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Avatar f tn My husband insists that he will not lose weight by doing that, he needs to eat less than what the chart says in order to lose weight. I think if the chart is for a 10-14 lb cat, and he is 16 lbs., he will lose weight for awhile, and then maybe we will have to decrease the amount, but not right away. Who's right?
Avatar f tn He recently just pushed over out dresser, that weighs at least 80lbs, not including the weight of the five full drawers. What if my daughter had been standing in front of it? He jumps off of the table, the back of the sofa, the dressers, laughs in mine and my husbands faces, tells us we can't stop him etc. We have had times where he gets every toy taken away, and has to sit and write his letters and numbers and or read books.
285848 tn?1219095913 luckily I have two cats but theyre outdoor cats, we do have a litter box though and some litter (i think, we had some 2 months ago) but we have a coupon for a free vet visit from petsmart...Its just the formula and we had to buy to little pet carriers and we got some nutrient gel and bathing wipes...theyre doing really great. Actually we fed them and watched a movie last night and me and my mom both had one asleep on us...and each of them peed on our laps while they were snoozing lol..
Avatar f tn Now, he has pupils of slightly different size, eats a BIT, but not like before when he was a little pig, seems fearful all the time, doesn't play at all with our two older cats (with whom he played wildly before this -- very tough for such a little kitty), prefers to be hidden away, sleeps most of the time and though he doesn't cry out when you touch him, he just always acts like he's in pain maybe -- sort of achy acting.
1358341 tn?1282213443 Hello, my cat is not sick yet, it is a female of 19yo or more (found in September 1991), and she has 23,3mg/L of CREA (<24), so still not kidney, but my two other cats dyed of kidney with CREA that went up very fast. Veterinary prescribed Fortekor 2.5 one by day for prevention. Her Urea is normal, although she had drink and eat before blood test, it is 0,524g/L. But she drinks a lot: each time she awakes up she wants food and water.
1358341 tn?1282213443 I just found her past weight (30 July -> 8 September): 4.5 -> 3.250 Normally loosing weight should height her creatinine. Else there was a problem with the machine, else it's something with her (cured or wrong diagnostic). Probiotics lasted: 6 August to 2 September 2010, new ones didn't came. I restarted Renalzin phosphate binder today the 16th September, I had stopped the 2th September. She went to vet: 24 June, 30 July, 8 September Her Crea levels mg/L did 23.3 - 26.8 - 21.
Avatar f tn I noticed that all 3 of my cats were sneezing more frequently after the new box of litter. The other 2 cats got over it and I returned the product. Cloud was not so lucky. He probably did have an infection because he started to eat less and even passed on his favorite shrimp... After Convenia sneezing stopped in 48 hours, there was no running nose. My joy did not last. On the third day Cloud became lethargic, hardly ate. On the fourth day he did not eat or drink but secluded himself.
12679876 tn?1426981493 Opus can explain this much better than I but I'm not sure she is still here. You want kitty on CANNED food. Cats do not get enough water/moisture as it is, so canned is best. Also, if his teeth are hurting...which they very well may be...canned is easier to eat. Be careful of sudden changes in diet also. You want to introduce any new food slowly so as not to upset his tummy more than it already is. The FF is fine. In broth is best. Opus will come back and talk about diet in depth.
202436 tn?1326477933 I just did a quick read on part 2 'feeding newborns' it has a chart where it says for weeks old kittens(4 oz weight) they need to have 9-12 feedings per day of 32cc (1 oz). thats 1 week old, I would think at a day old yours must be well below the 1 oz weight and therefore need more feeding even more often....so thats more frequently than every 2 hrs....wow. If your not able to do this I suggest a phoning a shelter or somewhere where there is 24 hr staffing, IF they are willing to take on...
Avatar f tn Well after getting back on track and feeling a lot better beside the fever blister as a side effect (ouch it *****).
Avatar n tn One more link, it has a lot of good info too for cats and costipation. http://www.littlebigcat.com/index.php?
Avatar f tn Yes, you *do* need RAI. Your nodule is large enough and with the focal involvement of the surgical margins you need to control this thing ASAP and the only way to kill it off is through RAI. About the "prominent lymphoplasmacyctic infiltrate": Lymphoplasmacyctic means lymph node cells so there is some lymph cell involvement - prominent infiltrate is pretty self-descriptive (and not a good indicator).
487969 tn?1249316891 I still have the deep muscle pain, night sweats, weight loss (since Jan have lost 26lbs), not trying. Constant urination and have always had insomnia since TT back in 94. The lymph nodes i can say are very painful. I was put on prednisone back in April, but it did not help the inflammation or pain in the neck, so she finally decided to send me to the ENT. I keep telling her it is some auto immune disease, but she just blows me off. My last test on TSH was 2.
148691 tn?1260198503 hey vanessa darling......i hope it's this time around for you i know i said that already but i'm telling you again....how's the fur baby???....my kitty Asriel is always depending on me for hugs & kisses, & very playful (like most cats)...she's just too sweet, i treat her like my baby......i'm on CD18 today....i'm really trying not to focus on TTCing right now...but i can't help but chart & Dear fiance decided to go check the Dr for his sperm count.....
544292 tn?1268886268 I also cough and sound exactly like a barking dog. Which freaks out the cats! However. No back pain. Very little leg pain. DO you understand I have had pain since 2000? And getting so much worse in this last year I was sure I was on the way to the knife!? Which would have been a disaster! Because the low back pain and the right sciatica pain was being CAUSED BY THE TRAMADOL!? It's been YEARS since I haven't had to pack my back with ice to sleep. It feels so strange NOT to have pain.
5051753 tn?1362885985 i should mention here that she is a handful, one of those cats with a huge red warning on her chart at the vet (that's my girl! ;)) and not much easier at home...i have never pilled her, used a syringe for medicine, etc. so we always opt for injectibles and/or transdermals...she has never had a bad reaction (that i know of...eek...), so fingers crossed all is ok on that end...i'm too scared to read the article on covenia right now...yikes...
Avatar f tn I have to say, the pain is just overwhelming me now and I just don't know what to think, My question is will the Lyrica work better than this when I get to the full dosage or do I need to say something to someone? I'm pretty tough but man, I rescue cats and am responsible for 23 of them at the moment. It is getting very hard to get everything done for them each morning. There are other volunteers who will be caring for them when I have my surgery and I don't want to call on them too early.
Avatar f tn Body aches, chills, Weight gain, headaches, blurry vision, dizziness sometimes when I would stand. Constant pain in ab area with shooting pains. It was like some days my brain was in a complete fog and could not think straight. The went on for months. I would see family physician one a month and she passed it off as side affects caused from surgery in 9/2015. 1/2016 was sent to see a new plastic surgeon.
299260 tn?1304219705 ) I hope the outcome is what you've been waiting for!!! :) dnikki- The progesterone supplements always delayed my period a day, but it's defintely different on everyone. Is this your first cycle on them? I wouldn't stop them just yet, b/c you just never know. AF will come if you're not pregnant, even while taking them. It just affects everyone differently. Good luck! Oh, mommyin09 and I don't test unless we really, really think it's going to be +ve!
405614 tn?1329147714 I'm having to feed Fluffy smashed up canned food mixed with chicken baby food, and mix in his thyroid pills (I grind them up) twice a day. He wakes me up several times a night, needing food, needing attention. He's losing weight, so I need to feed him when he'll eat. I hope that the trip to Colorado Springs will help revive me, and that Fluffy will be fine with my friend/catsitter from down the hall.
Avatar f tn Guilty of the plastic bowls, didn't even think about it with him.....cats have stainless but poor Kobie has plastic elevated bowls. Looks like we will be taking a trip to the pet supply store tomorrow! :-/ He was on Blue for a couple of years (tried all flavors) with no good results, still itchy. I think he was NV for at least 6 moths befoe he was put on RC and he has been on that for prob about 8 months now. There is a lil improvement on the RC but not $100. per bag worth.
Avatar f tn Its walking dandruff and can be found on dogs cats ect. Usually just plain flea products should kill it. If you have a pet take him to the vet. Or it could have been someone else's dog, stray cat.
798555 tn?1292791151 My wife on the other hand, in order to get to that same place on the chart has more weight to lose. And I think if I want to remain alive, is all I will say about my wife's weight! LOL! On the whole 30, I didn't find any food sensitivities. My wife and daughter did with gluten. Makes them feel jittery, anxious similar to if they had too much caffeine. To go back on the "whole30" modified, I will probably not give up dairy completely.
Avatar f tn He said it was a different test, was horribly abnormal and was basing treatment on that. It was someone elses labs..in my chart and he refused to correct it. Needless to say ,I can't go back and I have not found any others. There is a bio identical hormone replacement specialist..BodyLogic..that does all this, but won't take ins. I figure it's hormone replacement, with or without the pituitary involvement..opinion?
Avatar n tn Other than those 20 mins a day I am completely normal. My balance, reflexes, etc.. are all normal. Upon recently reviewing my 2004 chart, the eye doctor is now saying it was optic neuritis, not optic atrophy. Also, went my neurologist saw my 2004 brain MRI, he noticed 2 spots. So my 2004 MRI was not "normal", as was originally reported. That really makes me angry that they missed this in 2004... Within the past month I have had alot of blood work, brain MRI's, and spine MRI's.
Avatar f tn I am an animal lover and all of my animals came from shelters (as this one or were rescued in some way like my other wonderful dog who was living on the street and of course we took in 2 stray cats looking for their next meal. I love all animals.
Avatar f tn At least now they list weight gain as a possible side effect. I would be willing to try that medication again - for the short term at least. I could stand to gain some weight since I have lost 18lbs since January and am down to 108. I have to try something to get a little relief from this burning - it is really getting to me. I'll call my Doctor tomorrow and see if I can try Lyrica. I think I started on Lyrica 75 last time and then went to 150.
Avatar f tn One day DH calls me up and asks if bought a new toy for the cats, like a furry mole. I told him no. Upon further inspection it was a real mole!! It didn't stand a chance in our house with 4 cats. Thank goodness DH found it and got it rid of it, I would have been screaming like a little girl!
Avatar n tn The doctor took me off Tegretol because it was prescribed after my first seizure, and he didn't think they would be recurring. Plus, I was gaining a lot of weight in a short time. Most of my seizures have been generalized. I don't remember them but have "scars" that let me know they happened. Plus I get an aura first and lose time. One of my seizures I was "awake" for and it was a nightmare. I lost the use of all my motor skills and couldn't form sentences.
318181 tn?1336447096 I am new to this site, but I found it helpful when it was time for my doctor to read my BBT chart. It spits out the chart by the information I put in my Iphone. It is so helpful. Many thanks to whoever came up with that App. My biggest concern now is the emotional effects of TTC. This process has been long for me (while not as long as others), I have had a myomectomy, I have done the Lupron, some said I may have endo, some said no.