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Avatar f tn This cycle will backfire and cause the body to store fat. There are alot of pills out there that will bring short term weight loss. The challenge is not so much losing the weight but keeping it off. Only serious lifestyle changes that include a balanced diet and exercise will help you to effectively manage your weight. Nobody wants to hear that but it's true. I suggest mutual support groups and counselling to help you explore the reasons why you over eat.
Avatar n tn Diet pills are a short term solution and once you come off the pills, your weight will bounce back. It would be even worse if the pills come with side effects such as purging, unsteady heart rate, excessive sweating and worse, ruin your metabolism indirectly. Include more endurance training in your exercise regime and make it high intensity and more than 30 minutes. Watch your calories, choose healthy foods, reduce your carbs (don't cut it off), and watch the weight slide off 2-5lbs a week.
Avatar n tn Congratulations on adopting a work out regime. You need to remember that muscle weighs more than fat. The mass of a # of fat is larger than the mass of muscle. You are probably building the muscle, which is good, and therefore not losing the weight on the scale. How are your clothes fitting? Are you noticing any difference? Congratulations & Good Luck!
Avatar f tn There are three terms that you have to understand in order to take control over your weight, and they are: Fat, Fiber and Carbohydrates. Fat is pretty straight forward. Fiber is anything that grows out of the ground... mainly fruits, veggies, nuts, grains and berries; and the important thing to know about fiber is that the digestive acid in your stomach won’t break it down, so when you eat fiber, it fills you up faster and keeps you feeling full longer.
Avatar f tn There aren't FDA approved weight loss pills because they don't exist and they don't really help you keep the weight off. Pills that clean your colon allow you to lose weight but it's not the fat that you are losing. Other pills allow you to lose about five pounds in water weight wich you will gain back after going off the pills. In my experience, after trying every diet known to man, losing weight, gaining it all back plus some, I have a new outlook on weight loss which might help you as well.
Avatar n tn hi Im a 36 yr old struggling with weight does anyone knows what would work? I have tried so many things and can't loose weight. I'm always constipated lately I have noticed that I'm getting alot of cellulite that it's affecting the relationship with my husband I don't let him see me because it's embarrasing.I currently weigh 160 pds but I have alot of cellulite. I know thee is alot of weight contol pills uot ther but are thy safe. Please if you know of something I can do that will help me..
Avatar n tn medical supervision when taking phentermine or other prescribed meds for weight loss. However, I'd also like to say that phentermine has been around a LONG time...its pretty much tried & true. It works and the side effects are well known. Some of the OTC and herbal type weight loss concoctions can be far more dangerous actually. There has been no FDA testing etc ever done...hence the problems like Metabolife etc.
Avatar f tn I agree that most weight loss pills are not approved by the FDA; the ones that are, require a prescription from your doctor....... Can you give us an idea of a typical day's food/beverage intake? *IF* you had time to exercise, what would you prefer to do? Weight loss will need to be accomplished through a combination of proper diet and exercise.
Avatar n tn also try doing lil exercise your self esteem will go up trust me. and the shots help you loose weight faster so dont think that since ur putting the shots you can eat whatever u want u got to help ur self .
Avatar f tn I've had the same reactions to the phentermine..ive been taking mine since june 25th, and the day i started taking it, i got on the treadill at home and did some interval training for 30 min and the next morning i had lost 4 pounds (i used to do the lipo b shots too, but wasnt at that time) and the first week n a half, i wouldnt eat a thing unless i reminded myself to eat. it was like the part of my body that creates those hunger pains had just dissappeared?!?!
Avatar n tn Then I started to work in very serious job that I had to be very careful with my every day job. I figured that I loss more weight but I was constant 86 kg untill 27 years old. That summer I used to drink 2-3 liters of limonade home made, and in 3 months time I was 71 kg. I stopped immediately drinking lemonade. :( . I tried a suplement with 3.000 calories a day, but I couldn't gain any more weight. I trained , bicycling, jogging...
Avatar n tn (reminds me of the phen-fen clinics) I need to put the weight loss to good use, and take control of my life and GET TO THE GYM. I want to be more tone now. But, it did work to get the weight off. I need to loose 10 more lbs to be at my goal. Using the internet, you could do this yourself, but it would be VERY,very expensive. Take in mind Phentermine on the net is over $120 for 30 pills and less then $30.00 with a script. With a clinic you do have to weigh in and that helps too.
Avatar n tn anyway i was wondering if anybody has gone through this or even if anybody has some weight-loss advice, i would really appriciate it.
Avatar f tn Other health conditions can cause weight loss, such as cancer and diabetis. Search for conditions that cause weight loss and have your doctor test you for them. Test and eliminate, is the only way to tell for sure what the cause is.
225237 tn?1333142599 As far as I can tell, the only thing that could be happening to me is my metabolism is slowing down by the amount of caloric deficit...thus no weight loss. It's extremely demoralizing that I'm working this hard, and eating so healthy and so little, and not losing even a tenth of a pound. I was so baffled, I even bought a new scale. But, it made no difference. I haven't lost even a tenth of a pound in 5 weeks. Some days, I feel very defeated.
Avatar n tn Im 5'3 and my doc says im over weight i dont think i am over weight i just dont want to get to the point where i get that way.. So im hopein that this phen helps me loss atleast 30 pounds so i can get down to a size five where i was when i was 16 and no kids..
Avatar f tn i lost weight exactly like you describe. i had no appetite and at one poitn was losing over a pound a day. some of my food passed through completely undigested and recognizable in it's original form (tmi, i know). my dr said it was normal and due to hormones. as for baby, mine was born early so she was tiny. the doctors wanted her to gain 1/2 pound a week. for over a month she averaged a pound a week, so i am sure your baby is fine. it will level off in a few weeks.
Avatar f tn My physician responded to my request for help, and being discouraged about my lack of weight loss by trying to prescribe prozac for weight loss and of course depression. Since when does Prozac aide weight loss? I did not receive any response to what else could I do/try/ who to see etc. Or an answer as to what they syntroid was doing for me, since I was still not losing weight, but losing hair, and still had high triglycerides. Also no response to my ??
1351078 tn?1416316746 Im going to start to try to lose weight I am setting a goal to lose 27 lbs . I hope it dont take that long but Im going to start with that and go from there .
Avatar m tn Now with that being said I myself am considering bariatric aka weight loss surgery but as a tool to help me loose the weight that I have been unable to loose on my own but this is not even a cure not by a long shot However, it is something to consider. Now for every one that is reading this, think about this, what is causing the pcos? is it the chemicals in our food or in the water? is it our life styles?
Avatar n tn It should take about 2 months to get to that dosage but I'm getting kinda excited hearing about the benefit of weight loss especially since it was weight loss pills (metabolife and xenedrine) that caused me to find out that I was epileptic in the first place! The doctor told me that i might get tingling in my fingers and i might feel a little dopy but happy dopy he described it as, so I figure i can deal with that! If I start losing weight at a rapid pace i'll definitely post again!
Avatar n tn I have the book also and it is my understanding that without using the hCG the weight loss will not last or work as well. Please help. I'm from WY.
Avatar f tn Oh Wow! I have also been taking this for about 6 months and lost about 20 lbs. I was already a petite 5'2, 123 lbs and now I am 102 lbs. I was prescribed Tramadol for chronic back pain after the birth of my daughter. After a second opinion, turns out, I probably have scoliosis. On top of that, I am going through a divorce with a 15 month old and it is very stressful. I am really scared, I don't want to lose any more weight and not sure what to do.
Avatar n tn I thought these 2 meds were known to be weight neutral or cause weight loss. My doctor knows my concern about the weight issue as this is something I have never fought to maintain while everything else in life seems to be a fight. If I stopped taking all meds, would I lose the weight and go back to my normal size. I do lack motivation that's for sure! I think or say I will start a program and don't.
Avatar n tn LOL I am now going to try the hcg injection for weight loss as well as the fact that I've read it helps with the PCOS symptoms, excessive facial hair etc. I know one friend that had great luck with losing weight on Metformin. She agreed that the first couple weeks she lost weight because she lived in the bathroom but after that she continued to lose.
649848 tn?1534637300 What changes is everyone making that they find that works the best for them with their weight-loss? Don't laugh but just cutting out eating cheese helps me tremendously :) Really excited to hear about everyone's progress.
Avatar n tn Nanci- Back in the day, a doctor use to answer the questions on this board. I have found MANY articles on gastritis and weight loss. Here's just one that just might help you ;-) I found it in the archives. -Jennifer Subject: Gastritis vs. weight loss Topic Area: Ulcer Forum: The Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases Forum Question Posted By: Eric on Sunday, July 26, 1998 Hi, I'm 26 and have recently been suffering from intermitten abdominal discomfort.
Avatar f tn #2 - - Weight Loss Well, the doctor told me that one side effect from the phentermine pills was insomnia...and I had that last night. It tends to be hard for me to fall asleep anyways, but last night I was up until about 3:00. The more I thought about it, the less tired I got. Blah! But hey...I'm really not all that tired today so I guess it balances itself out. Anyways, I went to my mom's today and weighed myself. It said approximately 158 lbs.