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Avatar f tn Later in your pregnancy, the baby might grow more quickly or less quickly than average, and by the time you are at your 40th week, due dates given by the baby's measurements can vary by as much as three weeks from the average. Once you have an ultrasound (if it is in your first trimester), if it varies a lot from a due date computed just by counting forward from your last period, go with the one from the ultrasound.
Avatar f tn Because everyone goes by the first day of the last period, everyone isnt technically pregnant for the first part, the first part is when your cycle begins and is when you body is doing the prep work for a possible pregnancy... it also make sence to go by this date as most women know when they had their period last but very few know the actual date they ovualted...
Avatar f tn After a certain point in pregnancy babies growth changes from pregnancy to pregnancy which I why the first ultrasound early on in the pregnancy is the most accurate. It is just an estimate your doctor is the one who ultimately decides whether or not the date should be adjusted.
4250330 tn?1388624779 If you found out you were pregnant a week or two ago, you're more than three weeks pregnant. We'll start there. Conception doesn't generally happen until somewhere around day 11-16 and hcg levels are not high enough for a positive test for a little over a week after that which means the earliest you can find out is just over three weeks - before you even miss a period. The easiest way to determine a due date is to figure from LMP. What was the first day of your last period?
Avatar f tn its the second guy if you were already 13 weeks by the 23rd the count the 1st week which would be your period. the second week of pregnancy your not pregnant the 3rd week is when you are pregnant and ect.
Avatar n tn but what I dont understand is if I go by the last period that would of made me 24 week and 6 days cuz I have a 2 weeks difference between my last period and the size of the baby but from what i hear is I should go by the last period due date cuz your already pregnant 2 weeks before the baby can even be seen so that is why you the size doesnt match the last period.Have you heard that before?Also does your baby move all the time ?Or does the baby have certain times and if so what times?
Avatar m tn No. You didn't get pregnant in October.
Avatar f tn I have another appt in 2 weeks then they start every week. Everythings just goin by soo fast i just wish i could push pause for a little bit and take all of this in.
Avatar f tn how many days earlier is a csection scheduled from your actual due date??? Ive had a csection before but it was an emergency one.
1259335 tn?1269615905 When they did the ultrasound the fetal pole measured 6w 5d (which matches what I think I am) and they were able to detect a heartbeat. The tech told me that they go by your LMP date unless it's more than 1 week off. 8 weeks sounds a little far to me because my LMP was ending mine when you got yours and like I said by my LMP I am only 7w 3d. Ultrasounds this early can be off. Are they doing another ultrasound? Were they able to measure a fetal pole or hear a heartbeat?
Avatar n tn I have always been jealous of those women who were able have a few weeks or even months of pregnancy go by unknowingly. Must make it go by so quickly!
1961938 tn?1398721701 Only a doctor can tell you by either doing s blood test to check your hormone levels or a scan. They do normally date it from your ladt period though. Some women dont have signs until their further on. I hope this helps you.. Congratulations!
Avatar f tn When I first found out I was pregnant was the 2nd week in january the test said that I was already 5+ weeks pregnant and I was late on my period from the 10th of december my due date would of been 28th august but when I went for my sxan my baby was very scrunched up so couldnt really be measured to his full potential and then my due date got changed to the 16th september ...
Avatar f tn my due date is oct. 16th..how is everyone else doing..is anyone showing yet?
1428281 tn?1367151300 Hi, I thought my date was 28th Sept, but the recent u/s says my due date is 7th Oct. Waiting for a 2nd u/s next week as there was a clot under the placenta and don't know if this little one will make it yet. Having mild morning sickness and some cramping. Super tired, but that's cause my 2 yo is sick (for about 1 month now) and work is busy. I am also hypothyroid and diabetic (on insulin now), just to liven everything up.
Avatar n tn Im 13 & 5 today, due june 9. I feel so much better this last week, but being my 3rd child it feels much different than the previous 2. I was such a happy preggers then and didnt even show till like 4 months. Now ive been in yoga pants since about halloween. Doc says ill be bigger this time. Yay...lol. Anyone else show much more in 2nd and 3rd pregnancies?
Avatar f tn My doctor won't change your due date unless it's 2 weeks off. Since your doctor orders your tests and what not, go by the date he has on file.
1150389 tn?1295562787 Hey all!! Soooo today was my 37 week appt and apparently they changed my due date which i didn't know! How did i not know? They didn't tell me! Lol. So instead of being due aug 27th my dye date is aug 24th. It's not a big deal but it would've been nice knowing! So i got my cervix checked annddd it's soft!!!! I'm so excited about that if you couldn't tell. The weather here has been kicking my butt! It was 112 yesterday so i'm ready for Chandler..
Avatar f tn They then confirm your pregnancy and due date with an early pregnancy ultrasound. So until you have the scan, just count 40wks from the first day of your last period.
1115543 tn?1376384238 Tiredness-still only getting 3-4hrs a night Constipation Indigestion Heartburn False labour Braxton Hicks-which last night kept me up more than normal Nausea/sickness Headache Thrush Back pain I think that is everything in the 30th week that I have had to deal with. I know everyones pregnancy is different, but I just want to share week to week for the ladies following behind with there BFP and if they have any of these, they will know there not alone. Or that there "normal".
Avatar f tn I feel very wary of the future but a light at the end of the tunnel is beginning. Has anyone else heard of shingles being caused by a pregnancy? I'm otherwise healthy (physically) but have been fatigued over the past few months. It was getting better in the month before I got pregnant and since pregnant felt a million bucks.
876992 tn?1276362473 When you say DR gave you due date do you mean by Ultrasound. Cuz your LMP and Dr's due date are different by a good amount. However on ultrasound did it match the due date from them ot LMP? ? Cuz with mine its a good 2 week difference. Thier Due date was Dec 17th putting me at 12 weeks. But yesterday on t he ultrasound she said I was 10 weeks and Due Dec 30th. Im confused how I could have ovulated 2 weeks late!! But the ultrasound doesnt lie! Im confused by this.
Avatar f tn The 2nd due date they gave me for him, which was by my lmp, not u/s, is the actual day he was born. I will wait and see what they measure baby at at my next u/s appt when I will be 13 weeks by lmp.
Avatar f tn The date they gave me was an expected due date not my actual due date
Avatar n tn Has anybody gone to their 35 week check up/ ultrasound and have change your due date from your original due date that you had throughout your whole pregnancy? If so was your due date that they changed it to closer ?