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Avatar f tn I'm a plus size girl, not excessively so size 18/20. And I gained 70 with my first, 35 with my second and 15 with my 3rd....I am currently 11wk4days and have lost weight. My Dr says as a bigger girl if I can safely gain 20-25.....you are right though some women are going to see the 'exsessive' weight gain on the app and freak out....not cool. It should just let u track ur weight....bot give input.
Avatar f tn what did your babies weigh at 26 weeks? I just got back from my growth ultrasound and he's a whopping 2 lbs 3oz! I looked up a chart for average fetal weight and it says the average at 26 weeks is 1.68lbs!
Avatar f tn The weight chart on here is total bs. Don't listen to it.
1083673 tn?1388888638 My chart has me confused it says I ovulated on day 6 and I have a 29 day cycle. Someone said I should of ovulated the 11th. Can anyone please look and see if they can help me.
Avatar n tn The weight could be off and there are women who deliver 9-10 pound babies vaginally so I don't see why your doctor would be wanting to give you a csection just cause your baby might be measuring a little big
1938479 tn?1325705620 If Arnold Schwarzenegger was to use a BMI (weight vs height) chart while bodybuilding, it would have classified him as obese. Another way to look at fat versus muscles is that a cubic inch of muscle will weigh more than a cubic inch of fat. Muscle is about 18 percent more dense than fat. So a better question is am I in shape or do i need to convert more areas of fat to muscle? With that said, here is a weight chart that should only be used to give you an idea, so don't take it as gospel.
Avatar f tn Keep a chart of your weight,as I've gained 4pounds in about 12days :| lol..
Avatar n tn I wouldn't listen to the weight chart thing, I'm nearly 35 weeks amd ever since a set up this app it has been telling me av been gaining too much weight, av never worried as think it is probably better to be gaining to much than not enough.
783304 tn?1283395088 I was just wondering if there was a way to go back to my weight tracker in 2009? It kept my info of my starting weight and my goal but I can't seem to see my chart.
Avatar n tn Not sure what my BMI is but I am over weight and my doctor did put me on a higher dosage of birth control pills.. So there is such a thing..but would recommend you talk to your doctor about the side effects...and if a higher dosage is right for you. I have had no problems with the higher dosage... Except a less or sporting period. I have not gained any weight...actually have lost weight....but working out and diet can be the cause of that.
Avatar f tn Her weight is between the 5-10th percentile and her height is below the 5th percentile for her age. She is still on the growth chart for weight which is good, and she maybe just small in stature. Does the family have a history of small women? That is good you are using milkshakes and Pediasure. Suggest giving her milkshakes in place of milk at every meal. Make sure she is eating a protein food each meal (meat, fish, cheese, or yogurt) too.
Avatar f tn After attending medical school and specializing in reproduction, I learned that its all up tp the male, his I believe it the y trait of the male dna that dertermines the sex of baby. Thats why so many women were beheaded in midevil times they thought it was the women but its actually the man. Its pretty interesting if you think about it. But I have 2 boys and abt to have boy #3 and ive done almost every position, deep penatration, time of year, ovulation, blah blah and still have 3 boys.
1101132 tn?1263780302 Can someone look at my chart. I finally got the FAM on the chart this morning but I'm unsure as to why it was put on cd33. I would have thought it went on another date. I did switch to a basal thermometer on cd 29 so my temps before them aren't very acurate.
Avatar f tn My dr wants me to chart the bbt and my temps have been all over the place! I had the hsg procedure done a month ago and it seems now my temp and cylce is crazy! My temp didn't drop for ovulation and my ovulation monitor said I was ovulating! Is this a sign that my hormones are not right?
522699 tn?1250590716 Thank you - I wanted to be able to show on the weight chart where ovulation and menses occured in relation to fluid retention and weight gain....if that makes sense.
270696 tn?1243548020 Hey, your chart looks fine. Clomid is famous for making your temps higher or lower then normal, it affects everyone differently. Plus, you just got done with af, right? I don't take my temps while i'm on af b/c those temps don't really matter. The temps around ovulation are what matters, and when they are up for 3 days in a row then you know you ovulated. Don't worry about it girl, when you ovulate, it will show a temp shift.
1002803 tn?1256775208 I did also notice you are trying to lose some weight. This may take care of the problem also. We see women a lot who have weak hormone shifts or weak luteal phase and if they are on the low or high end of the weight spectrum often even 10lbs can make a big difference in regulating their cycle. Anyway. Just something to keep an eye on as you definitely don't want the luteal phase to be any shorter then 10 days.
Avatar f tn I guess it differs. Asked my doctor and she tracts pregnancies as 4 weeks equals a month 1 month 4 weeks 2 month= 8 weeks 3 month=12 weeks 4month=16 weeks 5month= 20 weeks 6month=24 weeks 7month= 28 weeks 8month= 32 weeks 9month= 36 weeks 10month= 40 weeks.
Avatar f tn Used in conjunction with other trackers such as the Weight Tracker, Exercise Tracker, Diabetes Tracker, Cholesterol Tracker, and Water Consumption Tracker, the Food Diary will be the perfect addition to helping users achieve their health goals. Follow this link to start tracking today: http://www.medhelp.org/land/food-diary Enjoy!
Avatar n tn 22 weeks in my case..
Avatar f tn The NRDC created the chart below as a guideline to how much tuna can be eaten by children, pregnant women or women wanting to conceive, based on their weight. Weight in Pounds Frequency White Albacore Chunk Light 20lbs. 1 can/10 wks 1 can/3 wks 30lbs. 1 can/6 wks 1 can/2 wks 40lbs. 1 can/5 weeks 1 can/11 days 50lbs. 1 can/4 weeks 1 can/9 days 60lbs.
Avatar n tn Im a ftm due october 26 and the charter said I was having a girl and he definitely has a penis haha so it was 100% wrong for me!
Avatar f tn //www.babycenter.
Avatar f tn That depends on your frame size, as well as your age. Your frame size is how large your bones are. Here's a bit of height weight chart, that pertains to your height, but only if you are an adult female. If you're not an adult, the figures would be different.