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801346 tn?1240193251 its the suck, but it happens : )
1834324 tn?1322141104 My aunt has a theory about how a woman carries when she's pregnant with a boy vs girl. With a boy, you carry all out front like a basketball-just like men when they gain weight. With a girl, you carry all around-just like women when they gain weight. I'll be interested to see if this pans out for me! I've had people say both so far.
1938479 tn?1325705620 If Arnold Schwarzenegger was to use a BMI (weight vs height) chart while bodybuilding, it would have classified him as obese. Another way to look at fat versus muscles is that a cubic inch of muscle will weigh more than a cubic inch of fat. Muscle is about 18 percent more dense than fat. So a better question is am I in shape or do i need to convert more areas of fat to muscle? With that said, here is a weight chart that should only be used to give you an idea, so don't take it as gospel.
1748995 tn?1427334864 Do you ladies know if you have to be in a certain weight category to be eligible for IUI?? My husband & I finally got a consultation appointment at the end of Jan at the regional fertility clinic in Calgary, AB. I am just curious if I am too over weight or not. I am 5'6" and about 160-170lbs. If any of you ladies who have experience with IUI it would be great to hear your stories!! I am thinking we will have to do IUI because of Hubby low sperm count. Thanks Ladies!! SSBD!!!
Avatar f tn 10% She had serious health issues when born (two heart defects, heart failure, failure to thrive with weight) but these have all been resolved for over a year. She appears in good health (has some lingering hypotonia), and she's gaining weight - her weight is the one thing that has been climbing, she is 25 months now and 25 lbs. She is continuing to grow in height, but slowly (at 2 she was 32.5"), she's dropping all the time on the chart. So is this normal?
403156 tn?1290150018 For the mood chart, it would be nice to have the option to add medications ourselves. There are so many different meds out there, the list provided doesn't cover them all, and it would be hard to keep up with them. The option should be to enter the name of the med ourselves. The tracker is great, but more med options is needed. Is this function already there and I am not seeing it?
1149046 tn?1264361586 Can you please tell us your height, current weight, activity level, etc are? Do you really need to lose weight or do you just need to tone muscles? I've read that it IS harder for women to lose weight than it is for men, but I'm sure that's not an "across the board" determination. I did try Mega-T Green Tea with Hoodia --- it did nothing for me......
Avatar n tn I wouldn't listen to the weight chart thing, I'm nearly 35 weeks amd ever since a set up this app it has been telling me av been gaining too much weight, av never worried as think it is probably better to be gaining to much than not enough.
783304 tn?1283395088 I was just wondering if there was a way to go back to my weight tracker in 2009? It kept my info of my starting weight and my goal but I can't seem to see my chart.
1712422 tn?1443337501 I denied it at the time because we wanted a boy, but the Chinese gender prediction chart was right again for another girl. The hair line thing was right, the vein in the eye thing said girl, too.
Avatar f tn I suggest working with your son's MD on an appropriate diet. Never place your child on a diet before consulting with an MD. Also, it is extremely important to weigh your son's feelings concerning his weight and whether he truly wants to lose weight. If your son is depressed as you say, this could negatively affect any weight loss program. Your son probably should be evaluated by a mental health professional to address the depression.
Avatar m tn Now that your dog is at the correct weight, you can feed him whatever was his favorite food before, only either increase his activity level and/or reduce the amount of food that is recommended or that you used to give. Anytime we need a dog to lose weight, for example, we reduce by just 1/4 cup his usual amount, it's the easiest thing to do, and then when they reach an ideal weight, we change the amount decreased and move it up, so for example we'd go from 1/4 less to just 1/8 less.
1666434 tn?1325262350 What works for you with losing weight after birth? How soon do you start exercising? And most importantly how do you fit in exercise with your newborn?
522699 tn?1250590716 Thank you - I wanted to be able to show on the weight chart where ovulation and menses occured in relation to fluid retention and weight gain....if that makes sense.
Avatar f tn We are happy to announce that a Food Diary is available for you to use. This tracker will be very beneficial for those users who have dietary restrictions due to medical conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol, and will also be useful for those who are simply trying to watch what they eat. In addition to providing a calorie counter, the Food Diary will also allow users to track their intake of carbohydrates, fats, protein, sugar, vitamins, minerals, and supplements.
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. You should aim to lose your weight slowly and steadily. Firstly rule out conditions like hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus which can lead to excessive weight gain. A person wanting to lose weight should do so in a scientific way for long term benefits. A healthy diet and regular exercise or incorporating yoga into your daily regime can help to lose weight.
Avatar f tn Smh,mine gets upset cuz i pee so often during the night while he sleeps. He is also upset because i shift so much to get comfy just to sleep. This disrupts his sleep. Imagine that! !!Men just dont understand!
Avatar f tn ve got a lot of these but it would be fantastic if you could put all your weight tracker data in one page for printing, sending or saving.
Avatar f tn I know @ericatoday I found out 2 oz is pretty big for 13 weeks I went looked at this chart after I left my ultrasound. http://www.babycenter.
Avatar f tn That depends on your frame size, as well as your age. Your frame size is how large your bones are. Here's a bit of height weight chart, that pertains to your height, but only if you are an adult female. If you're not an adult, the figures would be different.
Avatar f tn The chart on this website says I am above the normal weight is that a bad thing? I was underweight before getting pregnant.
Avatar m tn So when you start you should be doing 2X12 or 15 with light weight then gradually increase weight then go for 3X12 and when you feel comfortable you can go for mass building which is 2X6 or 7 with heavy weights. To know what is the appropriate weight you have to be barely able to lift the 6th or 7th repetition. If you have no problem doing all the 7 repetitions then it's time to add weight.
Avatar n tn I am 41year old ,my height 5.9inches and weight 80kg.please suggest diet chart.
Avatar f tn Yes they CAN make you if baby isnt gaining 10% every so often bc then baby is being starved and there's no retention in the body fat. If you choose not to and babys weight gain is normal even if dr advises it is one thing but if baby isnt progressing adequately and u refuse dr orders thats different.
Avatar n tn As was suggested, you need to use the BOM chart for your weight and size. Being to small is not good for anyone. You are young, you are going to want to have a family and being small will not be productive to that. Get out live a little. Mind the charts for age and grow healthy.