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Avatar f tn Are there any good supplements out there to aid in weight loss .
Avatar m tn 5 Weight Loss Supplements That Actually Work Distracting yourself with food isn’t the answer. Stressful times call for sensible action and fattening up is not sensible because it leads to heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Your body will slowly fall apart. Is that the example you want to set for your son? You are going to have to beat the cravings for sweets (and food in general).
2192208 tn?1346529432 I wish I could find a single or just a few supplements for thyroid support, as I really get tired of taking my handfuls of pills. There are some that I try never to skip, and when I'm neglectful I notice the difference. Have you been tested for Vit D and Vit B12 ? I was extremely deficient, in fact was diagnosed with pernicious anemia before I was diagnosed hypo, so I really notice if I skip those two, energy-wise.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if anyone had any experience with weight loss supplements from stores like Gnc or the vitamin shoppe. I just need something to get me started. My doctor prescribed me an amphetamine medication but I decided not to take it because I don't like to take narcotic meds. Any experience and feedback is welcomed.
16243262 tn?1446409041 Since then, it has been a battle with traveling and work trips, but I have managed to maintain with in a pound of my Jan weight loss...ok. I got my labs back the other day and my cholesterol isn't great. Time to keep the weight loss journey heading forward, back on the low carb wagon and trying to at least walk 30-60 minutes per day. I also started taking supplements: Omega 3, Vit D/K2, Probiotics, Multi Vitamin, and Magnesium. I have also started taking 10g of soluble fiber per day.
Business woman2 I work with many patients with the same situation and the same question, and most of them have tried various supplements on the market. The result is very consistent, supplements may work for the short run, but the weight typically comes back. (and usually a bit more). This typically happens because supplements do not change the behavior and patterns that led to weight gain in the first place.
Avatar f tn I have been on a gluten free ;high protein weight loss regimen for a year including adipex and have not lost weight. I do not get a lot of sleep and have a busy social life. Please provide tips on emergency health foods and supplements to use while on the go which is most of the week.
Avatar m tn John's Wort that they studied not only failed to contain the crucial ingredient, it was bolstered with Alexandrian senna, which is a powerful laxative. Before taking supplements, which are regulated much more leniently than regular drugs, check to confirm they contain what they say, said Roxanne Sukol, MD, medical director of Cleveland Clinic's Wellness Enterprise. Dr. Sukol recommends consumerlabs.com, which is the source she uses to double-check supplements.
Avatar f tn Extreme fatigue, sleeps a lot but up several times a day for short periods and then can drive, work and function. How can I stop this weight loss. Doctor says just eat more.
Avatar f tn Instead of using all these synthetic weight loss pills why dont you try some natural supplements which are more effective and wont cause any dangerous effects on you.
Avatar n tn The most important one to me has been my weight loss. Since the beginning, 03/09, I've lost 60 lbs and am still loosing. My appetite has been little to none, but I am attempting to change that. Although I still don't desire food, I force myself to eat, but need help trying to figure out what I should eat that will stay in my system longer and give me the nutrients I need to help me stay strong.
Avatar n tn proper exercise as you can digest your food. See weight loss is not a fly by night process. It takes time. common weight loss mistakes are as follows: (1) you have to fix your diet plan according to you(becuase u r obese) not according to a average person. this thing is often ignored by most of the people. because they follow a diet plan that is suitable for an average healthy man.
Avatar f tn Green tea is one of the few supplements with reasonably good evidence to support an association with weight loss, although studies suggest that you might need to drink four cups a day to gain a significant benefit. Fruits and vegetables - sounds obvious, but it works. If you increase your intake of fresh produce, you will eat less sugar, less processed food, and less salt. Walk! Walking is a fantastic exercise, regardless of whether you want to lose weight or maintain weight loss.
Avatar m tn While I tried a few weight loss supplements, I never found one that actually worked, no matter how faithfully I used it. I find that optimizing my thyroid hormone levels, eating healthy foods in the right portions and getting the right amount of exercise eliminates the need for weight loss supplements.
Avatar n tn All of the various collagen supplements I've found report no side effects. They don't really guarantee rapid weight loss, but do claim many health benefits, which may include loss of inches due to lean muscle building, a process in which the supplement is supposed to assist. I don't want to take anything dangerous like Ephedra or Steroids, but I can't find any side effects of these collagen supplement products. Are they relatively harmless to try? i.e.
Avatar n tn It is always best to discuss these changes before making them. You definitely however should work on a weight loss plan as this alone can possibly stop the need for any medication to manage your blood sugars. For many people weight loss of about 7-10% of their body weight does the trick. So also speak to your doc about starting a serious weight loss plan. This has great research data behind it, much better than any herbal medications. Take care.
Avatar m tn I belief same quick fix weight loss and artificial supplements are being used in T.V industry Hollywood for sure and somewhat in Bollywood besides good diet and exercise routines. Yes, frame size does make some difference. I have seen students at school that are so thinner than me and they have gained lean physique. I just checked my frame size and unfortunately is small frame size. Darn it, but its not like scrawny.
Avatar n tn What is her physicians response to her weight loss? Morphine itself, does not cause weight loss. It is more likely that the other medicines she may be taking in conjunction with the morphine may be the culprit. I would discuss your concerns with her prescribing physician. With the new HIPPA laws her physician will not be able to talk with you without her permission. However you may offer him/her information on your mother's condition.
Avatar n tn I live in Charleston, SC, and there is a weight loss clinic here run by a local medical university. I'm on a fixed income, and, not only would I have the cost of going to this clinic, but the cost of transportation round-trip for each visit, since I can't see to drive. I've made diet changes, no fried foods, baked chicken/fish, steamed green vegies, etc. I also do cardio on a treadmill 5 days a week, but I'm losing no weight. My thyroid is normal.
Avatar m tn Aside from that, those who lose weight with aids like that, are much more likely to gain back the weight, once the weight loss aid is stopped, and none of them are intended for continuous/indefinite use. It's much safer to lose weight by implementing a healthy diet with moderate exercise, losing approx 1-2 pounds/week; you'll be much more likely to keep off the weight, by making lifestyle changes vs a "diet".
Avatar n tn 4), however, for the past sometim she has been loosing weight. All the research that I have done indicates Hypothyrodism with weight GAIN. Any thougths on this ?
Avatar n tn Medical marijuana is often recommended as an appetitite/weight stimulate for those on treatment. There is also another drug, Megace,, but the weight gain is almost entirely fat, but it is an option. You can also try caloric dense weight-gain products like Ensure and Prosure. You could also add some ice cream to the prosure or Ensure if she can tolerate.
1268448 tn?1270369116 I'm 5 ft 9 about 67 kgs 21yr old female, i train 5 days a week and i am a uni student and work part time as a receptionist. I train 2 weight days, 2 -4 HIIT/crossfit days. My heart rate is about 45-55 and bp is 100/70. I have managed to drop to 66 kgs but i fluctuate so much. to even about 69 kgs. I am still trying to lose weight. (everyone says i don't have to ) but i want to. I want to drop body fat and i have been like this for about 2 months. I do suffer from PCOS.
Avatar m tn 100 lbs down and can't get an erection. I'm really at a loss. I've been to a doctor. She dismissed my concerns as just stress, but as mentioned before I've been feeling pretty good lately. I'm going to go back and see another doctor soon but I dont want to be dismissed as just stressed again. I really think there's an underlying condition here, but don't know what could be causing my problem.
Avatar n tn proper exercise as you can digest your food. See weight loss is not a fly by night process. It takes time. common weight loss mistakes are as follows: (1) you have to fix your diet plan according to you(becuase u r obese) not according to a average person. this thing is often ignored by most of the people. because they follow a diet plan that is suitable for an average healthy man.