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Avatar f tn See, bunny poop is one of my dog's favourite things to find! I have a bichon/shih tzu mix, but I also have 5 bunnies. It's definitely a normal behaviour for dogs. We highly discourage it because quite frankly, we find it disgusting, even though as ginger899 pointed out, its just grass and other plantes (in our case, hay and pellets). I don't see it as being a health problem. As long as your dog is routinely checked by the vet.
219241 tn?1413541365 HAH! I got a cat who likes to help in the kitchen....hahaha...so helpful this kitty...it's dangerous!
1832268 tn?1326819610 I want to share our experience with our 13 year old Shih-Tzu who was diagnosed with renal failure, two months into it at this date. Her numbers as everyone has experienced were way high at the time of diagnosed, BUN 92 and Creatine was 3.9 (+/-). After her first fluid treatment in the animal hospital the numbers came down but still had issues trying to get her to eat the KD or any of the other kidney diet foods which is why I’m responding to this.
1963554 tn?1325451090 I had to put my Boxer down today from kidney failure. He had been losing weight for quite sometime and his breath smelled horrible. My vet mentioned his weight on a visit back in January and said he needed to lose some weight so that wasn't a bad thing. I mentioned the bad breath and the vet tech said it was from him drooling they get an infection around their mouth. They gave us an antibiotic.
203342 tn?1328740807 I just wanted to let you know that our 10 year old little Shih Tzu/Maltease girl has been diagnosed with Cushings. We have not yet put her on any meds but we did do the accupuncture route. We did all the blood work before her disease was diagnosed and her liver enzymes were sky high. She went for the accupuncture treatments, 5 in all, and then had her blood work redone and her liver enzymes were still high but had come down alot.
Avatar f tn Benadryl is also something of an anti-emetic, and can be given at 1 mg per pound of the dog's weight, but I doubt it will be very effective in the face of this kind of vomiting. Worth a try though. Another thing that helps is calcium - lots of it. I was giving Chica 2 Tums a day during her last couple of months. The calcium binds to phosphorus which is deadly to those in renal failure.