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Avatar m tn I saw this last night before i went to bed and I really did not know how to respond to your question without sounding blunt our rude. No the pills are not causing your weight gain. You may be gaining water weight, meaning your kidneys are not filtering as well as they should Our the pills have made you not as active as you would be off and maybe it is your choice of foods knowing you enjoy eating while taking pills Maybe it is all the above You would need to speak with a Dr.
Avatar n tn This is basically the only fat that I have in my body and before my problems started I could get rid of such weight in less than four weeks. I do not think that it is a diet and excersice issue. Thank you for your comment.
Avatar n tn I have digenerative disc disease and my neirologist just prescribed topamax, he said it would help with the pain and tingling but could result in weight loss. I am wondering if prescribing topamax for ddd is common among neurologists? I can't seem to find any other information related to topamax as a pain med, only information I have is that it's a powerful drug with lots of side effects, most not so good. The weight loss aspect is the only plus...
Avatar f tn I don't see that anyone has posted about methadone causing weight gain in the past year. I just figured it out this evening that my initial weight gain of 75 lbs was from methadone and not the fact that I am hypothyroid which was diagnosed in 06. My thyroid hormones have been balanced several times and I never lost any more weight. I went off of Methadone a year ago - not intentionally, but a mix up and the withdrawal lasts for 21 days of hell. I blacked out.
Avatar f tn Also Epsom salt in the tub helps too. Highlands helps and I drank my weight in ensure! Going and stocking up takes willpower. I could hardly walk around the store but the medications help and it eats up some time!!
Avatar n tn Ive been on and of methadone now for 15 years when I was 21 I did it in prison in australia and it wasn't so bad they blind dosed me I didn't no what dose I was on at any of the time and I got off it but I relapsed 2 years later and had to go back on it I've been on it for 6 years and im doing it again I'm 33 this time my body isn't taking it as well as before my knees ache and I sweat a lot but I found taking baths and Valium helps its been 6 days and I still don't sleep much but it's worth doi
657315 tn?1319494987 The folks at Obama Health Care recommend that you drop your husband off somewhere in the middle of town. If he finds his way home, don't sleep with him.
585414 tn?1288944902 ), doing passive aggressive or hostile pranks (in the past), self medicating with natural remedies (in the past), drinking large amounts of caffeinated beverages (in the past), overstating my important/thinking I could "change the world", unable to concentrate on tasks but becoming obssessed with something unimportant. Right now I am to the point where I can spot this and catch it before it gets worse. Can you? What happens with you? Can you stop it? And could you learn?
Avatar f tn Good thread, tho it went off where you were trying to go Susan. Haven't read thru all the post...going to....foggy day...but.................. spec...."I try not to label myself lib/conservative etc... because we fall into the game they call politics!
Avatar f tn Been a couple weeks since my last dose which was 75mg's daily for the week prior to putting them down. This weight gain thing added 20 lbs in less than a month which is way abnormal for me. Now I'm really beginning to wonder about a few symptoms I have been noticing based on whats written in this thread.. Think at this point I'll stay away from them..
518117 tn?1429279873 major life changes have been that todd lost his grandmother while in prison, he was in prison for 5 yrs., he has not seen his little girls in 7 yrs. todd was functional before all this. he owned a home at 19, held the same job for almost 6 yrs., was a family man at a very young age. he was doing at 20, what many men in their 30's do. yes, todd is stuck in this life right now. at a dead stop. and i cannot blame him. and he went to prison based totally on lies. that is whole other story.
Avatar n tn Taking regular insulin meant for diabetics when you are not diabetic can kill you. Besides being a VERY BAD idea--stupid in the extreme--, people who are hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) have a tendency to GAIN weight, not lose it. Taking supplements that "mimic" insulin probably won't help you either. Don't take drugs or untried supplements, especially those with such promises as this one has. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
585414 tn?1288944902 Notably, patients treated with LY2140023 did not differ from placebo-treated patients with respect to prolactin elevation, extrapyramidal symptoms or weight gain. These data suggest that mGlu2/3 receptor agonists have antipsychotic properties and may provide a new alternative for the treatment of schizophrenia.
107366 tn?1305683975 I know I need to get some of this weight off my arse, too. By the time I saw her, my blood test results were in, and my glucose was high. I really don't want to become diabetic, so it's time to quit all the excuses and start exercising and eating better. If I can lose 10% of my body weight, I will more than likely avoid that, and even better...not have to take medication for it. So, time to kick myself in the butt and get moving!
518117 tn?1429279873 i did have that drop of hope and faith that maybe just maybe he would improve mentally. but yet, he died from physical problems. i know with the weight gain his physical health grew worse. last time i saw him was one week before his death. exactly one week. he was coughing and wheezing some. but yet, somehow he seemed some better in his mind. i knew my son. we had gotten him off the depakote, weaning him off that damn seroquel and they were trying several other meds.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend keeps pointing out pregnant girls and saying "look at that fat girl babe" at first it was cute cause he's just so excited to have a baby but I swear to god when I start to show if he calls me fat I might just have my baby in prison for killing his ***.
518117 tn?1429279873 i never believed him much. the urologist also says this would cause his excessive thirst and weight gain. which todd has been having. todd can drink water like a man that has been in the desert. says he cannot quench his thirst. and i say depakote put on some of his weight. todd is a big guy normally. he is only 5'9'' though. but like my daddy, todd has very broad shoulders. and todd has arms on him that are solid and big as rocks. only way i know how to describe men things.
1312898 tn?1314571733 I am grateful to have made some medical strides that are helping, and grateful to have my MS diagnosis in black and white--------now for the second time. Receiving my sleep apnea equipment has helped and my pain level is lower so I don't need the same amount of narcotics I was taking. I have also worked to heal significant family relationships.
Avatar f tn I was always kinda underweight couldn’t get to 110 lbs until I turned 30 when my metabolism changed and I started to gain weight. I’ve been gaining weight slowly ever since. The EGD looks for varicies enlarged blood vessels in your esophagus. Bile is a normal product of the digestive process. Bile is made by your body to digest food. If your doctor is feeling your liver it is for size you can’t realky feel inflammation but you can feel possibly if the liver is enlarged.
518117 tn?1429279873 i took depakote for 3 yrs. did nothing for me except make me a walking brain dead. did not make me gain weight though thank god. todd did real well on celexa and seraquel in prison. that will probably be the combo shrink is going to keep him on. plus keep him on the trazadone. celexa has been one of the few antidepressants that i have been able to tolerate and actually benefit some from. i dont like seraquel but todd does. just difference in people. i went to my family doctor last week.
Avatar n tn IVE DONE EVERYTHING THING THERE IS TO DO WITH LOSEING WEIGHT...being a pro athlete in a 'weight' sport..I dont make weight..I make no $$$ ive done everything you think of..and have over 12 yrs in weight loss..but hey...you 'book' readers are smarter I guess...so this is my challenge..show me..from a non selling source ?? I got $500 says you can not do it..
1428373 tn?1301328236 We all have some form of chronic pain and speak from personal experiences. Weight gain on it's own should not account for severe abdominal pain. However reasons for gain could play a factor. Your symptoms sound very painful. I am sorry you are dealing with undiagnosed pain. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience and tenacity to get the the bottom of your medical symptoms. Are you being seen by a team of specialist associated with a large teaching hospital?
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Avatar n tn http://health.clevelandclinic.org/2014/01/how-to-beat-weight-gain-after-menopause/?
Avatar n tn The only side affect that I have had is a little weight gain. Almost all is water because as soon as I stopped taking it I lost 30lbs. Good luck.
791533 tn?1309748944 I'm not an outdoors person, but being enclosed by force in a sterilized and medicated prison made claustrophobia settle in on me. Even harder than the claustrophobia was getting to visit with my mom and dad then watching them leave through 3 sets of locked and guarded doors. I knew what it felt like for the first time in my life to be in a cage. The other part of my brief stay in the psych ward that had an immense impression on my psyche was watching the other patients.
Avatar n tn I gained almost all 90 pounds lost over the last 3 years and have been so depressed with the weight gain so what did I do? Decided to go back to the easy way out and start doing meth again. I have only been doing it for about 3 weeks now and it for some reason is not making me feel the same as it did 3 years ago... quite frankly it just makes me feel like ****.
Avatar n tn I just received news that my husband has been told he has Hep C, he had been sick for some time, he is in the prison system, has been for nine years he has 12 months to go and has been hit with this. I am not familiar with this disease and I am scared for him. He says they will be taking ALT test on him every three months. I was not able to ask too many questions, because our 11 year old son was with me and I didn't want to scare him. I will be contacting the medical dept.
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Avatar n tn so that generic xanax, does it make you gain weight or does it make you lose wieght. I just wanted to know because today is my first day on the pills and thats one of my main concerns. Also withdrawls i dont even know what they are. One other thing what does taper mean?