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Avatar n tn i had an abortion on 1 march n aftr dat never saw my real self. ds weight z killing me slowly.
6935419 tn?1392156640 I am also considered obese on the bmi chart and I could stand to lose some weight yes but I wouldn't look at someone my size and say they were obese.
Avatar f tn I don't think losing weight is necesaroly bad if you're just making better choices and good for you for doing so! But I would day look at a bmi chart find out what is a normal healthy weight and add 40 lbs to that and if you stay above that number you should be fine and then when baby pops you lose that 40 and voila. I am not overweight but I had am extra 15 lbs still from my first baby and the doc only wants me to gain 25-30 this time because I had more weight than I should.
1530342 tn?1405020090 I'm 2lbs overweight according to the womens weight chart. I guess trying for a baby isn't gonna make that go down.
Avatar n tn Her weight is on the 95th percentile and her height is just below the 50th percentile which indicates she is still in the Growth Chart and normal, not overweight. She may appear overweight due to her stature is lower than her weight. She needs approximately 2000 calories a day to grow because she is still a child. She will be entering puberty and will be physically changing. As she gets older she may loss it.
Avatar f tn If it concerns you a lot, I'd speak to a doctor before you try to lose weight. My cousin is also 4'11'' and she weight 98 pounds. She doesn't look big at all. Some people are just being mean or like to tease. From your pictures you look normal to me. I don't think you need to lose any weight at all. Just my honest opinion.
Avatar f tn Her weight is between the 90-95th percentile and her height is on the 50th percentile which indicates she is normal for her age and not overweight. Her weight is still within the growth chart. She is in puberty now and will be physically changing. As she gets older she may loss it. Suggest dancing which is fun and will help to lose the weight.
Avatar f tn Here is a weight gain chart, based on BMI http://www.babycenter.com/0_pregnancy-weight-gain-what-to-expect_1466.
Avatar n tn The main problem is his weight and the thyroid hormone levels. Firstly the weight. I just spent some time before this post reading the entire literature on the back of the Purina One bag and it says that I should be able to feel/see his ribs. Its been years since that was the case. He has a large noticeable round belly that sticks out the side of him when he lays down yet he acts like he is completely fine around the house and yard aside from the biting at his paws/legs and grass eating.
930590 tn?1244402144 I am a 20 year old college student, and I was in a nutrition class where my BMI considered me overweight. I am 5'9 in a half years old, and weigh about 180-185. The thing is my breasts are a DD, and I am really muscular. I have a very low self esteem, which people including close friends, family, and my boyfriend think I am craving for attention. They tell me I need help when I say I am " fat" or whatever else comes out of my mouth. All my friends are skinny and pretty.
Avatar m tn This is one of the reasons that overweight people with diabetes are recommended to lose weight. For obese people, who are diabetic, and lose weight, their diabetes may be apparently reversed (though the tendency for diabetes is still there and it may return if they gained weight again)..
Avatar f tn The chart on this website says I am above the normal weight is that a bad thing? I was underweight before getting pregnant.
Avatar f tn Its different for every height. You can probably google the chart. But i would assume that you are. I think it's like 130-150 or something for 5'5 not totally sure though.
Avatar f tn His weight is on the 95th percentile and his height is between the 5-10th percentile which indicates he is within the Growth Chart and he is not overweight yet for his age. He may appear overweight due to his lower stature in relation his weight. He needs approximately 2000 calories a day to grow because he is still a child. He will be entering puberty and will be physically changing. As he gets older he may lose weight.
Avatar n tn Not sure what my BMI is but I am over weight and my doctor did put me on a higher dosage of birth control pills.. So there is such a thing..but would recommend you talk to your doctor about the side effects...and if a higher dosage is right for you. I have had no problems with the higher dosage... Except a less or sporting period. I have not gained any weight...actually have lost weight....but working out and diet can be the cause of that.
Avatar f tn You are measured on the growth chart due to being consisted a child (under 20 years old). The fluctuation of weight maybe caused due to the time of day. We weight less in the morning then at night. You may have been more active and lost weight even though you seemed to eat more. A 17 year old needs 2200 calories per day.
Avatar n tn The March of Dimes website has a good chart on weight gain during pregnancy. You might want to google it and compare what you have gained to the averages they provide. But remember, a lot of this is just averages, women come in above and below that number.
Avatar n tn Your goal will put you in a category of being far too underweight from the healthy range for a female your age. Why would you want to be only 93 lbs? (I'm making the assumption that you are presently weighing more, hopefully over 117 lbs) The concern here is that you might have a serious issue deeper issue which leads to you having a distorted view of a healthy and desirable body image. The consequences of being severely underweight can be detrimental to your health and well-being.
1642895 tn?1314668012 You should gain that during the span of the entire pregnancy. Based on your weight (which depending on your height) you would be classified as overweight. (I know I'm personally 5'2 and pre-pregnancy I was 147 and was overweight) If you were a normal healthy weight before pregnancy, you would gain 25-35 pounds. Overweight you would gain 15-20 pounds. Underweight would be 35-40 pounds. You should NOT however skip meals.
Avatar f tn I hate some of these doctors. I lost 15 lbs and u am now 24 wka preggo and weight loss and pregnancy runs in my fam. Once ur not starving yourself etc don't worry. My baby has the weight and i don't. Doctors talk about bmi etc. i hate that crap, no " weight" chart can possibly tell me i am under weight or over weight. My sister had a 3 month looking belly at 9 months and baby weighed 7 lbs. If u listen to everything these american doc say then u will go nuts.
140437 tn?1215113342 The charts indicating weight to height ratio totally contradict the BMI ranges for normal, overweight and obese.
6918915 tn?1395936471 I don't think it is allot Ady all I have lost 9 lbs and I am 16 weeks they aren't worried maybe they just want to make sure you eat healthy and keep it in check I know alot of doctors that belive thIs factor in fact we have one in the hospital i work at they just want healthy I know alot of ppl that easy unhealthy and have complications not everyone us the same but I would take it to keep myself in check not negative necessarily I won't buy maternity pants cause o want to make sure I don't gain
10389360 tn?1410827568 You can't use a BMI chart while you are pregnant because you naturally are going to gain weight while pregnant, so it is not your "true" weight. If you want to get a more accurate BMI result, use your pre-pregnancy weight, although BMI is a terrible way to measure normalcy - obesity since everyone is built different.
Avatar f tn It calculates your body mass index based on your starting weight and height and plots your current weight on a chart which shows what the healthy range is for your body. I find it useful because I don't have to do the math myself. I check it about once every 1 or 2 weeks. It's right on target with what my doctor told me to gain so I trust it. Just keep in mind that your weight gain is not necessarily linear either.
Avatar f tn I know there are several people here who can't seem to put weight on. I stay sick to my stomach a lot, also. I would think that would make me lose weight. I don't know. I am starting to get very concerned about it. That is probably one of the last things for me to be "worried" about, but I have a fear of being overweight like my mother and sister. I want to be as healthy as I can at the time. Thanks y'all for your support.
Avatar f tn Im 29 weeks and I've been the same weight since I was 20 weeks..at my Last appointment my doctor didn't seem concerned at all...
1596864 tn?1333488791 If you grow taller 2’-3 ' and the weight remain the same then it will be perfect. According to the chart you are little overweight. I also suggest you not to eat junk foods and keep running everyday it will help you not gain more weight. If you are confused about diet please contact a diet consultant.
Avatar f tn According to standard height/weight charts you aren't overweight. Your weight not only depends on your height, but also your frame size. Some with a large frame (large bones) should weigh more than someone who is very small/fine boned.
Avatar f tn Just took a quick look at height/weight chart - you are NOT overweight - even if you have a small frame. If you can maintain where you are, that would be ok. Don't lose too much or you will be unhealthy. There are some websites you can go to that will give you the number of calories you need daily. spark people is a good one; live strong is another. You can also do a search for height/weight charts to get an idea of where your weight should fall. Good luck and keep posting.
7758733 tn?1402593020 It seems like too much weight for me. I'm petite pre pregnancy weight was 125 which was a healthy weight fot my height. I'm on my first trimester and gain already 5 thre Dr. told me 5lbs on the 1st trimester was fine and she also told me that at the of of pregnancy I will be at least 165 lbs that will be my heaviest ever.