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645800 tn?1466864555 That flight simulator would have likely caused those sympotms for me. I realize it's something you've done before without problem. Maybe something made today different.
Avatar m tn I stopped regularly exercising around when this started back in January or February, but I do go on walks a lot to help. So, throughout my journey of weight loss and health checks, this is one thing that has stubbornly remained. The only variable that I don't know about is my electrolyte level. I've been taking the proton pump inhibitor(omeprazole) for a long number of years and I know those can drain your magnesium reserve.
Avatar n tn tell your dh that if he agrees to wear one of those pg tummy simulator things around 24/7 for an entire week you'll look intop holding him in until the 29th. men wouldn't last a day with all that weight hanging off the front of them.
Avatar f tn And recently I have been having some real bad issues as such,,,,Metal taste 24/7,Nausea,Losing Weight,loss of appetite,Fatigue,Sleepy,every thing is sticking to me skin,ETC....