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Avatar f tn I have been much more sick and hormonal with this pregnancy than with my singleton. Its very different. I am now 25 wks but still have to take zofran before bed to start off my day without puking. Good Luck with your pregnancies and thank you all for sharing.
Avatar f tn Well, those last posts certainly put a damper on things. I am 24 weeks pregnant with triplets, which, by the way, happened just as Tamara551 said (2 eggs fertilized, one split), and I found out at 7 weeks during an ultrasound. If you really are having triplets, it's a crazy ride - you'll learn so much and I'm more than happy to share any information with you that I can. Keep us posted.
328927 tn?1227765440 when we found out we were pregnant with triplets I too was scared although I just left it in Gods hands b/c I don't think I would have been able to make a sain decision.....but God thought it was best for us to only have twins and he took the third baby on himself.....but my dr's assured me it was for the best and now my twins have more room to grow and be healthy.....I know how hard it must have been for you but don't let anyone let you feel you are a bad person for doing it.....
Avatar f tn I am 34 and 6.5 week pregnant. I just got to know that that i am expecting triplets. I have a high blood pressure from last three years and taking pills for it. I am concerned about the pregnancy. Doctor told be it is very high risk pregnancy and referred me to a high risk doctor. Anyone experienced with pre-exiting HBP and triplets? Any recommendation?
Avatar f tn My daughter recently miscarried triplets. She saw her regular OBGYN one week before she saw her specialist who found that all babies were gone. On the day she saw her regular OBGYN they only found 2 heartbeats with the doppler. No ultrasound was performed. In a case with a high risk pregnancy, should an ultrasound not have been done, just to make sure?
Avatar n tn But if the two slowpokes just seem to hang there and not do anything, there is no rule that if they haven't come out by week 13 everything is OK. In fact, Vanishing Twin syndrome happens in the second and third trimester too. Try reading http://multiples.about.com/cs/medicalissues/a/vanishingtwin.htm and similar sites to get a handle on what might be going on.
604185 tn?1233964457 I am almost done with my 2 week wait! I transferred 2 blasts in my first frozen cycle on October 12th. My beta is on Sat. I of course took a pregnancy test today and was clearly a BFN. Trying not to bet bummed. The first test I did with my frest at 9dpt was a BFP! I felt so much more with the fresh cycle, but was on so many more meds, plus going through the egg retrieval process is hard on the body.
Avatar f tn I think that's it for symptoms. I'll be starting another round with them in about a week. Not looking forward to the welts but hoping to stim slower & end up with more follies for my IUI. I really do think the 1st cycle is trial & error to see how your body responds. I know that ***** but that surely is how mine went. This next time will be about 1/2 the dose hopefully for a longer period of time. Good luck to you if you end up going that route.
211043 tn?1337054301 I got my first + at 10dpo with that pregnancy, and if I had 2 extra sacs (triplets scare!) that were about a week behind it would make sense that 7 days later I had a huge surge. So I just don't know. I've heard bad things about the new FRER's and my tests have varied box to box. I just don't know....but I'm not very optimistic. I have my first obgyn appt Thurs but at this rate I'm not sure they'll even stay positive until then. So sad.
Avatar n tn I went to the fertlity specialist this week. He did a sonagram with dye in my uterus and found that the septum only goes up about half way. He can do sugrery, but can't promise a good outcome. He is reccommending IVF with my sister as a seragit mother. He said its a reproductive nightmere. I know i'm lucky to have my sister do this for me, but I wanted to expierence everything.
Avatar f tn E and had a u/s 2 days ago and to my suprise three sacs where found two of which the fetal poles could be seen and with the third sac it was difficult to see a fetal pole. i have been asked to come for another u/s in 10 days to confirm whether the fetal pole would be seen or is it a subchrionic collection or something like that...would really appreciate if anyone could throw some light on this....
Avatar f tn Yes I am pregnant with #7 but one of my daughters passed away so I will have #6 live children...and I just go by my dr.and what he tell me every week when I visit it just makes more sense.
Avatar n tn Also, has anyone had a miscarriage and been sicker with that pregnancy than a good pregnancy? My first miscarriage I was soooo sick, I'm wondering what is to come?? Thanks, I hope this helps others in my boat as well!
Avatar f tn im very moody and upset and i need help someone please reply with a bit of imput cause this forum stuff is my last straw and i cant jus live the last 2 months not knowin and then one day jus go in to labour thats crazy tlk all tho i do wish i could run away and do this with jus my man.....who by the way i am in love with and he loves me too if that counts 4 anything.....
174267 tn?1220408828 And I get so confused with how far along I am. If I go by the day of my last period - it was March 30 so it would make Friday 7 weeks. If I go by my ER then I'm only 5 weeks on Sunday. By ET date 5 weeks on Wednesday. How do they calculate? I thought it goes back to the day of your last period? I always think to myself how many days old they are and I count that to the day of my ER which would make them 5 weeks old on Sunday. Thanks for trying to put my mind at ease.
915119 tn?1341952589 Ok, I have tried to convince my husband that it is a bad idea to go on vacation during my pregnancy. First of all because I'm having triplets and I just had my reduction done a little over a week ago. We reduced from 5 to 3. Second of all because we are going to have so many expenses with the triplets. And last, because he wants to go to Mexico and he wants us to drive down there to visit his parents. I don't mind visiting his parents, but it's a two day drive.
120255 tn?1197070547 I'm 20 weeks pregnant with triplets, so it's considered a high-risk pregnancy, though I feel great and the babies are perfectly healthy. When I found out, I was 7 weeks and my doctor said no sex. I had NO sex drive until about a week ago so it wasn't a problem, but now it's back, but I'm not sure what "no sex" means. It's pretty obviously no intercourse, but what about other stuff? I'm worried that maybe I'm not supposed to have orgasms because they make your uterus contract?
915119 tn?1341952589 What had happened to the one remaining baby? You had mentioned no amniotic fluid with one of the triplets.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 20 weeks pregnant with triplets and has had bad headaches since the begiinning doctor said its normal the problem is she cant take anything but tylenol and that doesnt help.
Avatar f tn I am very early in my third pregnancy, between 4 and 5 weeks by LMP. My hCG level is 200 and my progesterone level is 24.8 as of yesterday (4+1 weeks). As I understand, both of these results are normal for 4 weeks gestation. My doctor wants me to go on progesterone in oil (PIO) injections to give me added support for this pregnancy, and I'm wondering if it's necessary? My first two pregnancies resulted in miscarriage. During my first pregnancy, my progesterone was 7.7.
Avatar f tn Bleeding during pregnancy is semi normal. It is still scary but happens to a lot of people who end up with healthy babies. I am 21 weeks pregnant with triplets and between my 6 &7th week I bled heavily for 2 days. I called my doc and he also did not need to see me because it can be fine. I ended up having a hemmorage between 2 of the babies and once i bled it out I was fine.Stay strong and think positive. I did and and with a lot of prayers I think you will be fine!!
120255 tn?1197070547 I'm nearly 25 weeks pregnant with triplets and so far things have been perfect. I've been really lucky and have never had any complication and my babies are healthy. I'm a teacher and my doctor agreed to let me go back to work, and today was the first day. I had a dr. appt. after school and he decided that it isn't a good idea for me to work after this week.
Avatar f tn Progesterone >90 at Day 21 with Negative Pregnancy Test at Day 26 by pussycat617 Leave a Note Send Message Add as Friend No Profile pussycat617 Member since Apr 2008 , 6 minutes ago Tags: High Progesterone on Clomid I had my annual pap last week with a Day 21 Progesterone level drawn. My OB/GYN started me on Clomid two months ago at 50mg. days 5-9, and I had a Day 18 progesterone of 15 about ten months ago with no fertility medication.
Avatar f tn Everyone must be telling you to wait it out, what will be will be right. Hang in there and good luck. Please share with me your experience with triplets. I am expecting triplets and scared to death.
Avatar n tn Just a few tips to pass along. By the way, our first IVF was successful in that we ended up with a BFP, but it turned out to be a blighted ovum, and I miscarried it naturally (without a D&C) a few days after my doctor took me off of the progesterone shots. We are getting ready to start our next round in June (prep. meds.) Wish us luck!
Avatar n tn Unfortunatly, its already done. Pregnancy can definately take a tole on our bodies, but its only for a small duration. I am pregnant with my fourth child aswell, not expected nor planned. My youngest baby is just 8 months old. It took me a few days to get used to the idea of having another baby, I think thats normal. A sleugh of emotions come over alot of us. Try and take a step back and see it for what it is...a true blessing. Marie, I pray that things change for you...
147932 tn?1226969710 i dont know what happened in that short time but something happened. i was only 8 weeks with that pregnancy they gave me a d n c. but wit my son i had a perfect pregnancy, no spotting no NOTHING. i guess thats why i get scared with everything this time cause things went so well with my son. but no cramping and the blood is gone allready and yesterday it was only brownish blood, i guess that means dried up blood from somewhere??
Avatar n tn with an internal fetal medicine specialist 2 weeks ago and he said I beat all the odds (full term and big babies). I was overdue with my first by a week and the second was overdue by 3 days. I had c-sections with both. He said everything looks great this time. The baby is very active and he is already pushing up to my ribs (he is breech). I am hopeful that I will have a full term pregnancy. Just wanted to let you know that you can have healthy babies with a biconuate uterus.
Avatar n tn I have ALL the symptoms of pregnancy with the exception that the pregnancy test I took 6 days ago being negative. I thought maybe menopause but there was no warning and no symptoms leading up to it if it is menopause. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn I had a HSG with my 1st IUI and did get A BFP, but it showed nothing wrong with my tubes. I lost that pregnancy due to low hormones. I had another HSG with this IUI and also had a D&C due to uterine polyps. Now in my 2ww. I've heard after a D&C your chances go up alot to. I posted a new question on the forum about it to see what people had to say but nobody replied to it... Im so not loved! lol. But thats what I read and thats what I have been told. Anyone with experiances?