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1285110 tn?1420150978 Okay here we go: Your Body Fat Weight is: 66.14 lbs Your Muscle Mass is: 165.86 lbs Your Body Fat Percentage is: 28.51% That was actually quite interesting. My weight loss goal seems to match the pounds of body fat exactly! Always nice to know that I am on the right track to a weight that is healthy for me. Oh & on the body fat % chart I fall under the average fat % & not under the obese.
Avatar n tn Hello, This year my company offered a 'free health screening' to employees, of which I took part. Tests included some basic blood work, blood pressure checks, height/weight measurement, and body composition testing. None of this was particularly new to me, other than the body fat test, which I never had analyzed before. To give just a summary of the relevant results I received (in compressed form): Subject Age: 52 Height: 5'10" Weight: 218 lbs Body Fat Percentage: 36.
404138 tn?1308945256 Hello! "The areas where you put on fat 1st when you are gaining weight will be the last to melt when you start working out" So with this concept you need to squeeze the extra bit of input in your diet, so strictly avoid junk food and fast food and desserts and work out regularly and have a long term goal and you will lose. Plan a diet chart and exercise routine and stick to it religiously! Take care!
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Avatar n tn My philosophy for fat loss is - train to keep muscle mass - eat well to loose fat. Also the human body is not a calorie-meter. A lot overweigth people eat low amounts of food.
Avatar n tn My parents are even saying that we should eat less and calls my brother a useless fat*** (he is in university and has gained weight since high school) My dad is about 5 foot 7 and weighs 95 lbs and he calls himself healthy.
Avatar n tn sir, i am of 17 years and my weight is 60 kg. i am from india and i want to loss fat from my body, my stomach and thigh are very shapless. iwant to be near 52kg . please can you make a diet chart for me.
Avatar f tn Resistance training is working against resistance -- lifting weights, using tension bands, even using your body weight as when you do push-ups. A well-rounded exercise program, meaning doing different things, reduces the chance of overuse injuries and tones the body as well as helps reduce weight.
Avatar n tn My ideal weight is 110-120 pounds. I just recently gained 10 pounds and now can't seem to get the weight off. I gained the weight very quickly and abruptly. I am eating a lower calorie diet and trying to exercise several times a week. I currently walk 30 minutes-1 hour daily. How do I lose this belly fat that I have put on? The weight shows mostly in my face, arms, rear and belly.
140437 tn?1215113342 And for your info i was giving and example. It is absolutly not any kind of an indicater of body fat %. Getting your body fat% read is an accurate indication of your % of body fat. Do more research http://www.ironbodies.com/modules/bmi-indicator/ http://www.healthcentral.com/diet-exercise/news-33020-66.html Here are good articles about it is not a good indicator of over all health.
1657318 tn?1312176383 You could be gaining lean muscle weight from your exercising. Muscle does weight more than fat so the scale may not reflect what is happening to your body. Suggest you continue what you have been doing and measure your body to determine weight loss/toning, not a scale. Thank you for your question.
Avatar n tn The consequences of being severely underweight can be detrimental to your health and well-being. I suspect that your body fat percentage is already low to sustain healthy hormonal,cognitive and neurological function. Also, your body might be in a catabolic state, where muscle is used for energy, resulting in muscle loss-same as in muscle wasting!
1657318 tn?1312176383 When one takes fewer calories or works out more than required; the body sends a signal to the brain which in turn turns on the ‘stress hormones’ and the body switches into the ‘starvation mode’ and paradoxically one may notice no change in weight or an increased weight. One would need adequate amount of calories to support the basic metabolic functions and if you work out vigorously, your required calorie intake rises.
Avatar m tn If you want to reduce fat and keep it off, then it will take some time. I won't assurance 5-10 pounds weight loss in a week or two weeks’ time, but I will say you can reasonably reduce 1-2 pounds of body fat a week, and build muscle at the same rate. You can’t put the body weight on overnight instantaneously, and therefore it's not going to magically disappear overnight.
Avatar f tn I gained a lot of weight with my first. Sometimes you can't help it.
Avatar f tn http://www.bmi-calculator.net/body-fat-calculator/body-fat-chart.php What do you think about that? I'd be scared you'd be losing muscle if you lose anymore. How is your diet?
1136436 tn?1261829761 I would suggest you to go on natural foods like milk, eggs, lean meats, soya etc if you are looking to achieve a proper body weight based on your BMI which can be increased to 25. If you are looking for shaping your body muscles and joining a gym for work outs you can add artificial protein supplements in your diet and follow the instructions of M4 in the above posting which are very good for a starter.
Avatar f tn Yep books are more accurate then this app.
Avatar f tn Yes you have to go to a dietician and calculate your BMI. After that based on your metabolic rate a diet chart can be made specifically for you. You have to follow this very strictly along with exercise/cardio/weights to lose the desired weight. Avoid fried food/desserts/sweets/choclates/junk food. Remember your output should be more than your input of calories. Take care!
Avatar f tn It calculates your body mass index based on your starting weight and height and plots your current weight on a chart which shows what the healthy range is for your body. I find it useful because I don't have to do the math myself. I check it about once every 1 or 2 weeks. It's right on target with what my doctor told me to gain so I trust it. Just keep in mind that your weight gain is not necessarily linear either.
10389360 tn?1410827568 You can't use a BMI chart while you are pregnant because you naturally are going to gain weight while pregnant, so it is not your "true" weight. If you want to get a more accurate BMI result, use your pre-pregnancy weight, although BMI is a terrible way to measure normalcy - obesity since everyone is built different.
Avatar f tn I agree that cutting calories lower than 1000 for an average healthy adult can be dangerous. When you eat few calories your body begins to store more fat since it doesn't know when it will see more calories (fuel). IF you have trouble exercising because you pass out, you might try doing workouts at home where your family can watch you.
Avatar f tn pasta), low fat and substitute dairy products (1% milk, low fat/fat free yogurts, low fat soy milk/soy yogurt), use plant oils, non trans-fat margarines, and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat daily high fiber breads and cereals (oatmeal). As for exercise, you need to do activities that are fun and do physical movement. Dancing and jazzercise are fun and you are burning calories doing them. Swimming games and swimming dancing or exercising are again fun and burning calories.
7758733 tn?1402593020 It seems like too much weight for me. I'm petite pre pregnancy weight was 125 which was a healthy weight fot my height. I'm on my first trimester and gain already 5 thre Dr. told me 5lbs on the 1st trimester was fine and she also told me that at the of of pregnancy I will be at least 165 lbs that will be my heaviest ever.
Avatar m tn I noticed about 5 months ago that i was too heavy so i decided to do something about it. I'm 34, 6'6" Tall and when i started I was 282lbs with 29% body fat. I decided to do everything right. I went to a dietitian who put me on a 30/30/40 eating plan. My friend is a physical trainer so he set me up with a workout schedule. I go to the gym 5 days a week every morning before work for an hour (i can't do longer or i get stuck in rush hour).
Avatar n tn Your weight might be due to muscle build up and that is good as your fat is converting to muscle. Check the fat content in your body with the help of your physical trainer. Prepare a neat diet chart with the help of a dietician to give you proper energy, vitamins and minerals. Drink fresh juice and eat fresh fruit with fiber before and after exercises. Keep track of weight and you will lose over a period of time. If you are in normal BMI and perfect physical fitness then it is very good!
Avatar f tn I am currently 18 weeks pregnant. I know and accept that I am going to gain weight during my pregnancy but I'm worried about after the baby is born. I really want to get back to my old figure and I'm afraid its going to be harder to lose weight and harder to find the time and energy to exersize once the baby is born. I know its going to be impossible to go to the gym. Maybe homw workout videos??? Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn So I know the issue of weight gain is touched on a lot but I never psid much attention to the posts because I wasnt too concerned until now! I had my my monthly ob apt yesterday and have gained 5lbs in the last 4 weeks!!!!!!! I was exactly 14wks yesterday. My doc said it was a GOoD thing BC I started out so low (116lbs) I gained 2 lbs from 7-10wks and then to 5 from 10-14wks. I'm 25 and this is my first pregnancy.
Avatar f tn When one cuts down on calories, the body sends a signal to the brain which in turn turns on the ‘stress hormones’ and the body switches into the ‘starvation mode’ and paradoxically one may notice no change in weight or an increased weight and fat accumulation. One would need adequate amount of calories to support the basic metabolic functions and if you work out vigorously, your required calorie intake rises.
Avatar m tn 1 is what you are presently and it is good that you are targeting a BMI less than 25. Check the fat content in your body and see if you have decreased any fat content while gaining protein. I would suggest you to work a diet chart with the help of a dietician and squeeze all the extra calories and do cardio for 30-45 minutes regularly to decrease your weight proportionally. Continue doing other forms for limited time along with cardio. Take care!