain bread filled with lean meats, low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, oatmeal, whole-grain cereal, low-fat cheese and cut-up veggies are good.
Avatar n tn Its normal as long you having loss to much to where baby is not getting enough what it needs from you to grow continue taking your vitamins good lucj k to you and I pray for you to have a healthy baby and pregnancy
Avatar n tn You have lost a dangerous amount of weight. Go to a different Doc. I have been on Methadone for 18 months am in day 5 of being clean. Good luck.
10033740 tn?1458081962 Ok thanx Ely3
Avatar f tn 34wks lost 3 lbs and 2wks, Anyone experiencing weight loss towards the end? I try to eat, but I just can't eat as much, there is no room left I get full easy!
Avatar f tn Has anyone else expirenced this. I take my prenatal vitamins and i eat regularly. I feel like im getting bigger but my weight is dropping?
1126695 tn?1261597496 http://www.mayoclinic.
1458590 tn?1333403812 ) Try not to look at your weight loss goal of 40 pounds, as that seems like a mountain....maybe aim for 6 pounds this month, and maybe 4-5 pounds a month thereafter. This may mean it takes a while to reach your main goal but the smaller goals will feel more achievable! Good luck!
10025015 tn?1422498264 Why is my doctor so worried about me losing weight instead of gaining it? Before pregnancy i was 210, and today at my 12 week appointment i dropped to 198. I'm actually happy about the loss but i know i'm supposed to gain weight instead but it's just being sick & being nauseaded!
2032869 tn?1333989114 I've a bit of a loss of appetite for the past 2 days but I've been eating healthy foods. My appetite seems to be picking back up though. I've had a bit of a cold due to the change in weather and also a little bit of stress which I calmed down immediately so I wouldn't affected the baby which he's doing fine. I will be sure to mention it at my appointment. I know at my WIC appointment last week they suggested I needed to gain more weight.
Avatar f tn I promise you your completely fine. I'm 19 weeks haven't gained any weight. Lost weight and the baby is perfect. It didn't matter how tall or how much you weight as long as baby measures up during ultrasound it's perfectly fine.
Avatar f tn Hi im 13 weeks and couple days I lost a total of 30 pounds already I was wondering has anyone else lost a lot of weight? I have realky bad all day sickness its impossible for me to eat ir drink everytime I take my prenatal I have to spit it out ut gets me so nauseous. I do force myself to drink ensure plus or nutrament because it has lots of protein vitamins etc. But everything else I try to eat or drink that shouls help makes me more sick. Well that's my story.
Avatar n tn Hair loss is actually reasonably common after weight loss surgery, believed to be related to fewer calories taken in and calories being directed toward the organ systems that need them. Hair unfortunately loses out. The exact cause is not entirely understood, and so the treatment is a bit more difficult to determine. Most doctors agree that it tends to be temporary and improves once the body re-equilibrates after the initial period of significant weight loss has ended.
Avatar f tn I lost 30 lbs with my first pregnancy (son) and ate all the time.I just cut out most cokes/ caffiene. I weighed 195 and got down to 164. My doc never blinked an eye, i was more worried than they were. They said if i wanted to gain weight to drink a milk shake every night before i went to bed, i did and i still lost weight lol. But they werent concerned. I gained 60 with my second pregnancy (daughter) and never ate, or when i did i threw it up 5 minutes later.
7732297 tn?1397446837 I know that I ate smaller portions and healthier when I got pregnant the change in my diet was good for my baby and did cause Me to lose weight since I stopped eating junk and didn't eat as much or often. You will be fine. For your sake make sure you eat healthy foods with vitamins and lots of water. As long as you eat well you shouldn't be worrying.