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Avatar f tn The weight chart on here is total bs. Don't listen to it.
Avatar f tn I just got back from my growth ultrasound and he's a whopping 2 lbs 3oz! I looked up a chart for average fetal weight and it says the average at 26 weeks is 1.68lbs!
Avatar m tn Dear sir, Please advice me my daughter she was 1years and 6 months completed and her weight was 9 kg.Sir kindly advice diet chat for my kid.she is very lazy for having food . we are bhamin so we are not having meat and egg. Daily iam gaving Oats meals mix with beans and carrot. iam a working women still breast feeding on evening is there.
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299260 tn?1304219705 I could be wrong, but I don't think they can see your tubes through a vaginal u/s, just your ovaries & uterus. Anyone, correct me if I'm wrong! :) Good luck with the blood test! Have a wonderful day, ladies!!!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) I can't wait for that!!! :) I left a note on your chart, but OMG girl!! If that's not a perfect chart, I don't know what is!! I can't wait to see what they are this morning, and to see your results if you decide to test today!! Everything's crossed for you sweetie!!! :) Ad_06- Congrats on starting your progesterone today! :) Although I hated it b/c it irritated me, it actually was not a bother at all the month I got pregnant!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) Then the people who owned the campground put on a firework show for us, it was really neat! I couldn't stay up for the whole thing b/c I was just plum exhausted from being in the sun all day, but Sean stayed up to watch it. Anywho, let me get caught up here...! :) Looloo- OMG, twins! Sorry, but I will get excited! There still there now, and we'll all be praying they both hang on!
299260 tn?1304219705 She does have to go back next Tuesday for another weight check. Hopefully she'll gain more back. She was wide awake for her appt though! It was too cute :-) Well, sorry this is short, but I've got to tend to the little one! I'll check back tomorrow!!! Have a great day ladies!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) I'm guessing 7lb 8oz at birth, Sean says 7lb 7oz, so we'll see! Watch her be 9lbs or something! lol ;) I'm getting more and more anxious, it seems like the days are flying by and I"m SO ready, yay!!! :) Hope you had a great weekend as well! :) Ad_06- Congrats on the hcg shot being out of your system! :) Hey, don't look into any "signs" of being pregnant because seriously, when we got pregnant with Addy I really felt like it didn't work either! I had no clue!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) Pyar: How are you Is af in full flow yet ?? Ad06 How Are You ? Mrspace:Hows those Puppies they are to cute how are you ?? Michelleinhawii Sorry i am delayed but i am so happy your cancer free :) Joyce: Last but definatly not least your son is the most beautiful little thing your so lucky i am jealous lol CONGRATS!!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) Tomorrow is almost here! :) Keyan- Thanks for the note, and thanks for always staying positive for me! You're awesome! :) Leighanne- Aww... sorry about Jaedyn! I hope he starts feeling better soon! Rachjas- How are you feeling? I'm crossing everything sweetie!! :) Has anyone heard from wishandaprayer to see how she's doing??
299260 tn?1304219705 BFP!!! (u/s tomorrow!) luvkayln: Waiting for AF? Shysana: Waiting for AF Guesito: Waiting for AF, getting ready for FET Keyan: Started Lupron, lap 6/3 ad_06: CD2 (appt tomorrow!) jmh2005: CD3 (started Femara) Candie: CD17 (dpo?) Lina: CD20 Arlotheslug: CD22 dnikki: CD23 wishandaprayer: CD24 Mrspace: CD42 Mommyin09: 6dpo Hannah: 8dpo (appt 3/27) pyar: 8dpo ************************************************* ad_06: Sorry about AF ;( Best wishes for a +cycle!!!
299260 tn?1304219705 dnikki- I am super sorry about the whole job situation. That was just insane! I'm glad you are right back into it though. I am sorry injects didn't work this time. Will you be doing the same protocol again? (that is after you take bcps if you have to) mommying09- 2 days! I bet you are excited! Thanks for the the comments on my tracker. Take a look at it now. I have no idea what is going on. I think it was the tamoxifen and the stress of waiting for IVF class. As for the IVF class.
299260 tn?1304219705 I'm excited and nervous about telling my work. In Canada we get a full year off for maternity leave. Awesome for me but a pain for boss to have my position filled for a year. Oh well..not my problem! :) Mommyin09 - Your plan sounds awesome! Get those spermies in there and make them work for that b-ball follie of yours!! I think it is great that you are so relaxed and taking time off. I really think it makes a big difference! Just spend some nice time with Carmelo.
299260 tn?1304219705 Mamushko thank U very very much for the wonderful job that U are doing with our new threat!:) Thank for your note also, I'll be always here for U & for some ladies too!!:-P I wish also to hear good news on this new threat too. So everyone I wish U luck, happiness, success & positive thoughts on your steps going forward.... God bless us all!!!
299260 tn?1304219705 -) That kind of su cks you didn't get to have an u/s, but 3wks isn't that much longer to wait! I don't get anymore u/s until later on in my p/g for w weight check of the baby. Glad that everything is going well though!!! Any word on when the H1N1 vaccine will be distributed in your area? We have ours here, but they don't have the "clinics set up yet.
Avatar f tn Healthy weight range depends on your frame size. Here's a portion of the height/weight chart for women: Height Small Frame Medium Frame Large Frame 5'6" 120-133 130-144 140-159 If you don't know how to tell your frame size, look at your hands/feet; are they considerably smaller/larger than others your height? Are you shoulders narrower/wider? Your weight also depends on muscle mass.
Avatar f tn I'm 14 weeks and for some reason am having trouble gaining weight and eating enough. I don't have much of an appetite. I'm not sick though so I don't get it. I'm already 30 lbs over weight, but I just need tips to gain something, cause I haven't gained a pound and I'm 14 weeks.
Avatar n tn The March of Dimes website has a good chart on weight gain during pregnancy. You might want to google it and compare what you have gained to the averages they provide. But remember, a lot of this is just averages, women come in above and below that number.
Avatar f tn It says 7-12 lbs by 23 weeks. So stupid. This can be harmful for some women to think tht way. I wasn't big to start with some women are obese and should aim for 5 lbs the whole pregnancy. This weight tracker is horrible.
299260 tn?1304219705 A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey… But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong. Author Unknown. ***************************************************** Michelle: (You have our continuing support & prayers!!!) naf38: (Home in Australia, returning to the states in 1 week!) Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy! Check out his pics!!!
299260 tn?1304219705 Candie: Yes, my u/s is to check my follies 'cause I should O sometime just after that weekend :) Thaks for the pep talk! I hope my egg & dh's swimmers heard it loud & clear! Come on, guys, let's get it together :) Oh, I started reading Marley & Me! I'm loving it & would recommend it to all dog lovers & ttc'ers :) Keyan: I know it's a hard struggle between keeping a cool head & getting excited, so I'll be excited for you, my friend, because your chart looks amazing!!!
299260 tn?1304219705 I do hope af does not show for you - I would check out your chart, but I have no idea what any of it means lol! sbumblebee: How are you doing/feeling? How are your appt.'s going? I can't believe you are already 37wks!! rachjas: Good luck at your beta!!! how are you feeling? AFM: Sorry I haven't posted lately - very busy! If this tells you anything, I started typing this post at 1 this afternoon and it is now almost 7 lol!! We are all doing great here - Peyton is growing like a weed!!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) I think you did O yesterday girlie! :) We'll see what your temps do in the next couple days. Hope you stayed busy! ;) sbumblebeeo: Happy 17 weeks! :) I hear ya! Either one would've been fine with me too! :) Well... maybe we WILL keep the girl trend going, ya never know! ;) You'll know very soon what you're having, how exciting!!!!!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) I'm thinking we won't be home until Wednesday, and then we'll have her first dr appointment 2-3 days after leaving the hospital to check her for jaundice, her weight, etc. I need to check your chart today! ;) Leighanne- Haha, that's too cute about the baseboards! That totally sounds like me! lol ;) I didn't end up getting her room dusted and vaccumed yesterday, so I'll get it done today. I found so many other things that just HAD to be done, lol!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) Staying very hopeful for you!! Ok, i'm tired now! :) Going to bed, I've had a long day! See y'all in the morning!
299260 tn?1304219705 Thank you for the updates!!! I'm so excited for her!!! Tell her I say Hi and can't wait for pics of thier new beautiful family!!! Did you guys work on the nursery more? DH had drill this weekend so he couldn't work on it but we need to still get the moulding and doors up. I'm thinking this weekend DS will move up there which will be nice since we'll both be home :-) I also wanted to let you know, I don't have an u/s at my next appt. Just a regular OB appt.
299260 tn?1304219705 A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey… But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong. Author Unknown. ***************************************************** Michelle: (Offer support & prayers!!!) naf38: (Home in Australia) Leighanne: 2/10/09 Jaedyn Michael was born beautiful & healthy! Check out his pics!!!