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Avatar n tn They were very painful, bent over and in tears kind of pain, but was always told I had gas or heartburn. I lost and gained weight so many times and had two more children, during this period as well. I finally had an attack about a year and 1/2 ago that I almost called 911, I was shopping with my daughter and I started having my old familiar attack, only this time it would not subside like the other times. They would usually last anywhere for 5 minites to 30 minutes or more sometimes.
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317787 tn?1473362051 Hi my sister recently had blood work because she has gained a lot of weight. She started working out, nothing is working. I told her to get her thyroid tested. I got her numbers and am hoping someone can help. Her TSH 1.15 Thyroxine 6.8 Free Thyroxine .93 T3 107 range .3 to 4.
Avatar n tn Although he didn't read through my chart or check through all of my tests, he did question why I should be on Cipro for 3 weeks. He also questioned my CT scan appointment & thinks since I don't have insurance I should wait instead of spending $1200. (Although if I had insurance, he says I should since I have the blood in my urine.) He says that my back is a mess & questioned my where my pain was as opposed to pain from a kidney stone.
Avatar n tn It took about six months for me to notice any weight changes. About a year after being on the drug, I got kidney stones (another side effect). After this episode, I quit taking the drug. You shoudl not just quit, you need to ween yourself off of it. Ever since, I have gained all of the weight back and then some. I think this medication triggers something in your brain that makes you stop doing obsessive behaviors.
Avatar n tn I have digenerative disc disease and my neirologist just prescribed topamax, he said it would help with the pain and tingling but could result in weight loss. I am wondering if prescribing topamax for ddd is common among neurologists? I can't seem to find any other information related to topamax as a pain med, only information I have is that it's a powerful drug with lots of side effects, most not so good. The weight loss aspect is the only plus...
Avatar n tn and further more the very next morning i swear....i have gained more weight! i am literally gaining weight EVERY DAY.
Avatar f tn for measurement, so you didn't make it real easy for me, but I figured out that 10 stone 3 = 140 lbs.
Avatar n tn I have just received news that I may have hyperthyroidism, but I do not have any of the classic symptoms. Strangely, I am cold, constipated and gaining weight. I am also tired all the time. I have terrible joint pain especially, the wrists, shoulders and knees. I have terrible itch spells in the middle of the night. For the past 6 months I have been under a great deal of stress. Is it possible that I some other disease which is causing my TSH (0.01) and T4 (41.0) levels to be abnormal.
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Avatar f tn (original diagnosis kidney stones). I was prescribed Dicofenac (3 a day) and antibiotics (for 1 week). Urine tests had found blood traces in my urine. I was booked in for an ultrasound to see if there were any stones. Ultrasound on kidneys and bladder came back OK. I have had two lots of blood tests - liver, kidneys, FBC, inflammation - all coming back OK. Urine tests since first one is also OK.
Avatar m tn I got mad and took him to Virginia Mason in Seattle to see if they could help. They looked over his chart, did another CT scan and said they only found one lymph node that was not normal. They want to biopsy it, but the ER docs in Vancouver state that it is not big enough to biopsy. He doesn't have any elevated white count, which constitutes no infection, thus no problem. They gave him a shrink in the hospital and he stated that he is perfectly fine.
Avatar n tn My GB was working at 9% but i did not have stones. Did you? I also read that you can have stones in the duct and if they are not cleaned out when the GB is removed you will continue having pain. Hope this helps.
148354 tn?1211237506 Been having ongoing pelvic,rectal,abdominal pain for months with 70lbs weight loss (5ft1 130lbs now) 28 yrs old.Slowly getting answers but no relief!2 1/2 weeks ago was admitted to hospital for appendicitis (Chronic dr termed it)week later returned to er for post op pain and pelvic pain,ultrasound revealed 5cm cyst on right ovary and urine test postive for bladder infection.
6320170 tn?1380351097 hypo makes you gain weight.. I lost over 30lb. in a week. The levothyroxine is causing weight gain now all of the sudden. Ive gained 10lb this week. I didnt have any symptoms of RA or osteo until after I had been on the levothyroxine for almost a month. my anxiety levels are getting worse. all of my symptoms are getting worse. These are my blood panels that were high and low through the course of this. 8/3 Bun 4L , glucose 110H, Creatine kinase 196H, EOS% 0.6L, Neuts Absolute 9.9H, WBC 13.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had my gallbladder removed approximately 4 years ago due to chronic gallbladder problems (lots of small stones). I am wondering if I can take the new over the counter diet medicine Alli. Is it OK to try? If so, what are there any side effects I should be ooncerned about?
168348 tn?1379360675 org/health_pages/Weight-Loss/Dietary-Supplement-Fact-Sheet-Vitamin-D--Page-1-of-3/show/1005?cid=129 This will be in our Health Pages soon, too for our reference. Many of us here on MSK Community have very low Vit. D results when tested via bloodwork. May not be a bad idea to ask for a Vit D test at your next visit with your Uro, Neph, Family Dr., etc.
Avatar n tn I was so depressed about how much weight i had gained this month...and BAM! It turns out that it was probably jsut water weight anyway!!!!
Avatar f tn Have you done something to stop your cirrhosis from progressing like stopping drinking if your cirrhosis is caused by alcohol, treating and curing your hepatitis c if that caused your cirrhosis, or losing weight in you have cirrhosis caused by fatty liver? Depending on how much damage you already had the longer it will take for your liver to have an opportunity to improve with time.
Avatar n tn Exercise 4x week with 30 minutes of intense cardio, 30 minutes weight training Consume 2,000 calories/day. 3,000/weekends Good Health. No diseases.
Avatar n tn you said the tech said emptying was normal....well...they do this whole chart thing with images over time. & usually the tech can't interpret the results...when you go to the doctor..ask for the specific emptying percentage. It seems everyone has a different standard of what normal is...most of what I read says 35% is the cut off point..anything less is not functioning. My daughter's doc goes by 30%..her's was 32%..his opinion is undecided..she's "on the fence"..
Avatar n tn Other symptons would of course be weight gain. I gained a good bit of weight before I learned about my thyroid (10 years ago), and I've never been able to lose it. My face is puffy and lots of hayfever and fatigue. My antibodies before beginning the meds were off the chart....they had reached the maximum for the test and gone beyond. But, the leg pain is the most bothersome...there's not only pain but extreme weakness in my legs....this from someone who always had very strong legs.
Avatar f tn You are probably suffering from malabsorption with the severe weight loss,which can lead to some of the cognitive problems you have. Once you get the disease under control (whatever it may be), and some nourishment, I am sure these problems will improve. Don't give up - be proactive with your doctors - it is not just the "way you are" - you have a serious medical problem which should be properly investigated and treated.
768044 tn?1294227036 Basically the article looked at multiple articles that were published prior to it, and complied all the data to analyze and compare the data and then put the data into a comparison chart so that prescribing preventative treatments for migraines would be easier for physicians. They looked at how well the medications did in the scientific, double-blind, placebo controlled trials...
Avatar n tn In Feb of 2002 I had my gall bladder removed. No stones, just a lot of pain and acid reflux. The surgeon said the gall bladder was full of "sludge". A year and a half later I am still having pain. The pain seems to be concentrated right at the bottom of my rib cage on my right side, but also extends around to my back. The feeling is like there is a lot of pressure under my right rib cage. It generally gets worse after a meal. A large meal will always bring very intense pain.
Avatar f tn I'm an active 39 yr old femal, normal weight, very low cholesterol, off the chart good HDL/LDL, eat a low fat & relatively low sugar diet (due to tollerance difficulties), not diabetic, non-smoker, light drinker, no meds except for reflux issues. Went to the ER 3 weeks ago for what was diagnosed a gall bladder attack (10+ center & RUQ pain-in front and back-, vomiting, diarreah, severe sweating).
Avatar f tn i am going to probably start taking topamax this week after i see my headache specialist but i also get pvcs and worry about how that will affect them if it does cause mineral imbalances. i know the big side effects are kidney stones and vision problems. if i lose more than ten pounds i'll disappear. i'm a little worried about the weight loss side effect. please update me to let me know how it is going for you!
Avatar n tn I cannot make any specific recommendations without evaluation or reviewing your chart. Any cough/cold medication has the potential of affecting the liver. Of particular concern is any medication with acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol). All NSAIDs as well (i.e. ibuproprofen or Aleve) can affect the liver - but to a lesser degree. I would discuss your situation with your personal physician, and perhaps a prescription medication can be suggested that can minimize the effect on the liver.