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Avatar f tn Can someone give me the most accurate pregnancy chart? I usually do my own research but I'm not sure if Google have the right chart. If I'm 13 weeks and 1 day how many months am I?
Avatar f tn My first pregnancy I gained 70lbs, I had preeclampsia. This pregnancy I have gained 25lbs so far. I was concerned because I have been craving milk and go through a gallon every 2-3 days. Doctor told me there are worse ways to get calories than milk and say drink it, so I will.
7552771 tn?1469933249 You're still pregnant for 40 weeks. But every month doesn't have exactly 4 weeks in it and most doctors go by this chart. Even though some say just count by 4 because it's easier to remember.
Avatar f tn Ok ladies I don't know about y'all but I am so tired of seeing the question how if I this many weeks than how many months am I? It is basic math that you learn in elementary school. There are 4 weeks in a month and you are pregnant for 40 weeks that means 10 months. All you have to do is divide the number of weeks by 4 and you will get how many months your are. Sorry if it sounds rude but I see that question at least once a day.
Avatar f tn I went today am im measuring 33 weeks but she said shes not small but not excessively big. When she plotted my measurements on the chart she said if i go to term im looking at my baby weighing over 9lbs!! Im so stressed i was kind of hoping id done things right this time like eating healthy..exercising..losing weight. I dont understand how i can be measuring a week behind and her still be a big baby.
Avatar n tn Hey-- I am going on the two week wait thing also! It is soo frusterating! I just wish I new already. I am due the 12 of Oct. I really don't like this waiting part, cause I just want to know. I think I am just because I feel different, I don't know how to explain it! I have had frequent headaches and gotten sick a few times and lots of discharge but I don't know if you would have signs this soon. I bled a few days around the 3rd either from stopping the birth control pills or from implanting.
796506 tn?1370191905 Sorry ladies the other thread was getting really long. So by my chart (if I even ovulated on my own) I would be 3-4 dpo; Please share your fears, BFP/BFN, symptoms or anything else. We are all here to help each other in this long 2 week wait... SSBD!
540911 tn?1263194614 woman! you haven't updated your chart! grr...that's no fun. ah well, at least you're keeping track.
Avatar m tn Your situation is very similar to mine - I had a 3.6 log drop at week 12 but still 645 IU/mL. I was UND by week 18 (< 5 IU/mL Heptimax). My Doc thought I was probably UND between week 14 and 16. But if I had used Abbott RealTime - who knows? - I might seem UND even later. By the way, Abbott should report < 12 IU/mL as UND according to their own specs: http://international.abbottmolecular.com/RealTimeHCV_1988.
2082492 tn?1366730908 My girlfriend told me that each of her pregnancy was right with the Chinese gender chart. Its saying ill have a girl. If anyone did the Chinese gender chart can you all please tell me your results and any advice thanks!!!!
Avatar n tn Also, I know that a triphasic BBT chart can be a sign of pregnancy, but I'm wondering if your chart can be triphasic for other reasons? I guess it seems kind of silly asking this since I only have 4-5 days left, but for some reason this 2ww has been excruciating! Any comments are appreciated.
Avatar n tn I am exactly one week late today. I have taken numerous pregnancy tests, actually, more than I want to mention. Some are showing up a faint positive (within 5 minutes) and others are absolutely negative. These tests that I am taking are supposed to be extremely sensitive (supposed to detect levels of 20). I've heard that you really shouldn't test until you are a week late. I called my doc and he said to come in for a blood test if I haven't started in one more week.
202436 tn?1326477933 Well I'm 27 wks 6 days today and had my check up. I told the doctor about the pressure and major discomfort I've been having in my cervix area...he did a pelvic exam and said baby is head down which is causing it. (good!! she was breech at 20 weeks). HB was 153 bpm. He told me at my last appt that my next u/s wouldn't be until 35 weeks but today I just came out and asked if we could do one between now and then.
1693482 tn?1306429063 Dont worry it is normal. The week growth chart can be off cause they can never be completely accurate. You will know when it is time for the little baby to come out and so will it. Congrats by the way.
796506 tn?1370191905 well, cd 17 today for me so just hoping i catch ovulation this month. Don't know quite when that time is. Anywhere between cd 12 and cd 33 so the hubbie is in for a real treat for 3 weeks! Ha! I am full-on folic-aciding this month though, and started an exercise regime, just wish he would try to help himself out. He's quite overweight and loves his coffee. He is taking baths that aren't as hot as the ones he used to take. Ohhhhh, please let it be this month!!! For all of us!!!
Avatar f tn A chart isnt always right for instance I have a friend who is trying to get pregnant and she looked at an ovulaton chart to see when she should be ovulating by looking at her cycle days amount and her last period and she was a week late on ovulation from what the chart predicted. Your body can usually never be predicted by someone else so in short I would go with how your cylce usually is.
1489197 tn?1300978168 By 7 weeks, it is possible to see sac, pole and HB but doesnt always happen that way. You should however see at least a sac by 7 weeks. Is it possible, you may be a couple weekds off?
Avatar n tn It's all a numbers game to me. I chart on fertility friend and I'm TWW. They said to wait until 18 DPO to test!!! I'm at 10 DPO today..... it's so different depending on the person.... GOOD LUCK!!
Avatar n tn If you have a problem with taking meds in pill form you should also have your dr put a note in your chart so if you need any other meds during the pregnancy the dr will remember to have it in a liquid.
Avatar n tn Perhaps you should start by becoming VERY familiar with your cycles. That is chart your temperature daily to see a pattern of when you're ovulating etc then maybe you can better understand when your 'safe' days are and on the days you're not safe because you could be fertile you could either avoid sex altogether or use another form of birth control around that time. Hope this helps. PS - I've gotten pregnant five times (now with baby #4 as first was m/c) and these were all 'surprises'.
330481 tn?1309491843 bad cramps, irritable (this was the only real symptom when I was preggo last year), boobs tingle off and on, finally had diarrhea (after days of constipation - TMI sorry!!) my chart is higher now then it has ever been. I took the 100mg of clomid this month. I know I am just being stupid - but it has been a long time since I was truly able to obsess and have a SHOT at getting preggo. Meds are all that seems to work...
Avatar n tn my age 32 yrs and my marriage life 4 yrs. last three years we dont any protection but we no have pregnancy. we meet doctor and got all test me and my hubby. all test is normal.
Avatar n tn The doctor said he was alive and that I shouldnt worry but i have lost two babies before and i dont think the measurement corresponds to a 6 week and 5 day embryo. My HCG level is 40,000 and it does correspond to a 6w pregnancy. We saw his heart beating but were not able (or at least that is what he said) to measure it. What do you think. I believe in God and miricales but still I need to talk about it. My next ultra sound will be the coming thursday.
Avatar f tn Honesty I don't feel the slightest bit like I'm going to have my period this week, none of the usual symptoms for the days prior to AF. I told my STBDH that we will know by the end of this week whether we are pregnant, he got all sweet and consoling and told me not to stress over it. I told him, well, that' s kinda easy for you to say because you are not in my body with all the daily changes. ;-) Breasts not sore No cramps/twinges No CM discharge Migraine headache on Sunday temp 96.
796506 tn?1370191905 This is for all of those ladies who are currently on their legendary 2 week wait! Anyone who has questions, comments, or symptoms, please feel free to post them here! Remember: We are all in this together! Baby dust to all!
Avatar f tn i started the dreaded two week wait this week. i have done 4 rounds of clomid (plus hcg injections)-i responded really well-ovulated 1egg, 2eggs, 3eggs, 2eggs had a chemical pregnancy the second round but have not fallen pregnant since. the last round of clomid (the 4th) my levels did not get up as high as they would have liked and they told me to move on to another drug-puragon. had to stim on purgaon for 20 days til i got 1 mature egg.
7420616 tn?1401162404 No mines was positive at 3 weeks nd my doctor counts the months nd weeks the same way her chart is dis week ill be 7 months
1310773 tn?1317099045 Hey ladies I posted a week ago that I was having a tan colour Cm when I wiped. According to my chart it happened around 5dpo. So why am I still spotting? I have spotted throughout my whole luteal phase... And my temp has dropped but I hve not had any red bleeding. Just this tan colour when I wipe. I had abnormal bleeding two cycles ago and got checked and everything was fine.... I got seen by two gynos and they said I would have no trouble getting preggo... So why is this happening?