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Avatar m tn For your height, and age, you should weigh probably around 100 pounds. At this age, your body will be changing almost daily, and you can expect weight change as well. But, I feel that anywhere between 100 and 110 should be OK. If in doubt, ask a nurse or doctor.
886304 tn?1256095504 50 lbs .. 70 lbs .. all in 2-5 lb increments. I can tell you each day how much total weight I've lost .. I can not share with you how many pounds I have to go. Currently, I have 1 more pound in my current 5 lb goal .. and then I will celebrate and choose another goal. As you begin to get closer to your overall goal .. or within 20 pounds of the height/weight chart/goal .. then we all have some choices to make. How do you look?
Avatar f tn Ok now I'm 36+3 weeks when I found out I was prego I was 6 weeks I started at 140 and now I'm 164.8 and I'm 5'2 ft but after all i wont change anything because the important thing is having a healthy baby so I just wanted share this with you ladies..
8757136 tn?1403565715 Im 14 weeks and I gained about 10 pounds. I feel like it's so much! And I feel it went straight to my butt and legs. And I eat really well for the most part.
338963 tn?1253664422 http://www.disabled-world.com/artman/publish/height-weight-teens.shtml Looks like your baby is just fine. Don't mind that it's on a disabled website. It's the only chart I could find!
Avatar f tn Is this concider to be true because my baby eat all the time.
Avatar n tn Well I don't exercise as much as you but I need to. I have never gained this much weight so I'm a bit scared of how my body will look like. My tummy is jiggly as well, I don't tuck my tummy in my stomach, "I tuck it in my pants" Lol!. My arms are so big even when I was skinny and they are starting to feel jiggly as well. I'm going to Wal-mart today and I will look for the Body Fortress. I also have those Special KBliss (w/orange) but I hardly crave any sweets or icecream.
Avatar f tn I think that if you are eating healthy, then you shouldnt be so concerned about how much you gain. As long as you dont induldge in bad foods like I did. There is a reason why your gaining more and it could be lots of reasons. A lot of times, swelling holds alot of weight. Maybe this baby will be bigger than your last. Also, I've always heard that when your smaller, you should gain more than 30. That's just my take on the situation.
Avatar f tn Oh yeah, I've plugged my weight into the app too and it said "excessive weight gain" I felt beautiful and glowing until my doctor told me that I'm gaining too much weight, now I feel like a fat cow. It *****. I was completely comfortable with how I looked.
965641 tn?1274537920 im also at 20 weeks and have only gained 5lbs so i think 10 is just fine! im just wondering how much weight you lady's put on from week 20 to 40 ? im just trying to get an outline as to how much i can expect to gain....those 5lbs was only in the last 2 weeks... any ideas?
649848 tn?1534637300 I wanted to do that with my spare room too, but no place else to put the bed, so not much choice. Elaine, you are doing fantastic with your weight loss. I'm jealous of both you and Trudie -- it seems to come off easily for you guys and I struggle with every ounce. Lucey -- I wish weight loss came easy for me too -- it used to but not any more. Hang in there; you can do it.
558787 tn?1327788888 Don't quote me but I think at 28weeks they start to put on 1oz daily. (I should have used google before answering this on my own...of to compare lol).
Avatar n tn It's the March of Dimes chart on how much weight gain is desirable during pregnancy. I don't see where the doctor got the snide remark, myself. I'm at 30 weeks and have gained 21 lbs. and that hasn't bothered my doctor at all.
Avatar n tn If her height was based on adult measurements she would need to gain that much weight, however, she is still a child and should be having her weight and height charted on the growth charts. She does needs to gain some weight. She is entering puberty and will be gaining weight as she becomes a 'woman'.
Avatar n tn How much is your doctor visit, how much are the shots and how many do you get a week. I would appreciate any info out there.
Avatar f tn I am 23 weeks pregnant with my sixth baby and I've gained 13 pounds. How much have you all normally gained by this point?
704458 tn?1236844843 Do you find there is any pattern to your weight loss. I tried to find a pattern in mine as there is no rhyme or reason to the days I lose weight or stay the same...After I started the gym I expected to see a weigh loss and it didn't come - the day I did the gym and water aerobics I thought I would see a weight loss and the two days since I have stayed the same.... I have lost some weight on days: 2 - 6 - 7 - 11 - 14 - 19 - 20 So tehre is no obvious pattern....
649848 tn?1534637300 As I've noted in previous posts, my weight has typically been less later in the day, but I did weigh this morning so I could record a weight for my post. I'm down 0.6 lbs from last week, so that's a loss, even though I think I'll be down more in a couple of hours, I'll take that for now. :-) As it turns out, weight gain is also a side effect of the medication I've just stopped taking, so we'll see if that has any effect on my weight.
Avatar f tn All this confuses me idk how the figure any of it out
Avatar f tn D Food Intake:(first off don't worry do much) Eat a nice sized breakfast... Eggs WITH YOLK, Wheat bread, tall glass of milk (not skim.. 1% vitamin D absorbs better with the fat in the milk), Maybe some sausage. Yum. For lunch and dinner eat a lean cuisine. That's it. Don't know if you smoke, but smoking and coffee keep me good the rest of the time. I am probably going to get this post deleted for saying that. Keep in touch !
Avatar f tn I wouldn't be too concerned with not gaining weight yet. I know this particular app tells you, you should and some books say the same but ask your Dr and listen to your body.
Avatar f tn I have reduced my calorie intake to dangerous levels but I am still putting on weight. I am starting to lose my mind a little bit and need some help! How can I keep the weight gain at bay until the cytomel leaves my system? What can I do to keep the weight off when everything I know (diet and exercise) don't work? How long until I should start feeling normal again?
10389360 tn?1410827568 You can't use a BMI chart while you are pregnant because you naturally are going to gain weight while pregnant, so it is not your "true" weight. If you want to get a more accurate BMI result, use your pre-pregnancy weight, although BMI is a terrible way to measure normalcy - obesity since everyone is built different.
Avatar f tn 1. which week are you in? 2. how much have you put on? 3. how much do they estimate your twins weigh right now? 4. how tall are you and what was your original weight? (if you want to share ;)...
1153085 tn?1341305493 123-136 133-147 143-163 According to my calculations you should weigh 132 pounds (1 kg = 2.2 pounds; 60 kgs X 2.2 pounds = 132)... You are about as perfect as can be and I'd suggest that you not try to lose anything, but maintain your current weight. Tigerlilly gave you good advice....... Happy New Year............
Avatar f tn that way you will know where you stand and how much weight you need to loose........if any?! For instance....5'=100lbs......................for every inch taller you are,add 5 lbs................this is just an estimate tho..............it really depends on your bone structure and muscle mass. You could also benefit from making you a food diary....write down everything you eat...Try to make better food choices,eat 3 small meals and snacks in between.....get plenty of exercise.....
Avatar f tn How much have you gained, i have gained 11 pounds and 7 of those pounds have been in the last 3 weeks. My mom said i was going through a growth spurt because i am all baby and in the last 3 weeks ive gotten alot of stretch marks but i feel terrible. My doctor said im doing alright and he will tell me if it gets out of control. I just feel so terrible, I've always had issues with being selfconcious of my weight and i suffered from an eatting disorder when i was younger....i don't know what to do.