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886304 tn?1256095504 Thank you so much for the support. I really do need it! I am a strong person but when it comes to my weight, well, I need a bit more support that normal. I am trying to do the whole 2-3 pound goal as I go but it doesnt help when I gain 3 pounds in one week, I think thats due to gaining muscle. I will talk about that a bit more in the weigh in chat.
Avatar f tn Ok now I'm 36+3 weeks when I found out I was prego I was 6 weeks I started at 140 and now I'm 164.8 and I'm 5'2 ft but after all i wont change anything because the important thing is having a healthy baby so I just wanted share this with you ladies..
Avatar n tn Well I don't exercise as much as you but I need to. I have never gained this much weight so I'm a bit scared of how my body will look like. My tummy is jiggly as well, I don't tuck my tummy in my stomach, "I tuck it in my pants" Lol!. My arms are so big even when I was skinny and they are starting to feel jiggly as well. I'm going to Wal-mart today and I will look for the Body Fortress. I also have those Special KBliss (w/orange) but I hardly crave any sweets or icecream.
Avatar n tn How much is your doctor visit, how much are the shots and how many do you get a week. I would appreciate any info out there.
Avatar f tn Avoid junk food, fast food, fatty food and sit with a dietician to make a customized diet chart for yourself and follow this religiously. I would suggest you to talk with a physical trainer and start doing different forms of cardio regularly. 30-45 minutes of dedicated cardio over a period of time will make you lose weight, you can do jogging, cycling, swimming, cross trainer, treadmill, running, skipping etc. Take care!
Avatar f tn I'm 3 months i have a belly but i still have not gained weight is that ok? I got an ultra sound and the baby is very active just worried about my weight am I not eating enough or what?
1013194 tn?1296463081 thats me i wish it was friday cause i am having a much needed girls night out !!!!
Avatar f tn no idea where the weight is hiding! it bugs me a lot because i'm a self-conscious person, but you know what?? i know it'll come off after baby is born. i'm trying not to stress about a number and actually enjoy these last few months. pregnancy is just a short moment in your entire life. enjoy the ride while it lasts!
Avatar m tn Losing weight and keeping it off can seem an insurmountable task for a person who has low metabolism due to hypothyroidism. So, how do you know that you have an underactive thyroid. If you look at this list of 26 typical hypo symptoms, which ones do you have if any? http://endocrine-system.emedtv.com/hypothyroidism/hypothyroidism-symptoms-and-signs.html Also, if you have thyroid related test results, please post them, along with referfence ranges shown on the lab report.
Avatar n tn Increase your calories a little each day, that might help gain a little. Look at a chart, you need to gain 5-20pounds, but i'm not sure, All i know is that someone who is much shorter than you (5inches shorter) who weighs 90 has to weigh 110lbs total. Even though the limit for healthy for a 5foot person is 97lbs, a doctor or nurse would tell them to reach 110. Gain muscle mass, YES!
367974 tn?1286554758 A miscarriage is not based on your weight. A miscarriage happens because of a uterine abnormality or a genetic abnormality with the embryo. It might be harder for you to conceive and you're at higher risk of developing gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), high blood pressure, etc. But skinny women get those things too. You're just in a higher risk category. I live in the US so we don't use the same weight system so I have no clue what 97kg is.
634590 tn?1293777693 Look the simple truth is HGB is the protein in the blood, Hematocrit is the oxygen capacity, red blood cell total count also effects it all, but even if the cell count doesn't decline, (it usually does) the drops in the other two make it impossible for the blood to CARRY the iron no matter how much you eat. Thats why you need a complete iron workup to see if you even NEED iron. You may have too much free already.
620923 tn?1452919248 U do not need to tell us ur weight or how much u want to lose,u may just want to weight in on current events in the news or on a topic Chiari related..... We can also bond over weight loss trials and tribulations as well.....recipes will still be a thread on Thursdays..... It seems no one was into the exercises for those with limitations.....but if neone is...u can post here about that too....
Avatar n tn I was wondering about how much Topamax those that are using it for weight lost are on. I was put on Topamax a little over two years for migraines and my daughter is on it for complicated migraines which can lead to seizures. We both lost weight I lost 16 lbs. and she lost 12 lbs which she couldn't afford to lose and had to gain back 6 or her doctor threatened to take her off of it and for her it is the best drug so far for it has the least side effects. She is on 150 mg.
Avatar f tn Lots of smoking and/or drinking people who were/are kicking around far into their 80's and 90's, so for me, the weight is more about vanity than health. I wonder how many calories are in a typical English breakfast. I gained a little weight when we lived over there. It would have been a lot of weight if not for all the walking. I don't think folks in the U.S are the only ones with high caloric intakes.
Avatar n tn I'd like to know more about this med both from a neurologists view and from a weight loss specialists view.
Avatar n tn If that's what is happening you should eat more Cal's! I've never meet a doctor who would be OK with ANYONE losing that much so fast! It is normal to loose 5-6lbs the 1st week on any new diet, b/c most people drink more water when starting a new diet, so they loose water weight! I hope you all can see why i think it is so silly to think that that pill of them all, is the reason why you're loosing weight!
Avatar n tn is great !!!!! Why do you think that you are failing? How much weight are you trying to lose? What state do you live in.......the reason that I am asking is that I have been reading on Hcg injections and other people (in different states) are getting HIGHER doses than myself...........and I was just wandering if I am needing a higher dose than I am receiving ????? If you find out any other info about this, please let me know.......and I will do the same.....Thanks !
Avatar n tn i too have gains weight. i weighed 135 a month and a half ago...today i weigh 173....for a total of 38 lbs!i weigh more now than when i gave birth , all 3 times! i don't understand. tho possible peri-menopause ? i also have had some night sweats . some woke me up w/ horrible electric heat in my back . sometimes i wake up on cold wet sheets.. i am getting pimples , unsightly hair ,and my boobs LITERALLY feel like huge heavy bowling balls.
Avatar n tn I was looking back on my weight loss chart and saw that within 3 weeks of starting lexapro each time, I had a significant weight gain. I went from 175 to 185 the first time and then continued to gain despite following the program and exercising. When I went off the med, the weight began to drop and I made it down below 200. I started it again in February this year and within 3 weeks, here came another 10 pounds and it's been steadilly going up ever since.
522415 tn?1242941355 You can get on a much stronger medication at a much smaller dose like Methadone and trust me jennifer it is worth it to take this drug "that is if you can get your doctor to write it" being that it is a Cll medication but I would say that 40Mg a day would help you out so so so greatly and if you still read this then see if you cant get on that, I don't advise anyone to go on OxyContin because it is so addictive and so easy to abuse in about 3 different ways and when you abuse it in th
98010 tn?1305903335 And be careful with the scale as your body weight shifts throughout the day. I think its better to weigh yourself a few times a week and average it for the week, and weigh yourself at the same time of day each time. Stress and sleeping habbits also prevents you from losing weight and actually make you gain weight. It takes time and is a lifestyle. Don't think of it as a diet, but more like living a healthier life. Too many people I think expect instant results.
Avatar n tn Any suggestions as to how long, how many times a week, and what I should be doing to get the weight off. Maybe I should hire a personal trainer-which has crossed my mind many times, but I have 4 kiddos that steal all my money. (not to mention all the other bills).
Avatar n tn I would suggest you to eat around 1800-2000 calories per day, prepare a diet chart with the help of a dietitian.You should eat this in divided meals and avoid fast food and junk food completely. You should also avoid fried food, desserts completely. Start cardio activities regularly. You can do jogging, running, skipping, cycling or swimming for 1 hr regularly. Do not stop cardio activities and you will come to the desired weight over a period of time. Take care!
Avatar n tn It is happening more on the right side, but I've felt it a few times on the lef side too. Everything I read says it usually occurs in the 2nd trimester. Has anyone else experienced this right away? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am 5ft 3in and need to loose weight...I don't know exact. how much I weigh will not get on scale i go by my clothes ..was wearing a size 22 not I can fit a 14W..I want to get into a 12 what is my best efforts. How much can I loose in 6 weeks...my HS reunion in Mid Jan..must look good..vanity I guess...
Avatar n tn similar as if he had a total thyroidectomy at early age. I'm not a Doctor but if he has achieved so much on target at this age I can only think the future will hold similar results as long as he is under the care of a good endocrinologist! My sister in law posted on the board back in Feb. She had what was supposed to be a partial thyoridectomy and when they got in there found she only was born with 1/2 a thyroid!
1896835 tn?1321576203 Should I be tested for a certain disease or condition? What symptoms should I watch for? How can I be tested for a disease or condition, and what will these tests tell me? What tests will be involved in diagnosing my disease or condition? How safe and accurate are the tests? When will I know the test’s results? Will I need more medical tests? Do I need a follow-up visit and if so, when? Do I need to take precautions to avoid infecting others?
Avatar m tn So if cigarettes have been so political, I see no reason why other drugs can't be in the same situation. How much research is actually vetted? If a large company says it took a sample of 100,000 patients and carried out research, who spends a lot of money on checking that the research really took place? Or more importantly that the data has been given correctly and not manipulated?