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Avatar f tn I have been reading a lot of really horrible things about birth control and I am trying to find out how safe it really is. I am not taking it for the birth control aspect, but for pmdd and acne. I am curious about the effect of decreased sex drive- it's important to me and my relationship, and wondering if EVERYONE has this side effect because of the effects on testosterone and is this a lasting effect even if I were to stop taking it.
Avatar f tn i was going to give it a try untill i found it that it makes you extremely fertile....so does anyone know of any other weight loss supplements? the only other one i kno of is Lipotropic..also could tell me if it comes in a pill or liquid form?
Avatar n tn anyway i was wondering if anybody has gone through this or even if anybody has some weight-loss advice, i would really appriciate it.
Avatar f tn I actually didn't realize there was so much testing until I saw this forum yesterday. Was wondering, has anyone else experienced extreme weight loss (aka wasting syndrome or cachexia) with autonomic dysfunction? Perhaps due to poor digestion/absorption? I don't have any of the known disorders for wasting plus I eat plenty of densely nutritious foods, smoothies, etc.
Avatar f tn I bought CLA 80 femme supplements because since I have been on syntheoid, have gained back all the weight I lost ( close to 50 pounds). Would this supplement interfere with my prescriptions, and if so, what do you recommend for weight loss? Thanks so much.
Avatar n tn I thought these 2 meds were known to be weight neutral or cause weight loss. My doctor knows my concern about the weight issue as this is something I have never fought to maintain while everything else in life seems to be a fight. If I stopped taking all meds, would I lose the weight and go back to my normal size. I do lack motivation that's for sure! I think or say I will start a program and don't.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if any one has used this drug to assist weight loss/sugar control and then been able to control blood sugar levels without the drug? Once you start, is it forever? I have never posted to a site like this,hope I get a response.
Avatar n tn It should take about 2 months to get to that dosage but I'm getting kinda excited hearing about the benefit of weight loss especially since it was weight loss pills (metabolife and xenedrine) that caused me to find out that I was epileptic in the first place! The doctor told me that i might get tingling in my fingers and i might feel a little dopy but happy dopy he described it as, so I figure i can deal with that! If I start losing weight at a rapid pace i'll definitely post again!
Avatar f tn 99 at Ikea, good deal!) so I hopped on it and I have lost over 20lbs. I was never trying to lose weight and this loss has come upon in the last 6 months. I'm not excercising any more then before can the tramadol just do that? Is it from being up all night? Is this a really bad sign or normal?
Avatar n tn I started LoEstrin (JunelFe 1/20) last month to help regulate my periods, control acne and hormone fluctuations, and for birth control. Just before I started the pills I was diagnosed with high cholesterol (254 total; HDL 49, LDL 188, Triglycerides 86) and have since read that The Pill causes your cholesterol to rise. I am on a lowfat diet and exercise weight loss program and do not smoke. I am taking garlic supplements to try to help lower my count also.
Avatar m tn Although my dermatologist says there is no connection between the two, I blame the birth control. It has now been about 4 months since I stopped birth control and my health along with the symptoms only seem to get worse. I was extremely healthy prior to switching birth control... Somebody help me. I feel horrible. I feel like a 75 year old woman going through menopause and I'm only 21. I can't keep living like this!!!!
Avatar n tn Finally this fall I focused on losing the weight. The first 2 things I noticed were how out of control the carb cravings were, and how difficult it was to develop stamina as I began to exercise regularly. Friends and a nutritionist told me those were because I am depressed and getting old (38). Okay, so I pushed myself harder in both areas. 4-5 times a week at the gym, each time doing 45 minutes of stairmaster and then 30 minutes of weight training each day.
Avatar n tn I read on other posts involving women with somewhat different symptoms after depo, that they took a high dose birth control pill and after about 6 months they got their periods back. Would it be worth suggesting to my doctor?
Avatar n tn It seems though that the side effects are just as bad if not worse then my symptoms. My Dr. said birth control has never been proven to cause weight gain? I recently just lost a lot of weight and after my hard work I'd hate to put it back on. Is it that the pill increases appitite or do you just gain? Idk, it seems like everyone's body is different so I will try and see.
Avatar f tn I lost 20 lbs on birth control pills and was nervous and sick on a daily basis. I went off birth control 5 years ago and have been fine since then. Good riddens to birth control pills.....I now have an IUD and have gained my weight back. I had no clue what was wrong with me at the time, but looking back I had a HUGE problem. Good luck to all of you. My advice is get out while you still can. I caused alot of bodily harm while on birth control.
1498386 tn?1403031253 I hit my highest weight ever and had tried everything to lose weight. My doctor put me on birth control to regulate my periods which has helped quite a bit. I know this is counter-productive if you are trying to get pregnant, which is not something I have had to deal with yet. I also found out, as a separate issue, that I have a gluten intolerance. Between the birth control and being on a gluten free diet, I have lost 45 pounds over the last 8 months.
Avatar n tn I believe that surgeon is totally wrong on the statement is written here, for the simple fact that the shots are only for boosting the energy level on a individual and increasing the metabolism is used accompany with other supplements to loss weight and is only $5 per shot anywhere you go to and trust me it works because I lost 90 pounds on a weight management program with it.
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Avatar n tn I was experiencing sudden hair loss after being on birth control pills for 7 years. Blood work was all good, and no unusual stress had occurred. My dermatologist, a female, said that she has found that discontinuing the pill will often slow or stop the hair loss. The condition is called "telogen effluvium". If there is some "shock to the system", as many as 70% of the scalp hairs are then shed in large numbers about 2 months after the "shock".
Avatar n tn My GP prescribed it because firstly I lost alot of weight about two years ago+havn't had a regular period since the weight loss,even though I'm at a healthy weight now. I was on one pill before but was severly bloated from it,tender breasts ect...I'v a really sensative body!I'm 19+still have really bad acne!
Avatar f tn Do you know exactly why you had the gallbladder removal? Do you know that your unintentional weight loss may have contributed to your SMA syndrome or even caused it? Your low weight is of concern. Low fat, low muscle mass, low nutritional intake leading to nutritional, hormonal and neurotransmitter deficiencies. Are you on any supplements at present? One of the imbalances leading to Endometriosis is Estrogen Dominance (over progesterone).
Avatar f tn It is now also used to treat inherited hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), the most common cause of hair loss, as well as for other causes of hair loss. How Well It Works Minoxidil slows hair loss and grows new hair. In men, the 5% solution appears to be more effective than the 2% solution, but it costs more and may have more side effects.1 Some people who take minoxidil only grow hair that is thin and wispy or similar to peach fuzz.
Avatar n tn nausea or indigestion and vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, flatulence, anorexia, weight loss, ascites (the accumulation of serous fluids in the peritoneal cavity), light-colored stools, weakness or chronic dyspepsia, dull, aching abdominal pain, varicosities, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, other internal and external bleeding, easy bruising, extreme dryness of skin, and spider angiomas. Psychotic mental changes such as: extreme paranoia can occur in cases of advanced cirrhosis.
Avatar f tn Yesterday (Wednesday) I started taking Green Tea Extract capsules to see if they help with weight loss (planned on giving this a shot for about a month). I took one 315 mg capsule at each meal of the day, for a total of 945 mg. That is a lot of Green Tea Extract... I read online that drinking green tea can jump start your period. All day yesterday (Wednesday) I felt as though I was going to start my period soon (even though I was supposed to for a few more days).
208164 tn?1189759432 I do plan to breastfeed, however, I'd like to take dietary supplements to help me lose weight. Has anyone taken any while breastfeeding, if so, what have you taken? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I agree with you about it is all about hormone adjustment. I had that experience when taking the birth control pill. When on the right one my hair stopped falling after 3 to 5 months after starting it. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet on my hypo meds.