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Avatar n tn Oh sorry ...you want to lose weight. Its true about being in somewhat decent shape when starting treatment for HepC. I would consult your doctor/friend on that issue. WOuld love to help you but I dont think there are any physicians here..and you need to be evaluated .
Avatar m tn gimel has pretty well covered the bases as far as testing. As he said, do, always get FT3, with the FT4, since the test for Total T3 and Total T4 are somewhat obsolete. With the list of lingering symptoms, I'd certainly agree that you probably aren't converting the FT4 to T3 properly.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone has had weight loss completely unexplained. In 2011 I was pregnant with my second son and I lost quite a bit of weight and was concerned but the doctors weren't since my son seemed to be doing fine. By the end of that pregnancy I had only gained 11lbs back of what I had lost. As soon as I had him I dropped the 11lbs and then some. I continued dropping weight but since I wasn't pregnant I decided maybe it was a good thing, since I was overweight to start with.
Avatar n tn Today I am starting, I have been fat 90 % of my life...
1451570 tn?1373900668 Well for the first time in forever I am below 400lbs. It is because Conrad and Margaret are in Hawaii and no one is here, so I am not eating. I am down to 394. I wonder how far down I will get before they come home. I don't feel like eating and I stay mostly in bed, except when the dogs have to go outside or be fed. I wonder how fast I will go back up once they come home. I really don't care what my weight is. I dont feel any difference between now and when they left.
641554 tn?1319844717 I haven't posted here in forever. Well She's baccck! LOL> I'm not happy with my body. I hate the way I look and the clothes I have to choose from for my fat *** body. I'm finally on the path to do somthing about it. It started a month ago. I tipped that darn scale at a whopping 229! Omg how did I let it get that far? I didn't weigh nearly that much before pregnancy. I was about 190 but I chalked it up to early pregnancy weight. Anywhoo March 13 I simply had enough.
1380032 tn?1416256028 I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I've been on Med Help for some time, and have not encountered this before. And also....omg....it takes FOREVER for the Weight Loss Tracker page to load....and I do mean forever!! (This does not happen for me on any other page of this site.) Any ideas??
Avatar f tn So much of Chiari is about loss: income, socialization, understanding, " normality". I was just looking at the forum list, and there is weight loss, memory loss, & hair loss; nothing on bereavement. everyone knows what that is, but even then, people are supposed to "get over it". Having a chronic illness is really like living in a separate universe. It's like you're expected to die or get well.
Avatar f tn Does Rapid weight loss such as the Medi-Weight loss program effect your fertility?
Avatar n tn Since then he complains that she has lost weight - he used to be 185 lbs forever, and is now down around 175 lbs since earlier this year, basically since he started having outbreaks. Is weight loss a documented symptom of HSV2? (anyone with that experience?
168006 tn?1241016561 I am still breastfeeding my son almost two years later and lot of people think that's cheating with weight loss, but the truth is it makes you HUNGRY. I regard myself as an unofficial weight loss expert, all my friends come to me for advice with food and exercising. Here is my regime for you; start your day with oatmeal (the boring plain one, it gets easier to get down after a few days:) and a hard boiled egg.
Avatar f tn Is it possible that i need to have my dose lowered because of the weight loss? I cant take this anxiety/ panic its driving me crazy. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I was just told about the shots for weight loss. Does it really work? I am also located in North Carolina. Do you know of any Dr. office here that specializes in it?
Avatar f tn I have been on 75mcg of levothyroxine for 7 weeks and I have noticed weight loss. My TSH was at 81.10 on Oct 2013. Before my blood work doctor put me on previous dose until test came back. I went back to doctor for a sinus infection and they want me to continue until mid December then another blood draw. Turns out I have had a severe sinus infection the same time I went in the weeks prior, took 2000mg og amoxicillin for 10 days. Anyway, they just ordered a Free T4?
Avatar f tn I'm loosing between 1 and 2 pounds per week, I know that might sound slow, but any loss is a good loss, and it adds up. I also make small challenges for myself, like to loose in 10 pound sets. After being on every diet out there for the past ten years so far this is working. I don't restrict anything from my list of food, that way I don;t have that many cravings. But I ration the size, just a sample size so I can have a taste and not feel guilty, if it's a goody.
Avatar f tn I think that is what i'll have to do. Eat as healthy as i can and not worry about weight loss untill after she weans. It's nice to know i'm not the only one with this issue. Just wish she'd nurse less at night so that i could sleep more. That way at least i'd have energy to go for a walk. Her pediatrician says that after 4 months i can "train" her to sleep from 9pm to 6am. I'm sure that will involve a lot of tears for the both of us....
Avatar f tn OMG how do you get rid of it????? Can you????? What about weight loss, is it hopeless. I barely had any hormones or none, and trying to find a good Doctor that deals with ADRENAL INSUFFIENCY AND WOMENS HORMONES. It took me 8 Doctors to find one and now we moved to Tucson, AZ and I cant find anyone who does BIO - HORMONES and ADRENAL INSUFFENCY WITH WEIGHT GAIN AND HUMPS . Someone having the same problems.
Avatar n tn Hi guy! Deficiency of calories. A guy like you should be eating more food. You're eating whats recommended for women that are a little more than five feet tall. I would definately look at what you're eating to start with. have you tried eating more healthy proteins like egg whites with Whole wheat breads. I would look into that. I'm not a big meat eater so Atkins and that were not good but proper proteins are great for filling you up and giving you great energy.
Avatar f tn 99 at Ikea, good deal!) so I hopped on it and I have lost over 20lbs. I was never trying to lose weight and this loss has come upon in the last 6 months. I'm not excercising any more then before can the tramadol just do that? Is it from being up all night? Is this a really bad sign or normal?
Avatar n tn It should take about 2 months to get to that dosage but I'm getting kinda excited hearing about the benefit of weight loss especially since it was weight loss pills (metabolife and xenedrine) that caused me to find out that I was epileptic in the first place! The doctor told me that i might get tingling in my fingers and i might feel a little dopy but happy dopy he described it as, so I figure i can deal with that! If I start losing weight at a rapid pace i'll definitely post again!
Avatar n tn I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
746129 tn?1236687321 7) MOVE – better eating is a start but your body needs to work harder to lose and sustain the weight loss… your body will quickly adapt to the fuel you put in it - so keep it surprised. 8) Remember cardio like running, biking, jogging, walking, jumping, jump ropeing raises your heart rate which burns calories faster - stretching and weights tones your body and helps build muscles which weigh heavier but require more calories to work so more muscle = more calories burned every day.
427265 tn?1444080036 But I am motivated and hCG SlimXpress, Tacoma weight loss program with the rapid weight loss benefit using hCG injections is exactly what I need: rapid weight loss for motivation, and seeing a slimmer me will help re-program my old eating habits. Come back every day and I will keep you posted, Jenny.
Avatar m tn My left foot is now completely numb, shooting pains up and down both legs, abdominal pains and numbness, weight loss and weekness. What can I do to either alleviate this or prevent further damage? Will I have to live with this pain forever?
Avatar f tn At 6 weeks, I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) which is severe nausea, vomiting, dehydration and weight loss that only .5-1% of pregnant women get. I've been hospitalized 3 times for chronic dehydration, had to withdraw from my PhD courses, been off work 7 weeks and have lost 26 pounds. For the last 2 months, I have been unable to keep down foods or liquids. I now have a home care nurse daily, on IV's and a 24 hour Zofran pump to stop the vomiting.
Avatar n tn He is also a gynecologist, so he really understands how important weight loss is for a woman. I definitely recommend Dr. Summers as the best weight management doctor in Alabama!!! His program is safe and affordable. I am currently taking Adipex and the Lipotropic injections and have done amazing so far! Call Dr. Summers in his office at 205-838-3740 to schedule and appointment.