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1088430 tn?1259163373 onto other B vitamins... B2 is the B vitamin that is famous for helping with migraines. B2 has been proven effective time and time again with helping to prevent migraine headaches as long as it is taken daily at 400mg a day. So... why does it help? Well, they aren't 100% sure but they have some ideas.
1042487 tn?1275283499 If you want to stay on Warfarin you still can take the vitamin C and the vitamins B without any possible harm and only good effects may be reported and you will see improvement. Just because you are on a blood thinner does not mean you should avoid all foods with vitamin K. Anyway here's an interesting link about what you can do with Warfarin and diet. http://www.dietitian.com/vitamink.
Avatar f tn My particular recommendation, because long chronic diseases tend to low Vitamin B levels, discuss with dr. the convenience of a good boost of B1,B6,B12 and also a complement with key minerals which are also depleted by diuretics. That can help with his weakness.
Avatar m tn He was developing severe tiredness and hand pain. He was investigated by cardiologist and was administered for Warfarin Sodium treatment; since the heart turned weak and one of the chamber was accumulating blood clot. He was regularly (initially weekly and then bi weekly and now monthly) tested for PT/INR response to the drug. But, on routine check up it is diagnosed that his SGPT and SGOT Levels have touched alarming.
Avatar m tn Thanks to Mike, I have come across some Integrative Medicine practices here in Australia that already do the vitamin B and C intravenously, and since I contacted them, there is now an interest in Dr Berkson and the triple antioxidant therapy. One of them had met Dr Berkson in Palm Springs and he gave me other practices to contact.
Avatar n tn I hope that will pass too and I can be like my 77 year old Dad and take only a daily vitamin. I'd say go for the homo like you're thinking, find a place to do it and worry about resurgery in 20 years...who knows what the options will be then...maybe the grow your own will be commonplace by then...maybe they can zap us with their fixer and not even have to operate! Good luck.
Avatar n tn If you are worried about clots and want to avoid Sodium Warfarin (Coumadin) which is rat poison do some reading up on an enzyme called Nattokinese. I quit taking warfarin 2 years ago and started natto and was clot free last month. Natto is not for everyone, be sure and read about it. If you do take warfarin slowly start taking higher doses of vitamin E, fatty acids and green tea standardized extract and you can lower your dose..
102999 tn?1326859384 I often recommend aggressive vitamin D supplementation for muscle ache and depressed mood, high dose vitamin B complex for fatigue and low energy levels, and Saccharomyces Boulardii for diarrhea. I also believe in the health benefits of magnesium -- rather, I should say I believe in the ill effects of LOW magnesium -- muscle weakness, irritability, even arrhythmia. I am glad you experienced improvement in PVC/PAC symptoms with the use of mag citrate.
Avatar n tn She has been diagnosed with congetive heart failure and is diabetic. She has high blood pressure and recently her liver measured 17 cm and there was sludge in her gall bladder and gravel in both kidneys. She is taking Lasix, Aldactone, atacan, Warfarin, B asprin, Digoxin,famodar, glucophage, and Dilatrend. Her doctors say this is all they can do for her. She is retaining fluid in her feet, legs and abdomin. Is there anything else we can try?
Avatar f tn If the headaches are caused by migraines then trying Magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B-2), and coenzyme Q10! could help! But being on coumadin (warfarin) then coq10 and Magnesium can cause an effect!!! You should talk to your doctor before taking anything!!!!
899454 tn?1295587538 Magnesium is well absorbed if taken on an empty stomach (morning or before bed); absorption is enhanced if taken together with vitamin C, Calcium and B vitamins. Magnesium seems to have over 18000 functions in the body, so if you would please excuse me, Viperron, for not expanding on your question. Google 'magnesium benefits' and you'll get more than you can digest.
Avatar f tn it may move to another part of my body and I have to verbally evict it -- so on and so forth... I have been doing breathing exercises and yoga, therapy, vitamin B .. it's slowly working... I feel waaay better.
Avatar m tn I'm overweight, take a daily prescribed regimen of baby aspirin, multi-vitamin, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, and 6mg warfarin. I'm a lymphoma cancer survivor (2 years beyond chemo), don't smoke, drink alcohol only occasionally in moderation and even less caffeine, exercise somewhat irregularly, had lots of ear aches as a child associated with bronchitis but because I'm 61 now I don't think my childhood ear aches have anything to do with it.
1092854 tn?1292623951 You may take Vitamin C along with the prescribed treatment. Vitamin C is a general anti-allergy supplement. Also apply calamine lotion and a mild steroid cream like dermacort on the rash. If the symptoms are severe then please get it evaluated from a dermatologist. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
233616 tn?1312790796 sooner being with better drugs as HR recommended but he said to definatley not TX without Alinia if I cannot wait and use Metaformin if I need it I have been on Lexapro for some time but just 10mg a day I am happy with the sups I feel I am doing something positive getting a CAT scan this friday and lab work to check my HOMA and a HEP B panel I want to tx sooner may not wait for the new drugs but really want to know more about who I am physically going in so worried that it may cause m
Avatar n tn I regard coumadin as a necessary evil. Sure it has its problems but so does stroke. I've been taking coumadin for 5 years because of afib and MVR and I can't say I'm thrilled about it. So far no obvious side-effects..... the monthly testing is a royal pain. I would love to substitute something safer. Still, I'm hesitant to try a 'natural' substitute unless there has been a large scale clinical study (much like the AFFIRM study involving coumadin and afib patients) to test its efficacy.
560272 tn?1311353893 accurate are two different things. Going back to the example of Vitamin K and warfarin, besides a mutli-vitamin, do some homework and look up how many foods contain Vitamin K. This is one reason people taking Coumadin must be cautious about what they eat. Most doctors DO recommend a good multi-vitamin supplement, and I agree with that wholeheartedly........let's just hope they understand that there ARE some nasty interactions with various medications!
Avatar f tn I have the same problem. I take a high dose of b vitamin complex and aspirin whenever i feel the confusion coming on. Make sure he drinks plenty of water. My aunt had a stroke just becasue she didnt enough water (one small bottle a day) when she should have been drinking 2 liters a day and only drank coffee aand diet pepsi so her blood is thickened and she has to take warfarin to prevent a stroke just becasue she wont drink enough water daily.
144210 tn?1273092382 NAME Anti-HBc (hepatitis B core antibody) EXPLANATION OF TEST RESULT If this test is positive, you have developed an antibody to the core of the virus and have been exposed to the hepatitis B virus. You may be currently infected, were infected and fought it off, have chronic infection or a false positive test. NAME Anti-HCV (hepatitis C antibody) EXPLANATION OF TEST RESULT If this test is positive, you may be infected with hepatitis C virus.
5045042 tn?1365893700 If you have Hep C, I would stick to a good multivitamin with plenty of B vitamins, about 2000 IU/Day Vitamin D , extra Vit B12 (maybe 5000mcg/week?). Coffee has been shown to be of benefit as well. And I read somewhere that having chronic HCV can lead to low bone density, so Calcium/Magnesium might be good as well.
Avatar n tn Getting stress under control and going on the carb cleanse then slowly working up into whole grain, complex carbs with lots of protein, green veggies, vitamin B, and 8 hours of sleep keeps my whole family running. When one of us get "out of whack" we all now how to "intervene".... My symptoms can mimick being drunk, having ADHD, stomach problems, FATIGUE, irritability, anxiety, heart palpitations, headache, etc.... You have to try it to believe it!!!!
1414724 tn?1283234845 This bigeminy and trigeminy always occurs in the evening, sometime around 7 or 8 as I'm settling down from dinner and a trip to the gym. As I let my mind and body relax, the PVCs get more frequent and eventually as I lay down to get to sleep the PVCs occur at nearly every other beat. Lately, I haven't been able to take this at night, so I will jump out of bed and furiously pump out about 50 push-ups without stopping. This gets my heart rate up quite a bit, maybe around 80 or 90 bpm.
1013889 tn?1251004825 Is anemic, has leg edema, has had multiple transufiions, on multiple drugs including folvite, amiodarone, acitrom (like warfarin), clopidogrel, metolazone, Livogen (B Complex Vitamin formulation), and rabeprazole who has loose watery stools often in the bed without the knowledge of soiling the clothes. I suspect he has c. diff. b'cos of multiple drugs. Please advise how this should be treated.
Avatar f tn When you're on warfarin, vitamin K does not get recycled . I'm sure you were told to avoid excess leafy vegetable consumption and specially spinach, as they contain high amounts of vitamin K, which aids the liver in synthesising blood clotting factors. Should your vitamin K levels be critically low, among many risks some of them possibly pertinent to you could be : a. arterial and soft tissue calcification b. osteoporosis c.
Avatar n tn My 39 year old husband had an attach of severe chest pains a couple of weeks ago and they found two pulmonary emboli. He is being treated with Warfarin, and they have been unable to find a specific cause for these clots. We have been told by his physician that he is now at increased risk for future clotting and that recurrences are more often fatal or debilitating than the initial attack (this is in keeping with some reading I've done).
Avatar m tn You say that the latest news say that low cholesterol and high vitamin D make HBV weak and improve liver healty, and I wnat to ask you a link or some information were I can read this news (studys). (I'm also a HBV carrier, recently diagnostic, and now I'm looking for the latest news ) Thank you!
3624762 tn?1349398652 NAME Anti-HBc (hepatitis B core antibody) EXPLANATION OF TEST RESULT If this test is positive, you have developed an antibody to the core of the virus and have been exposed to the hepatitis B virus. You may be currently infected, were infected and fought it off, have chronic infection or a false positive test. NAME Anti-HCV (hepatitis C antibody) EXPLANATION OF TEST RESULT If this test is positive, you may be infected with hepatitis C virus.
1391695 tn?1298143389 They are used to determine the clotting tendency of blood, in the measure of warfarin dosage, liver damage, and vitamin K status. PT measures factors I, II, V, VII, and X. It is used in conjunction with the activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) which measures the intrinsic pathway. The reference range for prothrombin time is usually around 11–16 seconds; the normal range for the INR is 0.8–1.2. Clinicians desiring therapeutic anticoagulation may aim for a higher INR - in many cases 2.
29837 tn?1414538248 High iron and ferritin prior to treatment. Low platelets b/4 and during entire treatment. Love broccoli and eat it at least once a week. Add garlic to all my pasta dishes. Ferritin and iron levels normal and platelets staying the same. Food restrictions should be evaluated on a case by case basis.