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Avatar f tn 31 week and 3 days - my weight gain is still below my pre-pregnancy weight (-3,4 lbs). Doctor said - "no worries, every lady is different. Baby is developing and growing even1 week ahead, so there are no concerns at all". With my third baby I gained 30 lbs during pregnancy and extra 20lbs during first 3-4 months after baby was born. With first two kids my weight gain was 30 lbs and returned to normal weight 1 year after their birth.
Avatar f tn They only watch weight on under weight or highly overweight ladies during pregnancy. She said woman are the best at keeping an eye on their weight and what feels right.
Avatar f tn How can you adequately compare your weight gain if you don't include both sides of the spectrum? That'd be like running a drug trial with no placebo group. I also found it slightly rude because I am 23 weeks but am down 12 lbs so far this pregnancy. I do eat, I just always feel nauseated.
Avatar n tn I think it is normal. I didn't really gain much weight utill the last 3 1/2 - 4 months of my pregnancy with my son. I have a friend that is 4 months along right now and she has only lost weight, due to morning sickness. Some people may only gain about 15 pounds during their whole pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. But I think that what you are going through is perfectly normal.
Avatar n tn This doesn't make sense. I didn't gain any weight during the 5 months of pregnancy until the very end when the baby was already dead. Now 3 months later, I'm 20lbs over my prepregnancy weight. I have NOT been eating for comfort. My food intake has drastically decreased and my exercise has drastically increased. First my dh said maybe it is muscle gain so I backed of the working out some and that made it worse so I started working out more and that made it worse too. What can I do?
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if this will help with my weight gain by evening out my hormones or will I gain even more weight? Losing hope.
Avatar n tn I had a hyster in 05. Same situation as all of you. I have gained 23lbs after working at Weight Watchers and losing 52lbs in 03. I have started researching weight gain and hysterectomies just yesterday. I am a Christian, believer in JC.
550943 tn?1330731180 and would like to loose some more weight as ordered by the dr. I had alot of pregnancy troubles during the end due to my weight. My question is...how can i prevent putting on so much weight with my next pregnancy? I don't want to diet or do anything bad for my next baby but being as heavy as i was with lilly is not healthy for me or my next baby. I wanted to start TTC before now but have needed to loose weight. i really don't want to wait another six months for me to loose another 10kilos.
138725 tn?1278063590 so i'm laying off the sweets which i started recently indulging in during the past few weeks...i know it's normal to gain weight during pregnancy, but i want it to be good weight....not sugar and sweets weight..lol.
443968 tn?1288616289 I usually weigh about 117 - 119 lbs (53-54 kg), and during the pregnancy I gained 33 lbs (15 kgs) which was quite normal. Within the first month, I lost around 22 lbs which is alot. Medina was in hospital when she was 2 weeks old as she had two abscesses under the arm and was surgically operated upon under full anaesthesia (thankfully she has no memory of it but I do :-(........
Avatar n tn The funny thing is that I have a trainer and do at least 1 hour of cardio 7 days a week and still gained weight! I feel horrible. In fact, the weight gain is making me depressed. I would rather be thin and anxious than fat and chilled. I am in the process of tapering off it and and I feel like ****. It is horrible. I wish that others knew the truth of this horrible drug. The positive of drug is that it took away my anxiety and I felt great despite getting fat!
Avatar f tn or so but I have yet to lose weight by myself. I work out 5 days a week and watch what I eat (I believe another hormone issue - if you're interested Google Syndrome X or Insulin Resistance Syndrome contributes to my difficulty losing weight). I honestly believe that depo threw my body into hormone hell...I would love someone to get them back the way they're supposed to be!! Is it possible to start a class action lawsuit against the makers of Depo Provera?!?
Avatar f tn Before, I did find it hard to loose weight, it just wouldn't come off and now my weight is stable. But I have found that even on a week when I do eat some junk I still stay the same weight. I have fluctuations around my monthly cycle but I think this is normal.
639543 tn?1297031234 Like everyone said, everyone is different AND you sound like you are right on with the weight gain...I gained about 5 pounds by the end of my first trimester and was slow until like my 20th week...then I started to gain steadily and really look pregnant.
Avatar f tn I was 80 kg befor and 90 kg now(am 36 weeks). I gain alot of weight during me living for study in another cou try and havent lost it.
1857863 tn?1321452566 So far on here (my weight tracker) I have gained 24lbs since the beginning of my pregnancy. My dr. didn't want me to gain no more than 15-20lbs during the pregnancy. Anyhow I can't say if its to much but I'm in the same boat as you. I just hope my GD test comes out okay when I take it next Monday. Just remember to eat veggies and fruits. I'm finding hard to do so because they get quite boring...and drink lots of water and if that gives you heart burn go for non-fat (skim) milk.
11240317 tn?1416687142 As a general rule heavier ladies aren't supposed to gain much weight during pregnancy anyway. And maybe the weight you put on is helping your body's ability to have a baby? Naturally women are supposed to be larger than society wants us to be for child bearing purposes. It helps our bodies house a baby and deliver them. Can you imagine being about 90 pounds and having a baby? Ouch! No thanks.
Avatar f tn And if it does, is it only the weight you gained during pregnancy, or does it help with before weight as well?
Avatar f tn don't worry i lost weight during my pregnancy, you will gain baby weight but don't be in a hurry to gain it
Avatar n tn I haven't lost any weight, but I do feel like it helps me keep the smallest amount of control over my weight gain. Has anyone lost weight taking 1000mg? Is 500 just not enough? Would love hear from you. You can also email me.
1255151 tn?1413895426 A couple apps I have track my weight and was telling me I was considerably below the normal weight gain for my height and weight pre pregnancy, so needless to say I was freaked out! I am sure i will start packing on the lbs here soon anyway! Now, I know not to listen to certain sites or apps that tell you you are below or above the normal weight gain for your week in pregnancy.
649848 tn?1534637300 my age iz 21 n my weight iz 54 kg i dn hav a suitable figure i wana lose some weight so dat i cn hav a better figure plz guide me about diet n exercise besides i hv skin problems too if take less diet dat affects ma face so kindly help me any 1 thank you
1498386 tn?1403031253 I was on metformin but it did nothing apart from make me gain weight. I have lost the weight by my self and it has been hard work but solo worth it.
Avatar m tn The increasing insulin doses to control my blood sugar was a contributing factor in a significant weight gain month after month post surgery. My clinic endocrinologist said I could not take Byetta because of its potential problems with kidney function, but prescribed Victoza. Drs have had limited experience with the drug but she said on the dozen or so patients she put on Victoza, some had good experience with weight loss.
Avatar n tn Eventhough I am prochoice I beleive only God can give or take life so I am unwilling to terminate (evidenced by my pregnancy history). Luckily I am in a relationship with a very supportive & loving man who has 2 children 14 & 6. He will support me in whatever decisions I may need to make. I am also scared of the possible outcomes so I would like to see if anyone who knows about succesful prenancies and birth after endometrial ablation can give me information or insightfulness.
579258 tn?1250652943 by time i went into labor i weighed 240 lbs. by post partum week 6 i weighed 190. by my 6 week check up i weighed 160. and at the begining of december i weighed 164. i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get back to 120. i watch what i eat and everything....but have no motivation to work out. i'm so tired 90% of the time (it's hard work taking care of twins...especially when they're sick, teething or just fussy) that i can't even manage to force myself to workout...even though i really want to.
Avatar n tn Still no weight loss, no weight gain either. I exercise at the gym 6 days per week. I do weight training every other day. Cardio for 45min - 1 hour each day. walking interval always UPHILL.. Well for a month now 0 weight loss. I have increased my lean protein to 100g per day. I do have thyroid disease, controlled. Any suggestions? Thank you.
Avatar n tn 72 kg ( no gain , weight reduced from 75kg in January to 72kg in april and since then constant due to exercises before pregnancy) No vomiting, slight headache, dizziness sometimes, no malaria. BP normal. ECG normal. Between 6 th and 8 th weeks – progesterone supplements Medication folic acid – 2tablets twice a day. The local Pilipino Gynecologist referred me to Pilipino internist.