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Avatar f tn Hey guys! I'm 164 cm and 57.5 kg, I want to lose some weight and tone up. Is 52.5 a good weight for my height? I don't wanna be too skinny either! I lost about 4.5 kg before but I've gained back another 1.5 kg because I slacked off as my study load increased. Any tips would be great!
Avatar f tn Anyway, my search that told me that you went from 118.8 pounds (54 kg) to 151.8 pounds (69 kg). Another search brought up a height/weight chart and I find the following: Height Small Frame Medium Frame Large Frame 5'9" 129-142 139-153 149-170 Wow - what a job THAT was. lol Now, to the practical stuff. You are NOT over weight.
Avatar m tn Firstly rule out conditions like hypothyroidism which can lead to excessive weight gain. A person wanting to lose weight should do so in a scientific way for long term benefits. A healthy diet and regular exercise or incorporating yoga into your daily regime can help to lose weight. Eat more of green leafy vegetables, fruits and protein and less of fats, butter and potato etc.
1153085 tn?1341305493 123-136 133-147 143-163 According to my calculations you should weigh 132 pounds (1 kg = 2.2 pounds; 60 kgs X 2.2 pounds = 132)... You are about as perfect as can be and I'd suggest that you not try to lose anything, but maintain your current weight. Tigerlilly gave you good advice....... Happy New Year............
Avatar m tn Not lost one pound lol....just my luck.
Avatar f tn 8(ish) kgs of body weight (this assumes the somewhat wide range of what is considered 'normal' metabolic processes) if you are under-eating by 1/3 to 2/3 of your required calories every day I would expect you to lose between 1 to 2 pounds (up to 1 kg) every week. That is ideal if you're on a diet and trying to lose weight but is a real problem though if you are not, you will become under nourished quite quickly.
9121436 tn?1407983102 This app told me to expect to gain 12 pounds this trimester, and youre literally 4 pounds over that.. doesnt seem excessive to me. The app doesnt know the ins and outs of your pregnancy or body. Id say its a good tool, but its not the end all be all.
119874 tn?1189759429 5 or so mg per kg of body weight. Generally, I think you want to be over 15. Divide your weight in lbs by 2.2 to get kg. 165/2.2 = 75kg 75kg X 15.5 = 1,162.5 mg or supposing you were taking 800 mg for 165 lbs: 165/2.2 = 75kg 800kg/75kg = 10.6 (quite a bit outside of our 13.3 - 15.
Avatar f tn So he was 41+3 he weight 3.1 kg. I think it is about 6 pounds 6. Not sure why they didn't induce me before....
579258 tn?1250652943 In entering your current data, it provides you with a chart to monitor your progress, allows you to establish weight loss goals, tracks your measurements and clothing size, and records your exercise and daily activities. Using the Weight Tracker also gives you the ability to email it to your doctor as a point-of-reference before or during your appointment so he/she can see your progress. Take a look at it – I guarantee you, you will start using it!
367974 tn?1286554758 I waiver around 155-165 pounds (70-75kg) and am constantly trying to lose weight......I doubt the miscarriage had anything to do with weight though......I know alot of heavier people who have had NO problems throughout their pregnancies.....If your not ready to conceive quite yet......your husband should understand...you never know....you may change your mind next week! Best of luck with everything...SOunds like your on the right track!
Avatar f tn If you are on lithium, have you gained weight? If so, did this happen seemingly overnight or was it gradual? Do you think it's a metabolic issue or a diet issue? When I quit smoking, for example, I gained 15 pounds in two weeks without changing my diet. It was a metabolic issue and I was told that in a few years things would straighten out on their own. I started smoking again right about two years later, so I don't know what would ultimately have happened.
Avatar n tn As of Dec. 5 I have lost 23 pounds !..I am almost to MY goal of 25 lbs. With the holidays coming I am sure I am bound to slip alittle but that means walking alittle more each day I guess. I see the MD again on 12/20 so we will see how the metformin is helping with my insulin resistance and my PCOS. I have not had a"normal" resuming of my cycle though since starting the metformmin so this will be an issure to discuss with my MD again.
Avatar n tn Although I am not a person living with diabetes, I can relate to the frustration when you do not know what to do when your weight is not where you would like to to be.
Avatar n tn Is the weight I am gaining due to water weight? How did anyone lose weight taking metamucil?? I would liek to know since I stuggle with my weight and I would be relieved to knwo if eventually taking metamucil would help me lose weight, but for now I am concerned. I gained 3lbs in 3 days!!!
Avatar f tn Healthy foods can be unhealthy if eaten in the wrong quantities. Do you know how many calories you eat in a day? I really think you should look into your caloric intake and see where you are. Perhaps you're getting too many calories. Fruit is amazing, but you really shouldn't get more than 3 serves in a day as they tend to have a lot of sugar. If you have a lot of higher fat dairy, that's a lot of calories.
Avatar n tn I am a very small women (5'3 who use to weight 115)who has gained 20 pounds in the last 4 months between taking lexapro and Zoloft. I am now off both prescriptions! and want my figure back.
Avatar n tn I lost 50 pounds last year doing Weight Watchers with no exercise, but now I need to lose another 60 pounds and NOTHING is making the weight come off. I know that I have made very positive changes, but shouldn't I be losing major inches and weight? My doctor will not help. She just tells me to increase my exercise... I don't have time for more than 1 to 1 1/2 hours per day! At least when I wasn't exercising before, I was losing weight! I am 5'3 and 204 lbs.
Avatar n tn but its been realy depresing latly its like when i dont try to lose weight ill lose a few pounds if i try i gain a few pounds someone pleas give me advice my e-mails ***@****
98010 tn?1305903335 When I had gym, and we did two mile runs (and trust me I ran), I gained weight, about 5 pounds at first, so I worked harder to try and loose it, and a few more pounds came on, and I always had water after, and the weight wouldn't go away. I am stuck! Thats why I read this question, because I thought I was the only one! But I am not, and I need to know what to do...
Avatar n tn slocerberus gave some very good advice, but losing 5 kg in one week is dangerous, at best. That's 11 pounds, when 1-2 pounds(0.5-1 kg)/week is considered safe. Why would you need to lose that much weight, so quickly? We don't know your age or gender, or even if you are overweight, to begin with. More information is needed.
Avatar n tn Welcome. Ok - it's very early in the morning (5:45 am) and I'm sorry to say, I'm not real familiar with kg and cm; neither am I real good at math; however, I took a few minutes to let "google" make some conversions for me and I came up with the following: Height: 177 cm = 5'8" Current Weight: 75 kg = 165 pounds Desired Weight: 64 kg = 140.8 pounds That done, I went back again and let "google" find a height/weight chart.
3103006 tn?1414815486 I really don't want to jeopardize to achieve SVR, because I am taking lowered dose Ribavirin. I am 125 pounds. How your doctor managed similar situation and what was the outcome?
318181 tn?1336447096 So I would probably ask your doctor (or the new one, if you decide to switch) about that. I understand wanting to take a break from the meds to help the weight loss, but at the same time, it might not be wise to wait too long. What tests have you had done? And has your husband had a sperm analysis done yet?
Avatar f tn I gained 7 pounds since I started treatment and the Clinic I go said it would be of no benefit to increase the Riba after UD status is acheived
1358341 tn?1282213443 brands to use are Jarrow Life extension lactoferrin(apoloctoferrin) capsules or Symbiotics 100% lactoferrin 20mg per kg of body weight. tasteless and can be added to food. Probiotics are also a good choice. hope all these arrive safely. good luck keep us updated.
Avatar n tn I've never had a severe weight problem like this before in my entire life. I've always been able to shed pounds, but now if I breathe I gain weight and my sciatica doesn't really allow for me to feel comfortable walking or exercising like used to enjoy. Also, some of you guys mentioned blood clots during your period. How big were your blood clots? Dime size? This might simply indicate that I may be starting on the route of PCOS and endometriosis.
Avatar f tn //www.metric-conversions.org/weight/pounds-to-kilograms.htm Myself i would want a 1000 mg for at least the first 4 weeks going by your last tx. results....... But i'm one to take a sledge hammer approach.......Wishing you the best.
Avatar f tn pdf The recommended dose of REBETOL for use with PegIntron is 800 to 1400 mg orally based on patient body weight. REBETOL should be taken with food. REBETOL should not be used in patients with creatinine clearance less than 50 mL/min. http://www.spfiles.com/pipeg-intron.