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Avatar f tn I'm now almost 8 weeks with twins and have lost a few pounds. I lost my appetite just after my IVF treatment cos I was sooo bloated n in so much pain from enlarged ovaries. But I felt better 2 weeks ago and I'm eating normally now (I think) despite feeling nauseous throughout the day. However I can't seem to put back the weight I lost and even seem to be losing a little more. Is this normal? I was already underweight to begin with and usually I find it very difficult to put on weight.
Avatar n tn This gets easier with weight loss so the met is helping me to get more active. I am concerned about firming my body up after the weight is gone, especially the stomach area. I do ab work and workout with light weights to help with this.
Avatar f tn i am in day five after ivf and am having cramps it is so relieving to read all of your postings! i have been freaking out in my mind! this is such a scary thing waiting for the pregnancy test!
Avatar n tn My girlfriend had ivf and had to stay after at the clinic for 4 hours with her pelvic up. my clinic let me go after 30 minutes. that made me nervous. any thoughts.
Avatar n tn its open enrollment time at work and i can't decide if i want to take the highest coverage and go for the IVF or if I want to spend some extra money on higher quality food (we all know the stuff that's bad for you is cheaper) and start an exercise program and try to lose the weight. I have PCOS and have been told that weight loss would probably make me ovulate regularly....we have conceived once even with his sperm problem, but we miscarried....so honestly....lay it on me....what shouid I do?
1915587 tn?1330315533 I've definitely struggled with the whole weight loss thing my entire life, so I can TOTALLY relate. After years of "dieting" I have finally come to the sobering conclusion that in order to lose weight correctly and keep it off, you have to exercise AND eat right. That's how I've kept off about 50 lbs for almost ten years now.
1130046 tn?1282046004 I was sort of hoping our ER might have an idea what the problem is after IVF, but he said that the cycle couldn't have gone better and that our problem remains 'unexplained'. It's really been playing on my mind today! It's hard not knowing why we can't get pregnant and wondering whether IVF can possibly fix whatever is wrong. Kahlua - that's great news congratulations!
Avatar n tn No I ment after you stop it I gained weight. While i was on it I lost weight.
Avatar n tn I was pg again 3 months after and actually lost weight due to being sick. If possible stop and think about what you are eating and see if that makes sense. I guess it could be a hormonal thing as well. Everyone's body is different. Good Luck to you.
873190 tn?1304816575 It was hard, we went through about 18 months of fertility including one IVF. And after that last IVF we decided no more doctors, we stopped getting pregnant once we started going to him. One of the hardest parts was my husband actually wanted to "announce" to the whole family that we weren't going to have any kids. He was convinced if the doctors couldn't do anything, then it was over. I could never convince him otherwise. I wouldn't let him go that far.
Avatar n tn My husband and I have been trying since 2004 to get pg. We finally decided to try IVF after 4 failed IUI attempts. I had my ER on 8/7/07 and my ET on 8/10/07. My blood test is not till 9-2-07...We can't wait. Infact my husband is counting the days!! :) I want to take a HPT but I am afraid that if it turns out negative I will be bummed!! And if it would be positive...I'd be terrified it wasn't accurate (as you all say the HCG shot could cause neg results). I am hopefull...
Avatar f tn I looked it up on Google. Nuvida offers a range of superior quality Fertility, Reproductive & Weight Loss Products to optimise conception & weight loss. ~FertilityBlend~ Patented & Clinically Validated Formula The No. 1 selling natural supplements in the U.S. for fertility! That's what I found. But you should look it up and get more info or ask your Endocrinologist or Urologist.
Avatar f tn But I finally got him to do the more common ones and then I did some research and I discovered that for most problems, the only solution is either a) to take baby aspirin every day from the day after the retrieval or b) to do daily injections of low molecular weight heparin (clexane or lovenox) from the day before the transfer (I think. or maybe it was from the day of the transfer, I don't remember), or c) to do both. Some people also take a low dose of prednisolone which is a steroid.
Avatar n tn We have no physical problems causing our infertility, trying for about 8 months and have had one stimulated ivf cycle (6 eggs and two fertilized, two transferred but no luck). I hated the IVF but feel so desperate as everyone just keeps giving me negative opinions due to my age (I was waiting for a good guy, that's why I left it so late!). Would appreciate your thoughts!!
Avatar n tn here goes.... I started IVF 2 years ago and started DHEA 1 year ago after 3 failed IVF cycles. I now have 10 embryos on ice and am in the middle of what we hope to be our last cycle. After alot of experimentation and mis-steps, our last cycle yielded 10 eggs, 5 were unfortunately immature but the other 5 all fertilized. I had 14 antral follicles at baseline last week and tomorrow is day 6 scan. Couple basics from my experience. 1.
1340863 tn?1366644684 My doctor says that he's seen no difference between people who go for the FET the month after fresh IVF as with waiting one month between, so we're jumping right back in. I feel like I want to keep the ball rolling on not giving up hope for a child. I'm thrilled that we will be partners for the 2ww. Let us know how the stim meds go!
766586 tn?1284386798 none to freeze..retrived 10 mature instead of 3! Good for u for the weight loss..will be watching your posts!Lots of baby dust to u!!
955968 tn?1253850402 We have done it on our own, 4 IUI's, 3 fresh IVF cycles and 1 frozen cycle. We were successful on our 3rd fresh cycle after our frozen cycle. It is great that you have some left to do frozen as those are cheaper. It is hard to go through it, but once you get passed this you will have your focus again and you will know what to do. Always have hope and never give up. It is hard, I know. I have been there, but I refused to give up. Have faith in God. He will bless you in His time.
1765952 tn?1314723481 I feel like these few weeks are taking forever to pass.
465737 tn?1315758522 Has anyone gained any weight, yet? I gained 3 lbs and haven't lost them, yet. The od thing is that I lost 3 lbs after the DET/IVF then, I gained them bck. I can't get rid of them. Hmmm? Also, my (pardon TMI) stools have been green-ish! They're either light/drk. Ugh! It could be the pre-natals since I began them the day b4 DET/IVF. Boy, those progesterone booty-shots hurt!
465737 tn?1315758522 Then, we will be phoning the doc to update him on the specifics of AF. Stims for me will not begin until August and DET/IVF will be set the month after that in September. I am just researching and studying everyone's triumphs/failures bc I want to triumph as we all know we all do A.S.A.P.
1462588 tn?1345065395 This is our 1st go at ICSI (DHs sperm falls just below coverline) I am entitiled to 2 cycles on the NHS but after my last m/c (nov 2010) they refused me IVF treatment for 12months as ivf is apparantly only avaliable if no pregnancys in 2years then they wanted to send me to m/c clinic, i broke down in the appt and my doc said i could have 1 cycle if no joy or m/c then go to m/c clinic then 2nd cycle!
1219580 tn?1297221739 That is wonderful! TINK- I did do acupuntuture after my 3 rd failed Ivf and before my my 4th. For me it did not make my numbers improve at all. I have heard from other people and they sware by it. It just did not do anything for me. You have to try everything, because if you do not you feel as if you should have tried. I understand. LEMON- I think none of us sleep! My husband says before each dr apt "try and get some sleep tonight". It is hard, really not fair, but we keep going!
Avatar f tn Hello, Hopefully we will be doing our last ivf cycle(third) after two failed ones, first to miscarriage in may, second bled from day 11 on 2ww in early august. I am an older mum, 41 yrs and will be trying with my own eggs as my husband doesnt want to go down donor egg route.
Avatar n tn just had 1vf after 4 years of trying to get pg and a loss of one ovary and tube. It has been 5 days since the transfer and I just started cramping. But after BM i feel better. Is it a good sign or bad sign. I am so worried. i am 32 and we transfered 2 babies.. my blood work is to be on the 28th but how soon before then can I do a Preg.
Avatar n tn I dont know nething about ivf, but with this pg I got a neg. on the day after af was due, and four days later got a positive. Good luck, I will be praying for you, hope to hear about your bfp next week!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi, Amy I am getting ready to start a third ivf transfer, this time I am doing a FET maybe you can answer some of my questions. Did you do birth control and lupron? Did you bleed while on Lupron? I bleed for two weeks I started to bleed (lightly) the day before I started my Lupron shots. Today I went to the RE for an ultrasound and blood work. They said everything was fine and he lowered my lupron from 10 to 5. I now am taking estrace (pill) and I go back on Wed. Is this familiar to you?
Avatar f tn Well last year we went for tubal reversal and found out my wife had abnormal fallopian tubes after the reversal. After 9 months TTC nothing happened. In early July this year we decided to look into ivf.  The timing was great. The ivf began straight away.  We found a donor and the treatment began.  Our donor gas us 19 eggs, 15 fertilized, and 10 left after 3 days. 2 embryos were transferred on 06/08/2011 and 8 were frozen.  We are now on 19/08/2011.
456732 tn?1338571429 January will come up quick and I wish you the best of luck with your ivf cycle. I can't imagine weight loss is easy, but I can relate to trying to give something up and make major changes in my life in order to do ivf and concieve, so I understand its not easy at all to change habits. However I do know that it can be done and the amount of success you will feel after achieving is incredible, amazing and wonderful!