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290648 tn?1211595446 jpg I feel so gross, fat and white! Yikes. I cut my face out so I wouldn't scare you all with my chin pregnancy. Stephie4, I know how you feel!
1115543 tn?1376384238 Tiredness-still only getting 3-4hrs a night Constipation Indigestion Heartburn False labour Braxton Hicks-which last night kept me up more than normal Nausea/sickness Headache Thrush Back pain I think that is everything in the 30th week that I have had to deal with. I know everyones pregnancy is different, but I just want to share week to week for the ladies following behind with there BFP and if they have any of these, they will know there not alone. Or that there "normal".
8987997 tn?1413291775 Omg.. with my first two children it was so slow... /: but after I held them the first time I felt liken it flew by! I'm 15 weeks pregnant now and I feel like it's going kinda fast... but I know once I hit a point in my pregnancy it is going to drag.
1790045 tn?1317188084 I found out I was having a boy with my 4th pregnancy at 14 weeks and confirmed again at 21 weeks. But at 12 weeks both boys and girls have what looks like a "penis". I definitly wouldn't go shopping this early. It's fun to have a guess and be suprised again in a few weeks. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I have had several miscarriages so have just been taking this week by week hoping and praying. But to see my baby moving was...I can't even describe it. Now I feel lke this is really going to happen. I didn't realize that the little peanuts were so active at this time. I am so happy I can't even describe it.
4725879 tn?1368830172 Turns out I'm further along than we thought! I'm 13 weeks 3 days as of my u/s yesterday :) we have lots of pictures & it was so special having my mom, grandma & bdaddy there in the room. Baby bear is healthy & veeeeery active! My little one loves to wiggle lol!! Heart rate is 152 bpm, & measuring normal. Just curious though, there is a section on the report that states "additional markers for risk assessment" & nasal bone present is written as a response.
1257629 tn?1269489511 well another day goes by and I had hope of course even with the negativity of the doctors. then the pain stopped. and I got out of the bed and couldn't stop peeing all over the place. I didn't understand, I was scared. well a doctor comes in and tells me it was my water. and I prayed harder than ive ever prayed in my life. harder than I prayed the whole time I was at the hospital. my chest felt like it wanted to cave in.
Avatar n tn If it actually is off to the side then I agree with mamaof4410 that your doctor should have explained what is going on to you. At my 20 week ultrasound my doctor sat down and explained every single measurement and picture they did and answered every question I had about this and that.
Avatar n tn You are right-I never meant to insinuate that it was not a good option - I simply meant - just ask the doctor what the percentages are for YOUR situation that is all. Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different - I think anyone would agree with that so I apologize if I upset anyone. Certainly didn't mean to.
349463 tn?1333575176 I am pretty tired so have a lot of naps with my fur baby Honey. I posted some 33 week belly pics last week and will take some nursery pics as soon as we sort through all the stuff from the shower and the other stuff I have ordered. Hopefully we are all able to enjoy some rest whether we are still working or not. I really was not prepared for how tired I would feel at this stage!
604185 tn?1233964457 I am almost done with my 2 week wait! I transferred 2 blasts in my first frozen cycle on October 12th. My beta is on Sat. I of course took a pregnancy test today and was clearly a BFN. Trying not to bet bummed. The first test I did with my frest at 9dpt was a BFP! I felt so much more with the fresh cycle, but was on so many more meds, plus going through the egg retrieval process is hard on the body.
1115543 tn?1376384238 OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Its actually just sinking in that by this time next week I could already have a daughter. I have my appointment on Tuesday for a sweep and so long as my cervix is favourable, they will get me induced next week, though the midwife had said yesterday if I go and an dialated enough they may just break my waters there and then and keep me so to take all my things. WOW!! Over the weekend gonna so have to get prepared and try to help encourage wee girl to come a bit more.
991222 tn?1333994333 I'm also hoping to hang one of the pregnancy pictures in the nursery along with an ultrasound picture. To Ashlynn: Mommy & Daddy are counting down the weeks until we get to hold you in our arms. We are so thankful that you will be a part of our family. We love you!
272759 tn?1270489194 -) Were both a little nervous because with the last pregnancy when I got the first ultrasound thats when we found out it was Molar! :-( My hubby is so happy about this pregnancy but at the same time a little "ehhhh"! He just wants to find out everything is ok this time around, he's scared something bad will happen again. I just keep praying everything is ok this time around and the baby is doing great and growing really healthy!
Avatar f tn I had an NT scan during my 12th week and got pictures from the ultrasound. Since we are due around the New Year, we sent an email with the picture with the message "we have our plans for New Year's, what is everyone else doing?" It was simple but everyone really seemed to like it :). We find out the gender on August 10. For those at work, my co-workers want to guess before the big reveal. After the guesses, I will have to pick a pink- or blue-frosted cupcake.
Avatar f tn They did not see much just a sac and a yoke sack. Is this normal? I thought that by now they should be able to see a heart beat or a little more than that. I have had 2 miscarraiges at 6 weeks and im really freaking out. can some one give me advise. Has this happened to any one else?
280369 tn?1316705641 She asked if I was experiencing contractions and I have had some recently, but nothing painful. She said I should have everything packed and ready to go this week because things are just moving along! I can't believe this! I am getting so close. I feel like I may go in the next couple of weeks here. I hope so, otherwise at this rate, the baby is going to be 10 pounds by my due date!! lol. But I know he will come out when he is ready!
Avatar f tn I thought I had a year infection but my lil man is trying to escape already with dialating at 2cm with soft cervix...I had gbs with my first I just got the antibiotics when I found out my water broke..my second was negative and now I'm waiting to results in this one... it's not a bad thing just stuff happens. As long as you get the antibiotics before you deliver through out your labor both you and baby will be fine...
1428239 tn?1333460653 It's extremely common for 2nd and 3rd trimester ultrasounds to vary and be off by a week or two either way. Yours looks great. Your dates are very close. Just remember that the further along you are the less accurate the measurements actually are and they become more of a guess. I honestly would NOT worry. Out of 6 full term pregnancies I can tell you that my ultrasounds were all over the place and it was never an issue.
317019 tn?1532969186 hey ladies...can you believe another week has gone by....so how is everybody doing this week? im now 25 weeks preg now....my next u/s is june 21 (monday) cant wait to see my little girls growth over the last 4 weeks again....im inching up on the 3rd trimester but it still feels like its so far away....im guessing i passed my 1 hour glucose because the doc's office never called to tell me otherwise so i guess its a safe assumption....
280369 tn?1316705641 =) Check out the pictures. I don't know where my energy comes from, but when I get it, I run with it! LOL. Now I just need to wash all the clothes, get the bedding on the crib, and give birth!!! woo hoo. =) My question is....should I have my bag packed now? The birthing center is only 10 min. from my house, so I guess if I forget anything, someone in the family could always run back and get something. What should I pack??
349463 tn?1333575176 My ob had to rush out and deliver a baby really across the hall so I waited for almost 2 hours with my toddler in tow. It was a little crazy. Bella did so good I was really proud of her. I still haven't gained a single pound. HB was 150, Uterus feels like it might be measuring a week ahead. The pains I'm having are ligament pains to be expected earlier and worse than previous pregnancies because it's my third and the last two were so close together.
213739 tn?1215489609 Hi Girls, Well, my friend just took pics today- I'm 27 weeks with baby #3. If you look at this one versus the 22 week one, there's a huge difference- AHHH!!! I always wear the same thing! We were just at her house last time and my house this time!! My hubby was so good about this with the first and by the third, he's like "Why do we need pictures???!!!" AHH, gotta love men! Hope you all are feeling well and those on bedrest are surviving...
231441 tn?1333896366 ) Really hope this isn't ON. But then even if it is chance are, going by my past experiences with Drs here, it won't be diagnosed.... so I can still remain blissfully an active member of hypogammachondria. No. is spring / summer here. Same as in the US. Except that here it is really really hot, but now storms and monsoon activity (Australia is autumn/winter now).. Baby is beautiful and bright as a button. Photos on my page.
1035252 tn?1427231433 but I still don't FEEL pregnant, know what I mean? Well..I'll know by monday. I already know what a pregnancy test is going to say so there's no point in buying another lol...if AF hasn't shown by monday I will test again I suppose. and LOL angela - maybe wisdom teeth are a free pregnancy test! a free, painful, awful pregnancy test!
377493 tn?1356505749 So after many conversations with DH and based on a conversation with my OB at last appointment, I gave my two week maternity leave notice today. So I am done work as of the 18th. My job is super stressful and I am just so tired all the time that it seemed like the right time. I will go on maternity benefits for 50 weeks, then only be paycheque less for about 7 weeks or so. I was so gung ho at the beginning, determined to work right up to the end, but I just can't do it anymore.
232328 tn?1207093671 I also had to come back in 2wks after my 20wk u/s for another u/s because my DD was laying in a awkward position and they were not happy with the pictures of her heart. My DD is fine. I'm now 32wks with a perfect baby girl. I wouldn't worry yet. Things are probably perfectly fine. They were with me and a lot of women on this site who have had the same thing.
174515 tn?1191710869 hah, i am as confused as you. here is the scoop on my due date(s) according to my lmp it should have been november 7th, but according to my first ultrasound i was already pregnant when i had that session of bleeding and i was 5 weeks further along than i thought, making me due October 3rd.