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Avatar n tn Suggest making milkshakes (milk, ice cream, and fresh fruit or frozen) or yogurt smoothies (yogurt, fresh fruit, and frozen fruit) and give it to him in place of milk (in a sippy cup) for meals and snacks for additional calories/protein to help increase his weight. Engage him in the kitchen more. Children love to be a part of making food. Have him help you with preparation of food, make the milkshakes and setting the table. Hopefully this will increase his interest in other types of food.
Avatar f tn I really wanted to lose weight that's why I came up to take raw fruits and veggies in every meal. These steps I made were effective and simple. It made me full fast and at the same time I get all the vitamins and minerals my body needs the most. Eating something raw fruits and vegetables at every meal can help you to lose weight. These steps are effective, common sense, and simple ways to add raw and high fiber foods to your diet.
Avatar f tn I do take walks everyday and I'm not sure if that could have something to do with my weight loss too or not. I'm just concerned because as I said, I have three children already and this has never happened to me.
Avatar f tn The issue is I am so tired all the time from dealing with my children. Is walking enough to get you to loose weight? I don't eat bad foods or anything, but I am just not as active as I use to be. Our family is going to Disney in November and I was wanting to get rid of this extra stuff before then.
658757 tn?1397800478 What does your doctor say about this weight loss? Do you have any other symptoms besides the weight loss? I would have my doctor do further tests to see why you are losing weight.
Avatar f tn She had always been a slow weight gainer, but not is loosing weight. We had her evaluated for sensory issues and found none. She refuses to eat on most days for about 3 days then will eat a bunch to fill her belly then go back on strike. No medical tests have been done, but she had fallen from the 10% to below the 5th. What can we do to help her?
Avatar f tn With both of my children I lost weight. It was like I lost weight everywhere but my belly, but both my babies were healthy as could be. I call it my pregnancy diet lol I don't recommend using it all the time though...
Avatar n tn has enyone ever experienced weight loss along with there anxiety?? back in january i weighed 198lbs and now i weigh125 which is a good weight for people my size i guess, but that fast. i was told that me changing what i was eating like sweets, fast food, salt and all that can do it,and also worrying can do it, and im really good at that. h*** im worrying right now about my weight!!
Avatar f tn Have any loss weight with this pregnancy? I have loss like ten pounds I couldn't eat nothing even smelling food made me real sick I couldn't even hold water on my stomach. I'm just starting back eating but haven't gain any weight. Is there anything that I can do to help with my eating. Help anyone!! On I'm as 12weeks prego!
Avatar f tn Some people tend to want to totally avoid food when their stomach feels upset, so they loose lots of weight. I know in my case, when I was little, my mom was the type that always soothed bad feelings with comfort food, and taught us kids to do the same. When I started having the nausea, I discovered that if I didn't let my stomach get completely empty, the nausea wasn't as bad.
2047155 tn?1527167564 Wow you have been through a lot in your weight loss journey! I am trying to make healthier food decisions as well as work my body out more! I know that the way you feel definitely is shown in your body & so happiness in a sense can be healthiness! I will certainly remember all of these things & you are truly a blessing!
Avatar n tn She is a very active child, always outdoors, playing with three to four other children. Rides bikes, walks, plays ball, etc.. but we are at a loss as to help her loose weight. We do not keep any candy in the house, stopped using any sugar at all over two years ago. Limit her intake, and yet she still gains weight. What can I do?
Avatar f tn So many people assume that in order to lose weight, they have to constantly do strenuous exercise....And in reality, this isn’t the case either. Now, to understand how exercise effects weight-loss, you have to understand how your body creates energy, and there are only 2 ways it does it. One is by burning fat and the other is by burning blood sugar, or glucose. Even when you’re not doing anything strenuous your body still burns fat. It’s known as “Resting Metabolic Rate.
Avatar n tn ) I also heard that a cleanse could also jumpstart your wieght loss. I did one before and I did lose a little weight -- colonix is the one I did. Anyway -- I commend you for sticking to it.
233622 tn?1279338505 We both lost weight ~ she had a very drastic weight loss, I didn't. I believe the difference was that on the WW program, they teach you more "how" to eat and learning good choices along with portion control. I didn't really have my daily menus planned out ~ I don't like using a menu. I really want to do it on my own. In the Jenny Craig program, my sister bought her food from them. It was already made ~ all she had to do was heat it up.
1444838 tn?1456174552 -) I kept saying to my gym Instructor while I was standing on the scales I have put weight on haven't I , she looked up to me & smiled & said no you have loss , I felt so good
Avatar f tn hi I`ve just found this site and hope it can help me My 4 year old son has been diagnoised with hyperthyroidism, after 8 monthes of taking him to the gp complaining about his weight loss.
Avatar n tn Extreme thirst Frequent urination Drowsiness, lethargy Sugar in urine Sudden vision changes Increased appetite Sudden weight loss Fruity, sweet, or wine-like odor on breath Heavy, labored breathing Stupor, unconsciousness If you think you have diabetes, call a doctor immediately, and drink fluids WITHOUT SUGAR to prevent dehydration.
Avatar f tn So much of Chiari is about loss: income, socialization, understanding, " normality". I was just looking at the forum list, and there is weight loss, memory loss, & hair loss; nothing on bereavement. everyone knows what that is, but even then, people are supposed to "get over it". Having a chronic illness is really like living in a separate universe. It's like you're expected to die or get well.
Avatar n tn Especially given the family history, he need to do adopt an appropriate lifestyle anyway. If after several months of real dieting and exercise and weight loss his cholesterol is still elevated, then I would consider medication.
1190334 tn?1274060473 The cardiologist says I have to lose the weight, I am 37 and already have 50-60% blockage in a main artery going in to my heart,..I want to do what ever I can to be around for my six children and any future grandchildren. Also, have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.
Avatar n tn Hi brookelucy, Now these days in holiday seasons weight management problems are increasing and many people become over weight because they don’t have any idea about holiday health management. I was reading a great article few days ago about how can you control your weight in holiday season. Here I am writing some lines….
1135321 tn?1260520606 For weight loss its got alot of great information free. I plan to use both that site and this site..as I also have medical questions I seek knowledge on. I believe in paying it forward when there's something good to share. Not alot in life is free anymore!
Avatar f tn he eats the same foods as my other children but the older he gets the more weight he puts on. he struggles with exercise due to pain during and afterwards. he used to see a physio to help maintain the condition but i moved area 2 years ago and have struggled to get a physio refferal in my new area. i now have an appointment for him but its not for another month. Is there anyone else who struggles with these issues who can give me some advice?