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Avatar m tn I realize I look a bit gaunt when my weight is lower than this, but I could not gain weight until my tract healed. People are just jealous I suppose. I can eat 2000 calories a day just to maintain. Not my fault. It's hard to do when you can't eat gluten.
415867 tn?1323369103 I have been lucky with the lack of weight gain from the medications. My weight gain was due to my own eating habits and lack of working out. Its easy to fix though, can you kick up your cardio and slim down the calorie intake for a bit and see if that helps?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any uncontrolled movements, weight gain, tardive dyskinesia, etc. with this medication. If so, please let me know. I really need a medication to replace the ones I went off of but my doctor is giving me no other choices. I'm absolutely scared to death about the side effects of this medication. Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated.
209591 tn?1267418314 It is really good for pain - if you didn't gain weight on Pamelor I doubt if you would on Elevil - you can take quite a bit. Psychiatrist who use it give much higher doses of it than maybe a Rhuemetologist would. 3.) Who is saying potential MS, is it the neuro - did they see indicators on an actual MRI or just from your symptoms. You have illnesses that would give some MS symptoms. 4) The anemia is important - are you taking extra iron everyday and who is managing this.
Avatar f tn They took this result with little concern. Finally diagnosis of RLS 10/07 Started Requip. Worked like magic from first .Actual RLS symptoms abated, bad wakings CEASED. Was at 2 mg nightly.  At first small weight gain, minor edema. Short of breath. This at end 1/08. Suddenly symptoms increased.Gained more than 25 lbs in 10 weeks.Feet/ ankles/ fingers/abdomen terribly swollen. All sorts of tests including kidney,liver, congestive heart failure. No answers. Back to  neuro.
Avatar f tn Which ones do not make you gain weight? And being on seroquel (spell?) counter reacted with my requip, which I take for restless leg syndrom.My depression is bad, but gets worse with weigh gain, so I stop it.And believe me, I would much rather suffer with depression than have my requip not work. Then I'm up all night walking. HELP!!!
Avatar f tn Actual RLS symptoms abated, bad wakings CEASED. Was at 2 mg nightly. End 1/08 small weight gain, minor edema. Short of breath. Suddenly symptoms increased.Gained more than 25 lbs in 10 weeks.Feet/ ankles/ fingers/abdomen terribly swollen. All sorts of tests including kidney,liver,congestive heart failure. No answers. Back to  neuro. He determined this to be "rare" side effects from Requip. Took me off straightaway. I hated that because it worked so well. This as of April 28th.
Avatar n tn My 4 yr old son causes me much stress and has recently been diagnosed with possible Bipolar disorder. He is currently on a blood pressure lowering medication which I've noticed has calmed him down just a bit. I have been in and out of therapy for years and my last psychiatrist prescribed Adderall for me because I have absolutely NO energy and I drink about 10 cups of coffee a day just to keep me going. I also take Citalopram for major depression.
Avatar m tn I could not tell if Requip helped my leg pain, it seemed like some nights there was less pain not sure if that was because of the Requip or because I slept with my legs spread wide apart that night. If I put some pillows between my legs to keep my legs apart all night my legs do not hurt at night. Another doctor gave me muscle relaxers and it does not help leg pain.
867787 tn?1318939830 Hi Tammy Pleased that the dr has done something, you sure are on alot i was last yr and then i decided to come off some as they were not helping and i found that some were even giving me sx i am on baclofen now for spasm and that is good and reducing my morphine patches i am on a antidepressant as they say sometimes it helps you cope with pain but the neuro said i had fibro so they often do that i have to say the cymbaltar is used alot for fibromyalgia so maybe your PCP thinks its that, its use
Avatar n tn went to mayo and was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome, which has the same symptoms of uncontrolled hypothyroidism. Weight gain, fatigue, weakness, muscle pain, etc, etc. I am on a drug to increase my dopamine levels and after 5 nights on it, feel nearly 100% better. For everyone with hypo who's #'s are okay, you might want to explore a sleep disorder.
Avatar f tn Now, a few other medicines can cause drastic weight gain, the ones I'm familiar with include the SSRI Lexapro (Zoloft doesn't do that), the nerve pain gaba drugs, and sometimes benzodiazepines. But with the benzos, you don't get huge weight gain, just moderate. So, if you're on any of those drugs, consider switching kinds. And then of course you've got to exercise like a crazy person and increase proteins but cut back on carbs, especially white starches.
Avatar f tn But then came at first a small weight gain, minor edema. Little short of breath. This around end of January. Then out of nowhere the symptoms increased in severity . I gained more than 25 lbs in 10 weeks. My feet/ ankles/ fingers/abdomen were terribly swollen. This is long so I will suffice to say I had all sorts of tests for this, including for congestive heart failure. No one had an answer. Back to the neuro.
Avatar n tn I knew Remeron was associated with weight gain, so I watch out for that and haven't had problems with it yet. I'm hoping these low levels will continue to be effective and not produce side effects after a long term use of them.
Avatar m tn A brain mri came up normal. Within the year I started to undergo major body changes- weight gain in chest and stomach, loss of muscle in arms, face, legs. I was really stressed at the time so for awhile I thought stress could be the problem. But then some really bizarre things started happening for instance when I would make a certain smile would make my face twitch like crazy. I would get random surges of energy to parts of my body- surges in my legs and neck, arms.
372680 tn?1228165210 Haven't tried Lyrica... afraid of the weight gain I'm currently at weight watchers and would prefer something that causes weight lose.
Avatar f tn maybe its allergies to things .. have youe been tested for allergies? restless leg syndrome can be caused by the weight gain...i had that problem i doubled up on vitamin d and calcium and that took care of it.. along with leg exercises. Not sure if this helps.. praying you will get to the bottom of this!
Avatar f tn I am 62 years old and have a 10 year history of fibro and poly along with other problems. I was on steriods for 9 years and during those 9 years had a weight gain of over 30 pounds and had to have cataract surgery in left eye. I am wondering, however, since you were diag. with poly, if you didn't have Giant Cell, that may cause a loss of vision. Moving right along, the poly has come back with a vengence. My CRP count is 60, my sed rate is 30 and I have a minor bladder infection.
755322 tn?1330272714 Added DLPA 500 mg twice a day and it helps a lot with the muscle pain and stiffness. Allowed me to get a lot of cleaning done with only a little extra soreness in my right shoulder from constantly wiping the wood work.
207972 tn?1230427719 wanted me to take Requip for it, but I am resisting doing that. I guess if it really helped with the daytime tiredness, I would. As long as it doesn't cause weight gain.
209591 tn?1267418314 Hi, I have been seeing so many different doctors at this point. I noticed while treatment with the Cymbalta and Pamelor that the headaches were present but were only intensified by the discontinued use of the medicines. I have bloodwork done by my Rheumy, one diagnosed me with hypermobility syndrome, myoclonus, neuropathy and fibro. He prescribed the Cymbalta and the Lamictal for the Neuropathy & Fibromyalgia, and the Requip for the Myoclonus & RLS....
559509 tn?1216184046 I don't see hardly any mention of it around this site. Does it make you gain weight like Depakote? Does anyone out there take it for Bipolar Disorder Type 2? Any opinions or thoughts? I am currently on Lamictal and Welbutrin. I show mixed tendencies ( is that type 1 ),and my Dr gave me Risperdal for what appeard to be a manic state( I was off all meds at the time except Welbutrin which may have excaserbated my mania).
479581 tn?1317761088 We had heard that it was on the way to being approved. It's actually an SNRI (serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors) along the lines with Cymbalta, but hopefully it will be more affordable. It did have a good success rate in the studies and maybe it will be something else that can provide relief from pain. Thanks for the information dai3symae.
Avatar f tn Quit once got so sick from it I bad to go to the dr. And I lost 13 pounds. Keep in mind I JUST started college. You're supposed to gain weight!! I've been seeing a psychiatrist. No one wants to help me not even her. I've been passed from dr to dr and I'm extremely depressed. Big part of it is bc I run out of pills. I do anything to get high. Blow Molly try to use my inhaler lol everything. Don't ever get into it. My past is so messed up.. That's why.
Avatar n tn There is the chance of polycytic ovaries, elevation of testosterone, platlet problems, loss of hair, weight gain, etc. Just my opinion. What we usually will do with refractory PLMs (what was your PLM arousal index? There is no recorded PLM index with arousal in the 100's as far as I know) is to use a dopamine agonist and neurontin (we titrated the dose of neurotin up verily high without much side effect). What are they using Trazadone for?
209384 tn?1231171906 Said that I should be able to tell a big difference soon and that I will probably not need my requip any more as RLS is a neuropathy. Would be fine with me, am going to test it out tonight to see if I can go without it. She thought it was a very good thing that I had started taking it. She did tell me to stop the DHEA that I have been taking for a short time. She assumed that I was taking it for libido. What's that? Libido? Don't remember.
Avatar n tn I was just feeling terrible with heart palpitations, sweats, nausea, vertigo, double vision episodes, weight gain since Dec. 15lbs. Started on metroprolol 50mg bid and started to feel better. Had several hormones levels checked. IGF-1 was 40 (70-212) Had this level and TSH done and both came back IGF-1-38 and TSH 6.793. Now, I've had more hormone tests down for the pituitary. No results yet.
Avatar f tn They changed the Trazadone because of the weight gain and put me on15mg Restoril at bedtime. It usually works, sometimes I have to take more. I take 10mg Lasix and 15mg Mobic each day. I was on Lexapro and I loved it! I was happy for the first time in a long time. Then they changed it to Cymbalta to treat the depression and the pain. I did not feel any different, I think the Lexapro with it might work better.
Avatar f tn Just be safe and I wish you peace and lots of luck with the upcoming events you have to do. PS I did gain weight on it and then lost it..Then when I went c/t I was very weak and less active, so I gained again, BUT I am now losing it all over again..Also out there Dancing, as I have always been a dancer. IT Takes TIME for your Brain & Body to readjust back from the removal of these meds.
667078 tn?1316004535 Today- entertain my sister and niece for the evening as they stopped on their way through back to FL Monday- nephrology appt to see about the 14# weight gain in 2 weeks. GI doc I saw last week thought nephrotic syndrome to go along with the drug resistant C. Diff. Tuesday - phone call to update GI doc Wednesday - babysit a little miracle girl named Caroline Grace who is a total joy. She almost died at birth due to a bleeding issue and was without oxygen for at least 5 minutes.