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463897 tn?1468013750 Week 1 http://www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Your-First-Trimester---Week-1/1872 Week 2 http://www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Your-First-Trimester---Week-2/1875 Week 3 http://www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Your-First-Trimester---Week-3/1878 Week 4 http://www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Your-First-Trimester---Week-4/1880 Week 5 http://www.medhelp.org/pregnancy-health/articles/Your-First-Trimester---Week-5/1884 Week 6 http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound done at 34 and half weeks. When the measurements were taken for my baby they measured differently. The abdominal measuremet was at 35 weeks, the femur measurement was at 35 weeks and the head measurements was only at 29 weeks.
10947 tn?1281404252 Hello All, We'll soon be introducing a new feature for our expecting moms. The Pregnancy, Week-by-Week application will allow you to read all about what's happening to your body and to your baby during any given week. It'll track where in your pregnancy you are and send you emails to let you know when you've started a new week as a reminder to read the new information for that week.
Avatar n tn Like the previous poster said....it's medical babble....but having been pregnant 5 times and having had numerous ultrasounds....everything sounds just fine. 1. States that the baby is alive, looks normal and the heart is good. 2. Says the amniotic fluid is at a good level 3. There were no defects found 4. Just notes where the placenta is. 5.
1525332 tn?1315845477 Went to dr today. Better than expected...Had ultrasound...after measurements were done, found out I am further than previously told / expected. I am 10 weeks 3 days (10 days further). ALSO - 2 Babies!!! *****TWINS***** Lost 1 pound this week.
Avatar n tn My son was measuring small my hole pregnancy and was born at 37 week at only 4.8 pounds. But today he is 8 months old still small and doing great. So don't stress everything will be fine.
Avatar f tn Also I cried of course I was so excited to find out what we were having! They do all the measurements first and at the end if you want to find out what your having that's when you find out...
Avatar f tn You're 23 weeks pregnant and your doctor did a vaginal ultrasound? No, that isn't too normal. There's no need for a vaginal ultrasound at that point-- it's mostly used in early pregnancy when you can't see the baby abdominally. I would talk to them and see why they did it. Maybe it's standard practice?
749272 tn?1234063254 Measurements are approx this week
1645527 tn?1309708521 then if the babys head is at 13 weeks 5 days then iam 13 weeks 5 days not 12 weeks 5 day thanks
Avatar f tn Week 12 Had week 12 screening ultrasound. .01 thickness (avg 0.4-0.
1643514 tn?1314387784 nauseau pretty much gone well the vomiting pretty much done and just a little back pains but i got a book of exercises for pregnant women to help me out with the week by week pregnancy pains so we shall see if it works!
1415144 tn?1283350652 Started to take measurements this week.
Avatar f tn Is Anybody Elses Week By Week Videos Acting Weird Lately ? Im In The 36 Weeks Stage ..
1850383 tn?1366376080 What's funner than nausea and fatigue!?! Also having a cold and not being able to take anything for it!!! I'm sure there's something I could take but I'd rather not risk it right now. Meeting up with the OBGYN for the first time tomorrow. Looking forward to some good news!
Avatar n tn Should be able to test positive by the end of the week.
1315721 tn?1297173323 Time to try something different so i dont plateau. Im goin to do turbo jam vids this week along with my bike. measurements i take are not with the traditional body measuring tape. All I have to measure with are the plastic ones for construction which dont curve good. also just adding i guess since my measuring tape isnt accurate it makes my measurements and body fat % not add up. its weird looking when you lose weight but the body fat % goes up.
659892 tn?1312166340 I know it should be recovery week,but i ended up going to the gym last night anyways. This Sunday is weigh-in with pictures & measurements so i'm hoping to see a difference.
7169697 tn?1389437534 It's usually a in depth scan my taking measurements of baby and checking vital organs have developed etc :)
1572936 tn?1317352935 ok. so this week i am up 2 pounds. i got lucky with my measurements though. they all stayed the same im just so confused with this cycle. ive never had so much problems before with doing everything right and still gaining weight. its beating me down inside but im trying to keep telling myself everything will work out in the end. i found a really good quote and i feel like, thats what has been keeping me going. chest - 45.5 waist - 40 hips/bum - 47.5 (down .5 of an inch) thigh - 29 (down .
6470732 tn?1439556292 Head measurments, brain, arm and leg measurements, heart beat and how.many chambers, kidneys, spine measurements, mmm and sex!!
291233 tn?1347297526 I acutally measure only 9w4d so that was disappointing but certainly not the worst. The doctor did another internal ultrasound and said that there were two sacs but one is empty and it looks like a vanishing twin. He told me that it's better this way b/c I am so small and with my already abnormal uterus I would have for sure had early premies. But I'm still sad. I still feel like I've lost something.
1315721 tn?1297173323 i cant wait to take my measurements next week
Avatar f tn com/pregnancy-calendar-and-calculator-week-by-week
1446218 tn?1333104746 Only going to measure and weigh once a week from now on - otherwise the fluctuations could get you down.
Avatar f tn Completely normal. Just go by the due date they give you and not by measurements. My little guy has measured ahead and behind and so have both of my girls. I always stick to the first due date no matter what!