Weight gain after removal of ovaries

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1481356 tn?1287611021 In a nutshell, the most bothersome persistent effects for me have been loss of libido, vaginal dryness, weight gain, and a general aging of my body. Although it has only been 3 years since my dx, I feel like I aged 15. I have always taken supplements and eaten a balanced diet. I was especially careful to take calcium and vitamin D in order to help avoid osteoporosis.
Avatar f tn after slipping a disc 3weeks ago and having a MRI scan it also revealed a large cyst.. my gyny has confirmed removal of both ovaries and the cyst.. I had a hysterectomy 6 yrs ago and a laparotomy 22yrs ago when i was pregnant. I,m worried about being plunged into the menopause over night and also wondered whether anyone else has noticed increased weight especially around the midrife..and i also have a pain between my shoulder blades around the bra strap area which really hurts??
Avatar n tn I still refuse to believe that my weight gain is a direct result of my surgery. I did notice that most of my weight is around my stomach which is an area I never had a problem with. I am going to make an effort to get back into my old routine of exercising etc and will see where it takes me.
Avatar f tn most weight gain after a hysterectomy is due to the lack of activity during the healing process!! My advice is to not just lay there. Get up and go do as much as possible without over doing it as soon as possible! Also watch what u eat while not being as active as usual. We know what puts on the lbs and what doesnt! While your laying in bed excersise your legs or mayb get some light weights to work your arms out! If your body is moving your burning calories!!
Avatar f tn I would rather blame any upcoming weight gain on the candy bars and the recovery process. How can you not gain weight while doing NOTHING...LOL. I am getting ready to have my hyst on the 29th...I am too fat already.
Avatar n tn we all are having the same problems and the catch 22 of weight gain which leads to depession which leads to weight gain etcl Any experts out there with a natural solution to losing weight with no pills. I would love to hear from someone!!
129291 tn?1205780063 2 and 1/2 years ago while pregnant, I have undergone 2 surgeries (removal of my ovaries due to cyst, one at 13 weeks the other at 16 weeks) which left me menopausal. After my baby was born, I was breastfeeding for a year and things were great. Lost all my weight, (was skinnier then pre-pregnancy) felt good. 2 months after I stop breastfeeding, things went down the hill and it has been up and down since. In the mean time, I switch to a new OBG, the old one was not any help to me.
Avatar f tn I've actually done nothing but gain weight since IUD removal. Lots of weight. Any suggestions? I wished I'd known of this post back then. It would have given me something else to consider.
Avatar f tn ( I have read that it is the steroid that is causing weight gain and have read it's because of adrenal insufficiency. Most likely, it's both issues. All I have to say is it's just a lot of weight to gain so quickly and I don't know when it will stop! Currently we (doctor and I ) are the process of tapering down the steroid to 25 mg daily broken up in 3 doses. Tapering has to be done slowly as you can have withdrawal symptoms-which are not pleasant!!
2080300 tn?1349059153 Hello LAF5, Graves disease often leads to hypothyroidissm which can lead to weight gain. Hysterectomy even with removal of the ovaries is not correlated with excessive weight gain. I recommend that you f/u with your endocrinologist concerning your thyroid and consider enrolling in an official weight loss program if warranted.
Avatar n tn I have no other thyroind issues now and never have had weight issues with moderate exercise 3x a week and a healthy lifestyle. I have read alot about weight gain after the surgery. Any info on your experiences would be appreciated. Will the thyroid medicine make my body function like it does today? I am not hyper or hypo.
Avatar n tn Its been week three after my surgery. I had an incision in my abdomin because my tumor was too big for a lap. Ive been feeling pretty good. I too had gained weight, ALOT, and weighed more than ive ever weighed in my life! I weighed 283lbs before I had my tumor removed. I had a Dermoid tumor that was 11CM. Size of a grapefruit. If you have it at 3CM, they WILL remove it lap. I am certain. I mean, I could be wrong, but...3CM is a good size, but small enough to fit through a small incision!
Avatar n tn I am considering having an ovarian cyst removed--both ovaries too because my sister died of ovarian cancer, and my grandfather and my niece died of colon cancer. I read somewhere that there can be a connection between colon cancer and ovarian cancer--that is if blood relatives have colon cancer or ovarian cancer, there's more of a chance of someone getting ovarian cancer. My cyst is probably the size of a quarter. Two years ago, I had it.
Avatar n tn I'm making a list of all of my symptoms...dated pictures i took of myself during the weight gain to document how rapid it was, and i would like to throw out some ideas. This time last year I was a happy go-lucky, annoyingly perky 19yearold who used to model throughout high school. Now, I am a obese 20 year old who is depressed and tired of having to wear her fiance's clothes because nothing in my 2 closets and dresser fits anymore.......
Avatar n tn I have gone through chemo removal of my ovaries and removal of the Omentum. I dont seem to be able to loose any weight and was wandering if anyone may know if removal of the Omentum has anything to do with it. Also was put on a low dosage of hormones because of hot flashes does anyone have any input on taking these after having Ovarian Cancer.
Avatar n tn In Jan 2008, I had surgery for the removal of the endometriosis, which was on my uteran walls as well as both ovaries. Post surgery, my doctor informed me that he actually had removed a 3 inch tumor from my left ovary. In Feb 2008, my doctor then informed me that the tumor removed contained both benign and malignant cells (diagnosed as ovarian cancer) and he highly recommended I undergo yet another surgery to remove my ovary, which I agreed to and was removed in April 2008.
Avatar f tn Ipurr made a good point in that HRT cannot make up for what was lost (if ovaries are removed or fail due to the loss of blood flow after hysterectomy) PLUS you have to pay for HRT. Our ovaries never stop producing hormones. Sure, estrogen falls after menopause but the ovaries continue producing quite a bit of testosterone that can be converted into estrogen as our body needs. There are numerous studies that show the long-term harm of ovary removal or post-hysterectomy ovarian failure.
Avatar f tn and Canada especially with the high rates of hysterectomy? Women lose around 50% of their testosterone after ovary removal or post-hysterectomy ovarian failure. I understand they have the Intrinsia testosterone patch in the UK. They had started a clinical trial of it here in the U.S. but abandoned it part-way through, if I recall correctly :( Susan - I am sorry you had cancer but glad to hear you are doing well.
Avatar n tn Hi The weight gain after hysterectomy, particularly around the waist, is result of hormonal changes induced in your body. If ovaries are also removed during hysterectomy (i.e. a complete hysterectomy), it leads to an artificial menopause. The ovaries normally produce the female hormones estrogen, progesterone, and androstenedione. Upon their removal, levels of these hormones drop dramatically. An imbalance between the levels of androgens (male hormone) and estrogen comes into play.
Avatar n tn For years I have been complaining of feeling sick, abdominal pain and most of all, weight gain. I have been so bloated for countless years. But recently I got really bad pressure on my bladder etc, which led to the diagnosis. I had the operation 3 weeks ago (03/20) apart from the terrible pain, I felt great and although still swollen, I definately see a difference in my weight after so many years. I now have the pressure on my bladder again, it is an incredible pressure.
Avatar f tn Since you have a hysterectomy scheduled, I assume you have a gynecologic problem unrelated to the ovarian cyst? As far as weight gain, many women complain of weight gain after hysterectomy. Even if you don't gain weight, your figure will change because of the loss of pelvic integrity from severing the four sets of uterine ligaments that are the pelvis' support structures which keep the spine, hips, and rib cage in their proper positions.
Avatar n tn Yes, I too expected to have a total Hysterectomy & removal of ovaries & Endometriosis by Laparascopic surgery. Well, that did occur but I knew that after my surgery that something was very wrong. My Sigmoid Colon had been ruptured. I was hugely distended & kept questioning this to no avail. I even suggersted that I had Peritonitis, but was told to think happy thoughts! Finally, day 5 in the hospital I felt my bowel really "Go" whilst on the toilet.
Avatar f tn kind of hilarious cuz like, I just had major surgery, yet post-op pain was NOTHING compared to what I would endure during a menstrual cycle (my vicoprofen intake, post-op, was also a fraction of what I'd ingest during the course of a menstrual cycle). I'm so glad to be free of that... what else - weight gain. I went from my perfect running weight of 104 (103.8 lbs.
Avatar f tn Hi, The size of the dermoid is small and if possible a cystectomy may be done. The removal of the ovary may not always be necessary. Discuss this with your Doctor. Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery and you can expect a speedy recovery. Also if your other ovary is intact then hormonal problems will also not be there. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I found this on a website, I too am freaked out about IUD removal. I am scheduled to have it removed at the end of this month. And almost evertyhing I am reading is scaring the heck out of me . I Hope it helps you, I found some compfort in it. "After removal of the IUD, the inflammatory reaction rapidly disappears.
Avatar n tn I have become too skinny with this weight loss and would like to reverse the pattern, and gain some weight. Quite opposite what most of the people in the USA need. If any one has any idea as how to gain weight, please let me know. Perhaps some other people may also benefit with your suggestion. Further, if anyone is familiar with some natural ways of controlling diabetes 2, please share your ideas. Thanks in advance. Robert, NYC.
Avatar f tn Hello Kaybee1167, it is quite possible that your complete hysterectomy did not include removal of both ovaries. The medical term for removal of both ovaries is bilateral salpingoophorectomy. If you do have ovaries present the average age of perimenopause is 47.5 and menopause is 51. So the short answer to your question is that it is possible.
Avatar n tn I'm 26 years old and I've been having pain during and after intercourse for the past 9 months. I've been with the same partner for 7yrs. I finally went to my Ob/Gyn to have it checked out. She did an interal ultrasound and it showed that I have several cyst on each ovary. She prescribed me some birthcontrol pills for three months to see if that would make the pain go away. I went back after the three months for a check up and the pain was still there.