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Avatar n tn I have to go back in two weeks for another ultrasound to see if they can find the baby. I'm so scared! I have had no bleeding or spotting and the only pregnancy symptoms I have are breast tenderness (not severe) and needing to urinate frequently. Has this happened to anyone before? Is there any hope that my baby is still alive?
Avatar n tn I am taking a test this week and than again next if I don't start by next week. I have 2 kids already. The second was conceived while on the patch.. hmm..
Avatar f tn The baby classes place called me to tell me that i need to start classes next week. I forgot to call and cancle them after i lost the baby. She told me she would call me back in a few weeks to reschedule for the new baby.
Avatar n tn on my second u/s we still didn't see anything so I asked the doctor to go ahead and terminate the pregnancy, because its so hard for me to have all the symptoms of a real pregnancy and knowing that there's not a baby growing inside of you. My doctor said he couldn't do it until we had a second opinion so he schedule an appointment for me at my local hospital for another u/s. At the hospital they made two u/s, one was vaginal and the other was on my tummy.
Avatar n tn period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are pretty much the same. it is not unusual to be a few days late. i just got my period this morning and i was expecting it 3 days ago. i am usually regular/on time. i had all the mentioned above symptoms and i questioned in my mind..am i pregnant? then i said, wait a minute, my husband and i didnt have sex for a whole month so it cant be that! you probably have period symptoms if HPT is negative.
Avatar n tn I have to go in tomorrow to see my doctor and get another requistion to book another ultrasound. I will probably get it done by the end of this week I hope. I'm nervous. Thanks for your answer.
Avatar n tn Hi , My name is keerty from india. I am 8 weeks pregnant 10 days back when i did a ultrasound scan baby was 1cm long & had heartbeat. but today as of sep 7. 2007 when i went a scan the baby is there but not heartbeat. my dr ask me to wait & see for 1 more week for the heartbeat. dr once the heartbest is lost is there any chances for coming back. Is this a miscarriage ?? I am very much worried dr. pls help. also I had a miscarriage on may 23, 2007. IS ALL THIS NORMAL?
Avatar f tn The good thing is it works in weeks not months anymore and you are usually undetectable by week 4. Good luck with your treatment. Hopefully this is the the end for us. Watch how great you will begin to feel from this medicine. It is a miracle worker, its just too bad it is so expensive and not everyone has access.
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
705807 tn?1300754846 Below is a list of my symptoms day by day. Did anyone have symptoms like these? I'm curious to hear your symptoms during the TWW. Thanks so much!! SYMPTOMS: BD 11/30, 12/2, 12/4, 12/6 12/6 and 12/7 EWCM (day 14 and 15) 12/7 day 15 Elevated temp (eyes lids burned eyes), area very sensitive 12/8 day 16 (day after ovulation)- less sensitive, cm- stickier little clear glob ISorry TMI!). Had dream I had a little girl. 12/9 day 17 (2 days past ovulation)- even less sensitive..
Avatar f tn There are MANY reasons to explain these symptoms including a TUMOR, as suggested by Peek. I highly recommend you go to the doctor - if you are not pregnant, it is important to find out what is wrong with you. If you are pregnant, you need medical care to ensure you don't DIE in the next few months.
Avatar f tn There is a renowned Lyme study and treatment center at Columbia U medical center in NYC, headed by Dr Brian Fallon. Their website always makes me feel better just by reading it, because it shows how much effort and brain power is being put into unraveling the mysteries of Lyme. The 'Lyme deniers' who too easily dismiss our illnesses and suffering just fade away by comparison.
174267 tn?1220408828 The sac was still growing - showed that I was in my tenth week but the baby still showed 6w 3d, no change since in size since the may 5th ultrasound. I waited 9 hours in the hospital to be told that I could wait 6 - 12 hours more for surgery or opt to come back for a scheduled surgery on Sunday. Plus there was a chance that the doctor who did such a bad job on my tubial ligation 12 years ago would be the one performing the surgery if I waited. We chose Sunday.
Avatar n tn When there's widespread numbness and tingling along with other scattered symptoms, it's difficult to localize the lesion to specific spots in the brain that may be damaged by MS. However, there is a small amount of patients who DO have nonspecific, vague neurologic symptoms that don't localize anywhere and the MRI shows classic MS spots throughout the brain and spinal cord. In your case, though, the MRI (should have brain AND spine) was clean which makes the diagnosis of MS much less likely.
Avatar n tn i have been having all the symptoms of being pregnant even to the point where i feel the baby kicking in my ribs. i took a blood test and it came out negative, my doc said we will try in two more weeks. i made an appointment for an ultrasound to be safe. i wonder why we have to go through all this with the iud the reason i got it was so i wont have to worry about getting the depo, but i guess that worked for five years next time im sticking with it.
Avatar m tn every 4 weeks until the 28th week of pregnancy then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks then once a week until delivery At each examination, your weight and blood pressure are usually recorded. The size and shape of your uterus may also be measured, starting at the 22nd week, to determine whether the fetus is growing and developing normally. During one or more of your visits, you'll be asked to provide a small urine sample to be tested for sugar and protein.
Avatar n tn Throughout my pregnancy I have worked out 3-4 times per week by walking ( I ran until month 6), including teaching toning, and calisthenic classes. I noticed that after my walks my heart is beating normally, but returns to the irregular pattern after a few hours. My blood pressure is good 114/60 and my heartrate is 60bpm.
Avatar f tn I'm 4 dpiui on Sunday andI thought I would run by my "symptoms" and see if anyone else has had some of them. The major one seems to be cramps. The cramps today were in my left ovary area and really sharp. Earlier today I was at the sink and it hurt enough that I yelled out ow! My cramps are usually near my uterus or at least more centrally located, but these seem to be in my ovaries. Another is some breast soreness. Mostly the right one up by my armpit.
Avatar f tn My husband already knew I was pregnant I don't know how but he did at 6 weeks I went to a pregnancy help center and a pee test confirmed my husband's thoughts my dr never did a pelvic exam but I'm a ftm so it may just be because the miscarriage
5427210 tn?1367859622 I just wished I could have enjoyed my pregnancy more and had NO symptoms at all. But I had them almost all my pregnancy. Your fears will slowly go away since pregnancy seems to last forever haha youll be okay :) just relax and let God put things in place Im here if you need someone to talk to!
Avatar n tn Hi, when did your symptoms start? After a baby? If so, did you take an epidural?
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and i havent done a single thing to prevent getting pregnant since we got together 2 & a half years ago.. we assumed we couldnt have kids because nothing had happened.. so he started to (excuse my language) come inside of me.. we continued this for almost a year &i still nothing. Until last week when i took 3 first response pregnancy tests &they low & behold.. all positive.
Avatar n tn Getting a flu shot during pregnancy can also help keep your baby healthy by transfering influenza vaccine-specific antibodies to them, which can last for 'for at least 2 months.'1 These antibodies should be able to help your new baby from getting the flu.
Avatar f tn how are you feeling? are you having withdrawal symptoms? when did you drop your dose? the baby will also feel the withdrawal symptoms. yes we have had woman on the forum who have been honest with their ob, were put on a taper plan and delivered a healthy baby. keep the faith. take care of yourself. please try to be calm. definitely look into some counseling.
Avatar n tn my name is Lisa-jane I'm 26 and for a little over a month, Ive been having pregnancy symptoms, Ive also gone up a size in my clothing and bra. but the pregnancy test kept coming up negative. (Ive done 3) my periods are usually 7/8 days long, but have only lasted for around 3/4 days. my Ex partner and i sleep together weekly, (unprotected) but he pulls out at the last possible minute, then we get going again. i want to do another test... but i dont know if i should.
Avatar f tn it is nice to talk to everyone on this site - i'm not a stay-at-home mom yet - G-d Willing i will be sooner rather than later (just need to get a BFP and carry a healthy pregnancy and baby to term G-d Willing), but i go on at work (especially when it's quiet here) and since my head these days is so distracted - i can't even think about work - it gives me what to do and who to talk to.
Avatar n tn I had my tubes tied 11 years ago. I have had symptoms of pregnancy for about a week and a half. Bloating, constipation, throwing up, tender breasts, etc. I had a blood test done two days ago that came back negative, but my period isn't due for another 5 days. My last period came two weeks early and wasn't very heavy. How often do tubes come untied? And could I be pregnant even though the blood test came back negative?
Avatar f tn My friend took those b4 and during her pregnancy. She has a healthy 2 year old and trying again. G'luck and baby dust to you!!!
Avatar n tn I have cramping and pain during intercourse during ovulation, followed by extreme irritability and extreme bloating, topped off by the symptoms described above once I finally start my period. So basically I feel good for about a week! I'll let you know if I find any relief!
Avatar n tn I'm 45 (!) , going to have my 4th in 5 weeks (Xmas baby)by which time I'll be 46 (barely). I had my 3rd in May 07 when I was a youthful 44. OMG, sounds very strange. It is kind of embarassing in that I didn't mean to have another one (last one yes was planned) and I didn't want to be an 'old' mother. My others are 13 and 11 Y.O. btw. I am hoping I'll still have enough energy to do kindergarten etc all over again. I suppose I'm good news to the over40 crowd though.