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Avatar f tn //www.medhelp.org/posts/Bariatric---Weight-Loss-Surgery/Kidney-stones/show/2821425 https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Bariatric---Weight-Loss-Surgery/Kidney-stones/show/2821425 [url=https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Bariatric---Weight-Loss-Surgery/Kidney-stones/show/2821425]https://www.medhelp.
643805 tn?1243968843 I have had horrible pain and weight loss the past few months.was diagnosed with kidneystones. I have had these stones since april nd can't tolerate it anymore.Does anyone know of a way to get them movin?
Avatar n tn Since finding out about the gallstones and the kidney stones I find that I am losing weight. I don't, however, eat the same things I use to eat but I am not trying to lose weight. Sometimes I remain the same weight for a few days and then I drop a few pounds. My blood work has not indicated any thyroid or other problem. I am getting a little worried expecially since I have been told that I may lose a few pounds after surgery. What could possibly be going on?
Avatar n tn kidney stones develop by dehydration, weight loss, exercise and diet, if they are not treated they can grow and just cause more and more pain if you dont get them treated the pain may go away but it will come back believe me i have had them myself and the treatment is absolutly nothing well worth having it doent hurt its just lazer treatment which sounds scary but isnt its just like someone is tapping in the same spot repeadedly for about an hour and thats it.
Avatar m tn I was going to post this on the Kidney Stones Expert Forum, but I don't see an option to post. I recently passed my first kidney stone ever at 40--it was 4mm. Before it passed, my urologist suspected a stone and put me on Rapaflo. Pain was very mild, which surprised me. I just had an ultrasound today, which showed I have 4 more stones from the same kidney (left) ranging from 6 to 9mm. No obstructions or masses noted. Right kidney was clear.
Avatar n tn My husband is suffering with kidney stones and he got surgery for 3 times (only right kidney and left kidney is normal and no stones and it is functioning properly) and after that his body got swollen completely and after many checkups including biopsy, it is determined that he is losing proteins due to the dysfunction in the filteration of Kidney. Now he is loosing 11 gms of proteins when he undergone protein loss check up. His legs, stomach and face is completely swelling.
Avatar f tn No, I don't think it will affect kidney stones, but.. Slim fast has horrible ingredients, and I would not feed it to my dog. From their website, they list Hydrogenated soybean oil, High Fructose Corn syrup, etc. Soybean oil will make you fat, and so will high fructose corn syrup.Suffice to say, stay away from Slim Fast! Eat whole foods instead. At best, these drinks may cause rapid weight loss, but they are not healthy and usually the weight comes back later.
Avatar f tn if you take sodas like coke zero ( zero carbs and calories!) it wouldn't hurt your weight loss that much. But people say drinking soda contributes to cancer, kidney stones, obesity...yikes.
1781720 tn?1314842836 Usual side effects of topamax may include fatigue, impaired concentration, dizziness, and paresthesias (tingling, numbness, pins and needles sensation). Kidney stones, as mentioned by Eddie and sometimes weight loss are often observed with continued treatment. Dosage reduction is often done by your doctor to help with these side effects. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn He sent me to have kidney ultrasound yesterday. He wanted to see if I have kidney stones and then he will talk to biatric stomach surgeon to see if they approve my surgery. I have been approved for all other test for the surgery.
Avatar f tn In Sept of 2016 I decided to start the weight watcher program and successfully lost 30 pounds, however now i am suffering with kidney stones. I had to have a stent placed and now I am waiting for the lithotripsy procedure later this week. I am very upset as I always ate healthy, veggies, fruits, lean protein and limited dairy. I thought this was a well balanced plan and never thought it would hurt me. So now I am baffled and totally confused as what do I eat?
Avatar m tn about three years ago i was around two hundred pounds and within six months i was down to 150. the weight loss was accompanied by nausea always followed by vomiting, dizziness, weakness, and severe abdominal pain. i had an endoscopy as well as various blood tests but no result was ever found, i also had a ct scan, was tested for diabetes and thryoid conditions all was negative.
Avatar n tn Dark spots that appear on kidney ultrasounds can represent cysts, abscesses, abnormalities of the blood vessels, kidney stones, old calcifications or kidney cancer. Cysts on the kidney are usually harmless and large cysts may need surgical treatment if they are producing symptoms. Each of these condition mentioned above will present will associated symptoms and signs like burning urination, increased frequency of urination, weight loss etc.A CT scan will definitely be helpful.
Avatar f tn I have a male friend who's been dealin w/ kidney stones for about a year quite now. He's on medi-cal in CA & he's not gettin anywhere w/ doctor's. He's been waitin for 1 mo. now for a referral to see a specialist & in the mean time his symptoms seems to be gettin more serious.
219609 tn?1210348114 With kidney stones and a low vitamin D you need to be tested for primaryhyperparathyroidism -- PTH and Calcium level. The other possibility is malabsorption -- ie, low Vit D and B12 from things like celiac sprue or pernicious anemia. This would be slightly more common in a person with an autoimmune thyroid disorder (like Hashimoto's which is the most common reason people take thyroid replacement meds).
Avatar m tn Rushed to ER, where a CT scan was done. 3 stones were detected - one in ureter, and 2 in kidney. Doctor could not reach the stone so he ended up putting the stent and asked me to drink water (he predicted stones to be uric acid stones). Then I went for ultrasound every 10 days. 1st ultrasound said I have only 2 stones remaining. 2nd ultrasound said I had 1 stone of 6mm remaining. 3rd ultrasound said I had 1 stone of 8mm.
Avatar n tn His diagnosis is based on the finger and hand deformities in one hand and the painful joints and swelling of joints. I also have experienced weight loss, from 150 to 120 pounds in 6 months. I also have very frequent urination, which I have experienced for several years. Blood was found in a recent urine sample, another sample showed atypical urothelial cells. Cystoscopy was normal. Abdominal ultra sound was normal but air in intestine blocked the technician from seeing more.
Avatar f tn And if theres is anything to help while you have kidney stones i know cranberry juice but is there anything else or things to avoid to you dont get kidney stones.
Avatar n tn loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, seizures, lethargia, sleep apnea, unexplained liver infections(2) and kidney stones which led to more meds being taken, high blood pressure, low thyroid, high cholesterol.. Every test he's taken had turned up negative!! Help!! My mom and I are ata loss as to what to do for him. Last night he also suffered a black out and spent the night in the ER, with no results!!
540521 tn?1221699706 s a urinary tract infection, or it could be kidney stones as well. The kidney stones could be hiding, i have heard of that. Has your doctor given you anything for the pain? I hope everything goes well on Wednesday and hopefully they will have more answers for you. I know it's frustrating, and i am frustrated as well but i just take it one day at a time and i would tell your doctor just how much pain you are in, maybe he can help or give you a stronger medication.
Avatar f tn t eat or drink, and has had a lot of weight loss. We are at a stand still now. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?
Avatar f tn I have only been on Topamax for my migraines since November 2010 and by January I had four kidney stones. One in my left kidney and three in my right. Now I have been taken off Topamax and it was so far the best medication for my migraines I was on 100mg of Topamax and went from having a migraine everyday to once a month. I miss Topamax but the pain of my kidney stones was much worse.
Avatar n tn Hi, Kidney stones form when the components of urine are out of balance. When this happens, the urine contains more crystal-forming substances, such as calcium and uric acid. Kidney stones are also prone to develop in highly acidic or highly alkaline urine. Sometimes, the underlying cause is an inherited metabolic disorder or kidney disease. Gout, inflammatory bowel disease and some medications promote specific types of kidney stones.
Avatar f tn my husband has pain in his groin area. We have been to urgent care, the ER and his regular doctor, not one of them can tell us what's wrong. They say there is no detectable hernia, not kidney stones or bladder stones. He can't walk or move without a whole lot of pain. The ER gave him oxycodone and it isn't even touching the pain. My husband has a very high tolerance for pain and I'm scared he may have over looked a symptom because he doesn't notice it.
Avatar n tn You could ask your doc if you're a candidate for a medication such as Actigal, but it may or may not work to dissolve the stones. There is a procedure in which the stones can be 'blasted' much as they do kidney stones, but it isn't in use much since docs feels it's easier to remove the gallbladder. Passing a stone can cause a heck of a lot of problems.