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Avatar n tn My doc has put me on Topamax for migraine headaches, and I think the weight-loss thing would be a big bonus. I have about 50-60 pounds to drop, and think it would be nice to have an appetite suppressant to help me a long. I am also on Paxil currently, but am switching over to Lexapro. It will be interesting to see how all this works out for me. I hope to see lots more information on Topamax in the future, but apparently it does a fair job of warding off the migraines, so that's good.
Avatar n tn I haven't had any migranes, I'm not dreadfully tired and as an added bonus, it is already helping me to lose weight. I have struggled with weight all of my life, so knowing that this can help is wonderful. I eat smart and exercise, but before, I slept all the time. Now I don't eat as much and I have more energy. It is great hope for anyone with epilepsy, migranes, maia, but I don't think it should be prescribed for people as a weight loss pill.
Avatar n tn wow...pounds just MELTED off..within months I lost like 40lbs...THIS time I tried..I CONTINUED to GAIN weight!!! I feel like this is hopeless!!!! HELP!!!!!
Avatar n tn I know one grain is a low dose to switch to from 125 mcg Synthroid but I am always sensitive to meds, so we were trying to start slow. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated from anyone on this medication. Hope this works!
Avatar n tn I already had a few extra pounds too...and I've gained 11 so far...and i'm 22wks tomorrow. so i'm steadily gaining. I thought i'd gained 16 pounds! Can you imagine?
Avatar f tn It *****, but sometimes you have to be a pain in a Drs hiney to get quality care. My advice to you...Change your Dr. Keep copies of your medical chart, particularly your lab results. This way, even you can see if something is abnormal and can ask about it. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and TELL the Dr what you are doing to improve your health. Even if it isn't working, this paints a picture to them that you are interested in getting healthy and are not "just another whiner"...
1358341 tn?1282213443 brands to use are Jarrow Life extension lactoferrin(apoloctoferrin) capsules or Symbiotics 100% lactoferrin 20mg per kg of body weight. tasteless and can be added to food. Probiotics are also a good choice. hope all these arrive safely. good luck keep us updated.
162948 tn?1205256292 but the cause of removel was I've had other health problems that docs couldn't find out whats causing dizzness, legs swealling up, bad acne, excess weight gain and loss. 5 in a day to week 25 lbs.. getting a secon opion on uturin pain she said I had cysit rupture, a bit odd between 3 ob visits had several pregnacy tests done.
1074733 tn?1256235219 She started to become pale, lethargic, whiny and stayed on the couch instead of going out to play. She was only 37 pounds and tiny, but the doctor said even though she was well underneath the normal growth chart lines, she was ok and I worried too much. He said she was tiny because she was a preemie and just stressed from 1st grade and her trouble keeping up due to her dyslexia.
6320170 tn?1380351097 Out of no where I began to lose weight. over thirty pounds by the weeks end. All of my muscles turned to jelly.I needed help to walk.I had major fatigue. Loss of and blurred vision. Really high sensitivity to light. Not only my skin but my eyes. everytime I walked outside it was so bright that I would start to feel uncomfortable and faint. I hurt everywhere. it felt like I was rotting from the inside out. and like it was going to all fall out the bottom of me ( my vagina).
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284078 tn?1282620298 That is one of the most significant things that people don't always realize. In my business it is extraoridinarily rare for an acute, severe problem to happen to both eyes unless there is some sort of terrible industrial accident, explosion or facial trauma. Topamax, when it causes this extreme side effects, will almost universally affect both eyes. What is the indicence? I don't think anyone knows but I'll just throw it out there.
284078 tn?1282620298 ) Her ocular pressure was actually only slightly elevated and with cessation of the Topamax, her pressure returned to normal in a day, while it took over a week for her vison to return to normal. It was extremely impressive the way the lens moved forward initially. After a week, the lens moved back to normal position and the eye looked completely different as if from another person. It was really something I will never forget.
Avatar n tn Hello - thanks for asking your question. I agree with the suggestions below suggesting testing for pancreatitis, as well as the ERCP with manometry to test for Spincter of Oddi dysfunction. This disease is more prevalent in those who have had their gall bladders removed. Treatment may include sphincterotomy, surgery, medications (i.e. nitrates, calcium channel blockers), electroacupuncture or botulinum injection. Another consideration would be a non-healing ulcer.
Avatar f tn She also has constant nausea and vomiting and has lost 70 pounds in the past year due to the fact that everytime she eats (doesn't seem to make much difference what she eats) she has pain, nausea and diarrhea. She had her gall bladder removed about 3 years ago and it was somewhat better for about 6 months but has gotten consistantly worse since that time. She had a surgery about 6 months ago in which the surgeon tightened the upper stomach opening and opened the bottom.
579258 tn?1250652943 -( I was so very down..... ....This year I'm not even going to try to loose pounds. If I can just turn the fat into muscle and go down a size or two I will be happy. Best wishes to everyone on whatever their goal may be in putting one step in front of the other threw out the many new years to come. Jan. 1st is great for setting new goals; but, I've found that sometimes it's easier to make a new goal every couple of weeks instead due to some health issues.
Avatar f tn I seaked the advice of a naturopath to use it to my advantage because I had about 80 pounds to lose. I see him every Friday and since then, I have lost 43 pounds...:-) It has not been difficult. It seems like he weight is coming off on its own now. I don't crave anything. I'm hoping to reach my goal by January. I'm not worried about the holidays because I have been turned off all food and I don't think it will be difficult to continue following what the naturopath has told me to do. By the way.
Avatar f tn I agree, meds to lose weight is not the right way to go, we have to modify our lifestyle and diet on order to do that.
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Avatar n tn Don't freak out if you got pregnant while taking injections but definetly stop taking them if you think you may be. You do not want to risk your babies health just to lose weight. Read Pounds and Inches! Don't waste your time or money on The Weight Loss Cure by Trudeu. Other than getting pregnant, I didn't experience any side effects. In fact, my energy was great! And I never experienced headaches, but I drank lots of water.
Avatar n tn I quit drinking altogether around 3 years ago when I seemed to be especially sensitive to any alcohol or meds. I've been to the Dr. but because my lab work is normal no further evaluation has been done. I have bad allergies along with sinus and migraine headaches and have taken tylenol and advil. My question is what headache med, decongestant, or antihistmine would be recommended for a person with liver disease. I have an appt.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Liddle's in 2012. I went to the ER and was admitted for penumonia. Turned out I had blood clots in my lungs - 2 on each side. The day after that discovery, my docs noticed my potassium was very low and my GFR was 38. I had been treated for Hypertention since 2008. I've had problems with my kidneys all my life. Infections, Stones, even Uremia once when I was preg.
299260 tn?1304219705 ) They're both measuring approx 3 pounds, 14 ounces! So, very close to 4 pounds :) My appt with the nutritionist went well. They increased my insulin again, but that's ok. The NST took a bit longer today because the babies weren't active, but everything looked good & we'll go back on Tuesday :) It was great to see my parents. They drive 2 hours just to spend 2 hours with us! ;) My mom brought so many baby clothes & they're so darn cute! Now I feel much more prepared.
Avatar n tn I don't understand why we have no rights as patients to be told what they are actually thinking. I saw it in my chart as we were talking, my primary care physcians office refferal nurse indicated that I am "Hypochondrial in nature". Hello. That REALLY ticked me off. I am seeing my chart from my primarys office on Friday. And then that same day seeing my primary doctor too.
392430 tn?1382908381 ) She has started to roll over from tummy to back..not quite mastered the back to tummy yet. She is all smiles except when I get the camera out! She just stares at it no matter how funny I try to be to distract her! She is soo fun though. I love her more each day :) At her two month appointment (which was two weeks ago) she was 11.8 lbs and 24 1/4 inches long. I am sure she is much bigger now. Yesterday I picked her up and I was like "ok you have gained weight since yesterday!
Avatar n tn the next day i had an appointment to get the results of the ivp - no stones. the ob/gyn then sent me to see the doc who had performed the lap. he did bloodwork. sed rate - 6, normal. this is where i am now. here are more of the unusual occurrences in my body: during the two "attacks" i experience pain when voiding. not a burning pain, pain in the abdomen. it is on the right side, mid to above my navel and radiates to my back.
429155 tn?1205676864 I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
299260 tn?1304219705 Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy! Happy 1st B-day, Jaedyn! Vortex: On 4/20/2009, Sahana was born! (Check out her pics!!!) Joyce: 5/28/09 Daniel Joseph was born, 8lbs, 8oz and 19 3/4 inches long. Jessie: 6/11/09 Zachary Kaden arrived at 5:43am. 7 lbs, 12 oz and 20.5 inches long Armyprincess: 7/24/09, Jeremy Michael was born 9lbs, 3 ozs & 20 inches Stacey: 8/12/09, Jake Harrison was born a healthy 6lbs! Check out his handsome pics!
Avatar f tn For some reason, calcium isn't getting where it needs to be, which is the bones. Do you have a history of kidney stones? Have you had your thyroid levels tested? Vitamin D is necessary for the proper metabolism of thyroid hormones and since your level is so low, I'd have to wonder about your actual thyroid hormones. You should ask to get tested for Free T3, Free T4 and TSH.